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I have b12 Def. I was diagnosed Dec 2014. My neck glands are swollen any suggestions.. I have been to the doctor he gave me tablets for this. . I had swollen neck glands in November,,diagnosis in December with b12 Def. . And swollen neck glands again in April.. I get b12 injections every 8 weeks.. I was looking for advice How to stop the swollen glands coming back.. Thank you

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    Hi Martina, I just know that when our neck or lymph nodes in our neck are swollen, and they keep coming and going, that means our body has an infection somewhere it is trying to fight. Do you have a certain diagnosis for anything? .such as reumatoid arthritis or a gastrontestinal condition? do you have dental infections? Or any other kind of infection happening? Do you take a multi vitamin and fish oil capsules? Fresh pineapple and other fresh fruits and green vegetables help a lot with your immune system..do you like healthy smoothies? Something is causing your immune system to be compromised. Are you very sensitive to wheat or gluten, milk or sugars? These things feed infections.
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      I have an infection in my throat tonsils and acid reflux im on tablets.. b12 is high he said and im to stay on my injections every 8 weeks.. folic acid was 6.0 now its 8.6,
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      If you are not absorbing vitamin B through your intestines properly, do you have a gluten and/or dairy intolerance? Meaning don't eat things of this nature? Do you take vitamins and minerals also besides just the injections(calcium with d, magnesium glycinate <) plus d3 (i take 2000 mg daily), plus a good multivitamin along with at least 48 oz of water (filtered) daily? your immune system is very compromised and this is why lymph nodes are swollen in your throat...sore mouth and tongue means you need more vitamin b (take high dose b complex). the acid reflux problem can be helped by sufficient water daily and not eating high fat or spicy foods, not eating food at night, no soda pop, eating and drinking slowly, and have small amts of a natural probiotic daily (1 to 2 oz kifir milk). the acid reflux medications deplete your calcium and magnesium in your body of which you already are deficient.. i do not take them for this serious reason. please research this to confirm this truth about the proton pump inhibitors (acid reflux med you are taking). control this naturally as i have shared above. you are very nutritionally compromised and must be very proactive in your lifestyle and nutrients you put into your body. one way to nourish your body back to health is homemade nutritious soups with plenty of bone or chicken broth and veg and beans..no pasta or milk or flour in your soups. i eat rice cakes and rice crackers with this or gluten free bread. green smoothies are very good also to help heal your stomach lining so you can absorb nutrients. plus="" d3="" (i="" take="" 2000="" mg="" daily),="" plus="" a="" good="" multivitamin="" along="" with="" at="" least="" 48="" oz="" of="" water="" (filtered)="" daily?="" your="" immune="" system="" is="" very="" compromised="" and="" this="" is="" why="" lymph="" nodes="" are="" swollen="" in="" your="" throat...sore="" mouth="" and="" tongue="" means="" you="" need="" more="" vitamin="" b="" (take="" high="" dose="" b="" complex).="" the="" acid="" reflux="" problem="" can="" be="" helped="" by="" sufficient="" water="" daily="" and="" not="" eating="" high="" fat="" or="" spicy="" foods,="" not="" eating="" food="" at="" night,="" no="" soda="" pop,="" eating="" and="" drinking="" slowly,="" and="" have="" small="" amts="" of="" a="" natural="" probiotic="" daily="" (1="" to="" 2="" oz="" kifir="" milk).="" the="" acid="" reflux="" medications="" deplete="" your="" calcium="" and="" magnesium="" in="" your="" body="" of="" which="" you="" already="" are="" deficient..="" i="" do="" not="" take="" them="" for="" this="" serious="" reason.="" please="" research="" this="" to="" confirm="" this="" truth="" about="" the="" proton="" pump="" inhibitors="" (acid="" reflux="" med="" you="" are="" taking).="" control="" this="" naturally="" as="" i="" have="" shared="" above.="" you="" are="" very="" nutritionally="" compromised="" and="" must="" be="" very="" proactive="" in="" your="" lifestyle="" and="" nutrients="" you="" put="" into="" your="" body.="" one="" way="" to="" nourish="" your="" body="" back="" to="" health="" is="" homemade="" nutritious="" soups="" with="" plenty="" of="" bone="" or="" chicken="" broth="" and="" veg="" and="" beans..no="" pasta="" or="" milk="" or="" flour="" in="" your="" soups.="" i="" eat="" rice="" cakes="" and="" rice="" crackers="" with="" this="" or="" gluten="" free="" bread.="" green="" smoothies="" are="" very="" good="" also="" to="" help="" heal="" your="" stomach="" lining="" so="" you="" can="" absorb="" nutrients.="">
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    Absolutely. Everything Cheria said. You most definitely require a nutritional overhaul right now and need to get to work with good clean food, water, and supplements.

    The B-deficiency also links the reflux. You will also need to check your body is creating enough HCL (stomach acid) in order to help properly absorb nutrients.

    Primarily if you can work on boosting your - B Complex

    Vitamin D3



    Try aim for more quality supplements rather than Centrum. People are most deficient in these very important vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and they need to be constantly topped up along with trying to get it from our food.

    Wishing you the best in health.


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