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I am a 42 yr old male, desperately looking for answers to symptoms that I'm experiencing, starting over the last 3 months. I appreciate that there must be a sea of panic merchants with these types of posts, and so fully understand if some who read this do not feel it worthy of a response, however for those of you able to empathize with the fear and concern I am experiencing currently, I would be most appreciative of your comments and opinions on the symptoms I describe below:

3 Months ago I had intense pain deep in the left shoulder which radiated down left arm. This has subsided very slowly over last 3 months and although not completely gone, it is only a shadow of the pain it was initially. 

At the same time as the above, the thumb on left hand began to twitch. The twitching ceased after a couple of weeks, however I noticed that I could feel the tendon in the crease of my left hand between thumb and forefinger - it is very pronounced and although it doesn't look markedly different from the right hand, a simple touch reveals that it is - as you cannot feel the tendon in the crease in the right hand at all. After scrutinizing both hands the only other apparent difference is that the bone in the top of the left hand connected to my ring finger is visible when extending all the fingers of the left hand, whereas it is not when I do the same with the right. Also my left thumb knuckle and left little finger knuckle produce an aching pain when tensed. This has remained the same for the last 3 months but there is no discernible weakness.

As of today I have stiffness and aching in my left wrist and at points up the underside of my forearm.  I also have the same stiff ache in my right ankle and up my right calf.

Also starting 3 months ago I developed a twitch in the lower lid of my right eye. This is intermittent but happens everyday. Over the last 3 months the intensity of the twitch has decreased but it remains present (and is twitching as I write this).

2.5 months ago I started having a very notable intermittent 'buzzing' feeling in my feet. Both feet 'buzz' but not usually at the same time. The buzz is through the centre of the foot and around the ball of the foot just back from the toes. This was very intense initially and is still present on and off on a daily basis but has subsided in intensity.

Also 2.5 months ago I noticed an ache in my left big toe, especially if I place pressure on it when walking. This has remained constant.

3 weeks ago I noticed pain from the outer blade of my right foot across the top of my right foot and to the ankle. This is only noticeable when I roll onto the outer foot when walking and remains the same today.

I have also experienced tremors throughout my whole body on occasion over the last 3 months this usually happens late at night whilst laying in bed.

What really has me in a spin and prompted me to start this thread is that as 3 days ago my right thumb began to twitch (up till now all hand symptoms have been confined to left hand). 

At the same time a twitch in my left upper thigh has appeared, as if the right thumb was not enough.

And now most worryingly of all my right ankle and left wrist have become extremely stiff and ache.

I was referred by my doctor to a neurologist who examined me and sent me for an MRI of C Spine for which I am awaiting the results. However from all the reading I have done I cannot see how an issue with the C spine could explain all the symptoms above.

Once again any appraisals, opinions or nuggets of wisdom that can be handed down to me at this point would be gratefully received.

Many thanks for taking the time to read through.


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    What your physician has done is correct. Don't doubt him I would do exactly the same and I am only 24 and just qualified. I want you to think Alex were your c spine is located and look at all the nerves that run adjacent next too it. Someone ( not being rude) of your age who is active, it is not uncommon for nerves to get trapped.

    Twitches. Happen all the time. Massive common cause STRESS,ANXIETY.

    People assume the worst when they see twitches. Unless they are joined with Weakness, atrophy, don't worry. Anxiety and stress can cause all sorts of issues physcially and mentally. Untill your Neuro tells you to worry DONT!!

    Try and find something you enjoy doing. Or to keep your mind occupied and stay away from reading the Internet I can not stress enough how important it is not to do that.

    All the best


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      Hi Hugo,

      Thanks for the response.  I actually value greatly the opinion of a younger physician as you will have the latest understanding of diagnostics, treatments etc fresh in your brain and an unsullied attitude to patients concerns.

      So I take your point re Dr Google and stress and anxiety.  It is very tough tryng to keep a cool head when symptoms are not dissipating though.  There is still no weakness thankfully, however the stiffness and aching in my left hand / wrist and concurrently right foot and ankle have renewed my anxiety over possible serious issues.

