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I was told in Sept i had Afib, had cathedar ablation done in Nov...a couple days afterwords I was having anxiety (which I never had before) and my pulse was high...called Heart Dr office they said i would have to go to er to get med for it or my reg. dr..(my heart beats per min was much higher then before surgery...had it for 6 days .I had an appt with my reg dr 8 days after surgery & my pulse was 166 bpm..they decided to send me to the er and they shocked my heart and put me in the hospital to put me on some new meds (guess i was in A-flutter)...ever since the surgery I have had a cough (xray is normal) & I am tired all the time, and get out of breath from just walking. They changed my meds a few times and I just had a cat scan today. I had surgry a month soon will I start feeling better?? And they are having me wear the heart monitor for 2 weeks..The dr said it will take 3 months before they can tell if the surgery helped or not or if I have to have another one or not..she said 30% of people that have it need it again....I just would like to know how long will it before things get better?

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    Hi Marybo,

    I have had two ablations, first one lasted four months second one has been seven months now, they found another trigger in the left atrium, went into A flutter a day after surgery lasted ten days was put on amieodarone for a month, when I came off it had premature beats thease have slowly subsided, breathing normal now and fitness level back to normal, it takes a long time for things to settle I reckon up to a year, try not to stress about this dosent help at all, remember your heart has had a hideing being poked and burnt, it takes at least three months to settle and get an idea of the outcome.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks pat, i didnt really know how long it would be before I get back to somewhat normal, I gained weight over the year and dr said it was most likely because of my heart, I am a very active person and I just am ready to be me again...Dr did say the ablation on the right side of my atrium took longer then anyone she has done, I guess because of i had thick heart muscle (she used as an example burn most ppl like 9 times and she said it took me like 40)....I guess I will find out in Jan if I need the 2nd one or not
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    Hi. I was cryo ablated 10 days ago. I've had a couple of AFib episodes, but overall, in feeling ok. My pulse rate is normal. Yes, I'm tired but as noted we have to remember we've had quite a big deal go on inside us. I'm going to be weaned off my meds during the next few months but have been told to give it 3 months to fully settle. Good luck and stay relaxed.
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      Thanks Cardiac, they have taken some meds away already and changed  one twice because my bpm was in the 40's a lot...I want to start eating better again...Thanks
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    I had my third ablation two months ago. I have changed my diet and am taking multivitamins, probiotics and am eating as much greens as a body can take and walking as much as possible.  I have had a couple of blips but my strength is now better than it was before. I have managed to cut down my medication as well. Good luck, stay strong
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    I had the ablation in January 2014,  

    I had a hole in the heart mended previously but didnt even know I had heart problems until my heart started racing like mad and I collapsed one morning

    I must say that I ever have t have another ablation I will ask for a general though

    I was in as a day patient and  back at work after a couple of days ( think it is a bit different when it is your own business though or I may have stayed at home longer)

    I am now back to dancing again and no longer get out of breath like I used to.

    still get tired though , but think that is the Bisoprolol ( think thats spelt right)

    and going to ask at my last check up in London if I can reduce it or come off it altogether

    so far, so good though

    heart problems do seem to run in my family but am hoping that this has been the end of my problems

    I do hope that you get yours sorted but yes, when you think about the bashing that your heart has had, it will take a while to heal. it is probably badly bruised at the moment


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      Thank you audrey, the dr said I been thru a lot, she did ask me Tues if i felt better or worse after surgery, I told her worse (because I don't feel myself) I just hope in time I can get back to me...With my cough and all the xray showed nothing wrong so she wanted to get a cat scan, but when I got the cat scan yesterday one of the drs said they where looking for a hole in my heart...Dr is suppose to call me with the I will keep my fingers crossed...The Dr also told me I was her only paitent that had complications..(and her youngest)...I know when I called their office complaining about anxiety, they should have asked me what my beats per min where because I was told my visiting nurse that anxiety is a symptom of A flutter...(keeping my fingers crossed) again thank you!

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