swollen lymph nodes right below the ear and jaw on both sides for nearly 4 weeks

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Hi guys Im also new here and IM not so sure how this thing will work. But if someone can help me figure out what I might possibly have it will be a great help to take me out of the stress I have had for weeks now. 

It all started in the beginning of December 2014 I had a post nasal drip, congested nose and an ichy throat. I took no medications except "panadol advance" for couple of days. Then a week later although my throat felt fine, I have developed an unusual earache like I was underwater along with a severe headache around my ears and the back of my head and dizziness on motion plus and I strangely was biting on theeths while sleeping mostly and my cheek muscle hurt. I went to see ENT doctor and he gave me an antibiotic (500mg/ 3dyas course) antihistamine medication, a muscle flexure supplement and a seawater solution to cleanses the nose with it. 

My headache wasn't getting better at any point nor my ear pressure and the post nasal drip didn't stop my throat was dry all the time especially when I wake up in the morning my an accumulated phlegm at the back of it with yellowish spots when spitted. In addition, 2 days after I finished my antibiotic I discovered a swollen node under my jaw on both sides and a pain that I can feel with  my finger tip beneath the right ear when I touch it. I went back to the doc a week  later after the first appointment and he asked me to do a paranasal CT scan and to keep taking the antihistamine med and cleansing for two more weeks until the swollen glands go away and told me that this might be a virus if not an infection but I can give u more antibiotic. However, I went to see another doc two days later and I was told the same thing he just changed the antihistamine med with another type and told me to do the CT scan without waiting for the swollen glands to go away. I went to see him two weeks later with the scan which has showed nothing but an enlarged tissue near my eyebrow on one side (no ear infection or irritation). 

Now it has been the 4th week with glands swollen they're getting better but yet exist and I can feel them tender one side and the other is a bit tough and painful. The ear pressure has also decreased by 90% plus the post nasal drip is nearly solved. But I'm worried about the pain I still have when I touch underneath my right ear and a headache that I get from time to another and blood (vessels appear in the mucus and couple of times it was blood inside the mucus it self from both sides but no continuous bleeding) when I blow my nose only in the morning. I'm now only taking the antihistamine med. Please note I have not developed a fever, chills, night sweats or a skin rash throughout since I got sick I only have a pale face and tired eyes with yellow line underneath. I am not so sure what this might be and I'm worried that I have an on going dangerous virus. I need a professional advice on that and Im really sorry for writing so much and I hope I was clear in my explanation.

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    Hey Omar! 

    Please note i'm not a doctor but this sounds like classic infection territory to me, which is a good thing by the way when it come to enlarged lymph nodes! I'm sure your doctors would have told you that large and tender lymph nodes are a sign that your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection in the area those lymph nodes are responsible for draining which is what we want! Its the large, non-painful lymph nodes that grown bigger over time that are the real cause for concern, as they can indicate Lymphoma. However don't worry when your lymph nodes stop being tender but remain large for a while as its completely normal in your case i.e. after beating an infection! I've had some under my armpit stay enlarged for months after getting better. 

    I've had a bad throat and ear infection before that fits your description almost perfectly. The dizzines and pressure you describe also happened to me, i think its a good sign the ears have an infection as the fluid within is important for balance. In addition, the pressure in my ears felt incredibly high during the peak of my infection, perhaps due to them being blocked deep inside, so the fact that your pressure has reduced so significantly is a great sign your bodys winning that particular battle! As for your teeth grinding, i also do this when i'm stressed. You may not be "feeling" stressed when you fall asleep but subconsciously you are and hence the grinding. When you open your mouth wide it feels saw around the joint of your jaw am i right? This will go away before you know it smile

    My advice to you would be not to worry, get plenty of sleep, eat plenty of fruit and veg and follow your doctors orders - all sure fire things for kicking out an infection! Its great you don't have and fever, night sweats etc although to be honest your symptoms really do suggest that this is just a nasty infection thats on the way out. Consider the tender lymph nodes a good thing! Thats almost like them telling you "hey Omar, caught and killed a nice little infection in here, just doing my duty!". As for the blood - pressure, sneezing, coughing and irritation from infection have all caused similar incidences for me, and many other people! You should always report such things to your doctor though smile

    Keep up your antibiotics, don't worry about it and eat healthy and i bet in a couple of weeks you'll be feeling ten times better. These kinda infections do run you down but worrying will do that even more! All the best! Let us know how it goes!


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      Hi Ivan, 

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read and reply to my post. I really appreciate it although you are not a doctor but i always think that patients sometimes know better. I already feel less stressed. I hope things get better soon. I will post again when it does or does not. :D



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      Hi I have sinus problems and use a nasal spray nightly, I noticed my lymph nodes under my jaw are both hard, the one on the right is bigger and sometimes sticks out other times it's hard to find, I went to the doctor and they felt it was normal did lab and that was normal, had a sonogram done two weeks ago and they really could see it to good so I am now waiting on a referral for a cat with and without contrast, I am very concerned it's causing me anxiety

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    Hi Omar, I have the same problem that accursed after having a tooth out, it's driving me crazy!!!! I can't concentrate on my wrk & feel really run down with it.

    If you have solved your problem pls tell me how.

    Thanks Tina

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      Hi Tina!!! Take it easy and do not panic about it the is the most important tip! I might have had the same problem like you, but the cause was different. I got an infection between seasons and the swollen nods were a result of that infect that have caused some inflammation! 

      The solution to the problem can be the same, but please remember that i am not a doctor, so you will still have to see your GP and tell them how you feel at all cases. I have stopped panicking about the problem and started a good food diet and good supplements. It took me quite a while to feel fully fit again! Thankfully, I feel good again.  

      From what I have read during my case. What you have is a normal reaction for your body after taking you tooth. Especially, if there was a bacterial infection from that tooth, that is considered a good sign that your body is healthy. I know you may be feeling down and worried. But please remember that 30% of the cure is being positive about it. Try not to give it that much focus!! I am sure will be feeling well very soon as soon as your doctor gives you the diagnoses and tells you how to treat it!! cheer up lady! and write back to let me know you got better!! Take care and have a bright lovely day biggrin

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      Thank you sweetie for your kind words, yes I must stay positive healthy diet I will start👍🏼I will let u know how I get on, thank you for your reply much appreciated 😊.


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    I stumbled across this, after trying to do my own research as to what's been wrong with me for over 3 months. While I was reading your story, I felt like it was my story. Word for word, it's exactly what I'm going through. 

    I just saw my ENT last week for my CT scan results and it was clear, now waiting for sinus specialist. 

    I have the same symptoms, headache, jaw pain, phlegm in my thoart, pain in the ears. I've been stressing because it's been so long. Did you ever get an answer?

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