      Kind regards,



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      You are worried it's ok. You are receiving the very best support Alex. I understand you are panicking it's fine. Unfortunately I can not advise on that type of field as I am not a neuro " maybe one day" all the questions and issues what you are worried about take them to him as he can tell you exactly what's wrong. But in my own opinion if I was looking at what your describing. I wouldn't be focusing on anything serious. Honestly. But that's just Me. You can take my advice and stop reading these forums/Google as it is like putting fuel on a fire Or not I really hope you do. I wish you all the best.


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    Hi Alex

    I, too, had similar twitching of my left eye with occasional blue/purple dot that would appear in my field of vision for just a few seconds, numbness, tingling in my legs and arms, especially pronounced at night. Sometimes I would awake with my arm or lower leg very numb/asleep.  All of these symptoms were a gradual onset of months. I became very alamed and saw a neurologist. I had a brain MRI and other tests done, all of which came back negative. I thought I had the beginnings of MS, but that was eventually ruled out. Thankfully!

    If I were you, I would go gluten free and lower your intake of grains in general. I have done this and I feel almost 100%. I totally stay away from everything wheat as it agrravates the above mentioned symptoms and makes me fatigued, foggy brained and my joints ache as if I have arthritis. It's crazy.  What it will mean for you is that you need to give away most of the food in your kitchen pantry. No more fast food like McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts. Eliminate as many chemicals or processed foods as you can and take a probiotic. For me, the symptoms are due to a wheat sensitivity that I developed at around 42 years of age, I'm now 44. I have never been allergic to any kinds of foods and I don't drink or smoke so I don't understand why my immune system freaked out but it did. Maybe it's just because I'm "over 40".  Anyway, good luck and give it about 3 weeks to see if your symptoms will go away.  I have cut out all wheat,look for it hiding in soy sauces, dressings, etc. Eat fresh and cut out refined sugars, too. I'll be curious how you feel in 3 to 4 weeks. Btw, I get symptomatic with twitching and falling asleep limbs if I have eaten wheat and they last for about 3 to 4 days. The good thing about going gluten-free is that you can taste real food again and you stop craving sugary/fat laden donuts/hamburgers. Just make your own at home. Try the cookbook Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. Good Luck!  

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      Het Christina,

      Many thanks for tajking the time to read and respond.  To be honest I have never really considered diet as a factor which thinking about it is probably riduculous, but there you go.  So it is definately something I will start to think about now you have brought it to my attention.

      As a 42 yr old male I guess I just expect to keep on trucking the way I always have and although I have noticed a pace change in the way I play sport over the last couple of years, it is a not something that has been overly obvious to me or others I play with.

      My concern really is with the sudden onset of these                  symptoms and the fact that they are not going away.

      Should find out about my MRI result in the next week or so and will post an update afterwards.



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    Hi, I empathise with you but my symptoms of cervical dystonia have been largely dampened down by taking Tri-hexiphenidyl and my botulinum injections. However, I have been suffering with a mystery back pain. The pain is below my left shoulder blade, emanates from my spine and varies from a tingling, burning sensation to multi stabbing pains. The pain is enormous and colours my life. I have gone down just about every path and my next avenue is to ask for scans as you have but I have to wait till July when my next pain clinc is on.

    Let's hope that we have positive results.

    I wish us both good luck.

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      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for the reply and sorry to hear of the pain you suffer, but glad to hear you are getting further examinations and hopefully will give you some more insight and hopefully longer term relief from the pain.

      My shoulder pain is all but dissapaited but I am currently getting pain in the left had and wrist and right ankle and top of the foot.  The intensity varies from dull ache to sharp pain if I move either in a certain way.

      It is these latest symptoms that concern me most.

      One question I have is - do you                  hear a small cracking (of joints) sound if you push/flex your shoulders and head right back, and does this give any releif from the pain?  I have been doing this over the last year or so when feeling pain in my shoulders and it seems to give temporary releif.




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