Swollen, painful fingers

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Can I just ask a question...do others have swollen, painful fingers. I went to get an ID card today at a Government office where they tried to take my fingerprints...and failed as they said there was too much fluid to get the prints properly. Is this true..or was he joking..? Concerned.

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    Hi Gloria,

    have you had a diagnosis for causes the finger & hand swelling? My hubby has hand and feet swelling too. He has a stent in to open a clogged blood artery. He also prescribed water pills to help reduce swelling and wears special gloves.

    see you dr he has your health history to help prescribe meds to help !


    hats really a lot of swelling if your finger prints are effected. 

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    Hey Gloria

    Actually, I believe the government guy...I am on Lasix 25 mg and Spironolactone 25 mg both daily...helps me out a lot...opening and closing your hand ten times by five repetitions and flexing and pointing my toes helps pump fluid back to my heart...are you able to do isometrics?



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      Hiya Jude...can

      t do isometrics...and can only move my fingers a little...type with one finger etc..My Dr. is a tad worried about my heart condition...enlarged heart 50% bigger than normal. Also problems with my veins...bruising and broken veins everywhere....and now shingles on my bottom....

      I think it is a good idea to try lasix...fluid retention could be the cause of a lot of my problems...will talk to her tomorrow....Hugs and love..G

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      Eww dog gone it Gloria, Shingles too & not a good place to have it. YIKES! Do you take anti virals and have numbing meds and take all the vitamins recommended to build up ammunition system

      i also have shingles and the vaccine was also given to me after I had a break out. It has lessoned the duration and severity of future outbreaks.the itching drives me crazy there are meds for that too and meds for nerve damage too.

      Your doc would know your health history to better prescribe what's best. I am so glad your daughter is there.

      Even a warm bath in Epsom salts helps the swelling and itching

      I am am sorry to hear about ur heart.i hope you get quality cardiologist care in your country. What can they do for you?

      Many blessing sent sent your Way! biggrin


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      Hiya...cannot take anti virals for the shingles now as it's too late they say...but I found another remedy...crushed aspirin in alcohol or a non perfumed cream...mix together and apply...I'm going to get the aspirin today and try it. Have used it before on patients and it was successful. Aciclovir must be taken within 24-48 hours after the outbreak to be effective. It is so painful and as you say in an awkward spot....sitting is difficult enough without this happening too. I have never found Epsom salts here in Bali ( will try in OZ )...if I could get into my bath I certainly would. It'd be so nice to relax in a warm bath. The heart thing is a nuisance...and there is nothing that can be done about it....the Drs are talking now about anti coagulants...but I'd rather not at the moment as I would have to have regular blood tests..like every three or four days....problem for me as we live such a long way from the hospital and also I am going to Australia to be with my family for Christmas. One extra problem is that being a nurse myself...we don't listen to the advice we would give a patient..."nurses make the worst patients "....lol..redface I did see a cardiologist in Thailand two years ago..when I went to see an orthopedic specialist and neurologist...but they also said...nothing can be done for me generally...wasted trip...but enjoyed the time there.

      I'd guess that shingles is not unusual for AS patients as it is also an auto-immune problem..same as AS. Yes I should be taking vitamins etc....will buy some good ones when I am in Australia. Yes taking meds for pain..Tramadol once or twice a day. One of the problems with having shingles...where I have it...is sweating...wow...that makes it much worse...stinging and itching....yuk. I just feel generally unwell at present like a bit out of control of my body.....better get the mind coping then maybe the body will listen too..Thanks for the blessings...I need them right now...Hugs..G

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      hi Gloria.

      Wow your a nurse a wonderful professionl where did you practice.God bless and I am so thankful for the many nurses who have cared for me over the years and members of my family. 

      Is is it safe for you to fly? I know your headed to Australia and I am concerned about the swelling and health issues you have described. 

      Heres one one for ya just a giggle.

