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Hello, ill try to make this as short as possible but I wanna add some details so i'll post my questions first then give background. I requested a referral to see a neurologist from my GP.

  1. Does anyone report having shaky/Vibrating vision with MS?
  2. I had an MRI done 2 years ago after a car accident. Other than a mild concussion they said everything looked good. Could MS manifest within a 2 year window?

First, I have an anxiety disorder that i usually keep in check with exercise so I'm not on any meds. A few weeks ago I, had a migraine, twitching eyelid, and panic attack that caused some double vision issues when it came to words on a TV/phone screen but not my entire vision. This lead to Anxiety and insomnia. So I saw an optometrist who did the full works in an eye exam, everything was normal, concluded it was just fatigue and dry eyes from allergies.

I then started seeing "Flickering" and "vibrating" in my vision. As if the world is shaking especially in my peripheral vision. As well as internal tremors throughout my body (not visibly shaking ) I went to my GP and she said it's fatigue from lack of sleep, anxiety, and most likely not Neurological. She checked my eyes again they were working fine no shaky movements even though the room looked like an earthquake to me.

4 weeks later with a bit more, but still little sleep, eyelid twitch gone, shaky vision improved but still there, and tremors reduced but still occur.

My eyes are fine but I'm seeing things shake/vibrate and random flickers so my anxiety shoots up when I think the only answer is something Neurological. Vision issues and tremors are signs of MS and my hands/legs fall asleep often but if I change my sitting/lying position they tend to subside but still scare me now that I researched MS.

Thanks for your time!

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    it is difficult to allay your fears especially as you also have anxiety issues. MS is diagnosed when 3 or 4 examinations show symptoms. You will not be diagnosed with MS unless the physician is satisfied that all the criteria are met. There is no cure for MS at the moment. Treatment is concentrated at alleviating the symptoms that you are suffering. If you are being treated for your symptoms then that is all the support your doctor can give you and a diagnosis of MS will not necessarily add anything more, except referral to an MS specialist unit, who will then support you through your GP. I had optic neuritis which led to a series of "field vision" tests, a lumbar puncture and an MRI. The pattern and frequency and severity of "relapses" also help the diagnosis. I had different optical problems with the vision in my left eye over 12-15 years. They were all treated as separate medical issues until the optic neuritis, which then led to the diagnosis of MS. If your symptoms are being addressed then I am afraid a diagnosis of MS will not help you get better. I do not think of myself as suffering with MS. I suffer from sight issues, balance, incontinence, foggy thinking and fatigue. It is those issues which cause life changes. MS is a short cut description, nothing more.

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      Thanks for your time and response. I posted a similar question in the anxiety forums and another person had the same exact symptoms which ended up being anxiety related so I have a little less fear. That's a scary thought about the eyes, eye exams were normal for you between those 12-15 years?

      My GP did a simple question/visual check up and gave me vitamins and tips to relax and promote better rest but she was confused by the visual issue, she said she would give me a referal to a Nuro but doesn't think it's neurological. The tremors were what lead me to worry more. I thought I would ask if anyone with MS experienced that specific vision issue since I cant find much information on it and my eyes passed every eye test. including imaging/layer scans.

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      hi Gabriel, the eyesight thing is very peculiar. I had several dissimilar issues. I had a central serious retinopathy which was basically a round disc in the centre of my sight, I could see all my periphery vision but none centrally, this cleared after several weeks. About four years later i had double vision whenever i looked to the right, but was so severe i had to stop driving. It was suggested that i may have had a small stroke, but there was no other evidence of this. This too cleared after several weeks. My final episode was the optic neuritis, this was extremely painful, i couldnt find any painkiller or combination that would alleviate it. Accompanying the pain was visual 'interference' . My left eye went 'colour blind', whatever i looked at 'bled' across my visual field, very psychadelic and was worse watching television! I went to an opthalmologist who suggested i may have MS and referred me to a neurologist. This cleared after about 2-3 months and my eyesight is now normal. The MS was interfering with the signals to the brain. Its very difficult to diagnose MS just from a combination of symptoms because everyone's could be unique to them.

      Best of luck with your symptoms.

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