      Top 10 Inventions for sale.biggrinI never said blonds invented them .

      1. The water proof towel 

      2. Solar powered flash light 

      3. Submarine screen door 

      4. A book on how to read 

      5. Inflatable dart board 

      6. A dictionary index 

      7. Ejector seat in a helicopter 

      8. Powdered water 

      9. Pedal powered wheel chair 

      10. Water proof tea bags

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      Ha..ha.. you did make me giggle...but...I actually do have a solar powered flash light..You put it in the sun during the day and it charges it's batteries so that it can be used at night...no joke it's real...wish we could get one for AS to charge our batteries. My Doctor has given a letter for the airline saying that I'm fit to travel...it is only 3.5 hours from Bali to Perth...so lets hope I'll be OK for that short trip. Wish me luck eh....

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      Yes Gloria I have one too and many outdoor solar lights light up at night.

      i agree I do wish there was a way to recharge our batteries.,

      i have aver zero energy. And I must go theu rwo complicated surgeries and convalescent care and not happy my energy level will cope. 

      Glad to hear you are cleared for take off.

      when are you off to Australia.?


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      Leaving for Australia on the 20th December. It will be the first time there for 12 years...and about time I saw all my family together for Christmas at long last. Mind you it's hotter than Bali at present...dunno how I will handle 40 degrees....phew. Just better make for the nearest air-conditioned shopping centre I think.

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    Hey Gloria

    Bottom shingles! Lordy, perish the thought! Oh how awful...I hate shingles...5 times I hate shingles... and just the name, shingles...I would rather have, daisies...just saying

    Heart...digixon? low dose aspirin?

    I am worried about you!

    Don't ya think it's time for an early trip to koala land...nice urgent care...tune up, oil change, rotate the tires, windshield fill...then you can return singing......

    Bloody Mary:

    Most people live on a lonely island,

    Lost in the middle of a foggy sea.

    Most people long for another island,

    One where they know they will like to be.

    Bali Ha'i may call you,

    Any night, any day,

    In your heart, you'll hear it call you:

    "Come away...Come away."

    Bali Ha'i will whisper

    On the wind of the sea:

    "Here am I, your special island!

    Come to me, come to me!"

    Your own special hopes,

    Your own special dreams,

    Bloom on the hillside

    And shine in the streams.

    If you try, you'll find me

    Where the sky meets the sea.

    "Here am I your special island

    Come to me, Come to me."

    Bali Ha'i,

    Bali Ha'i,

    Bali Ha'i!

    Someday you'll see me floatin' in the sunshine,

    My head stickin' out from a low flyin' cloud,

    You'll hear me call you,

    Singin' through the sunshine,

    Sweet and clear as can be:

    "Come to me, here am I, come to me."

    If you try, you'll find me

    Where the sky meets the sea.

    "Here am I your special island

    Come to me, Come to me."

    Bali Ha'i,

    Bali Ha'i,

    Bali Ha'i

    ....South Pacific lyrics

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      Oh wow...gosh..I haven't heard that for years eons actually. Yes I'm worried about me too. I asked the Doc if I could try aspirin daily...but she said no...I'm gonna put it on my sore, sore rear end anyway...it's a good cure for shingles. Now I'm thinking about a diuretic...to take the swelling down...any advice on that please. It could also help with my erratic BP...Taking Amlodipine..is it OK with a diuretic too.( I've been told they are often given together )...better try low dose in case my BP drops too quickly I think...but I value your advice on that. Also want to stop the Ciprolex in favour of just a Serotonin supplement...coz people with AS have been found to be deficient in Serotonin...The others are much too expensive for me costing over $100 per month. Cant keep up with that forever...It is so hard for me to find any specialist who understands AS....they just seem to guess.

      My whole body needs that overhaul...particularly the brakes...and recharge the batteries. Let me know your thoughts..hugs to you Judith...kisses too.rolleyes

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