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Heya girls as having suffered cysts for ages and always wanting to know symptoms and causes of cysts i thought we could list them all here tohelp each other out!!!

my symptoms and diagnosis were as follows...

2001when i was 16 was sent to emergency with appendicitis

2001 had appendix and a 4cm cyst removed

2002 had colonoscopy and gastroscopy as DR s thought my new pains were related to bowels/ stomach came back clear

2005 had another colonoscopy done as frequently going to toilet 4 times a day

2005 laproscopy found another 5 cm cyst which was removed and 20 small follicles on my right ovary.PCOS was diagnosed

2006 had follow up ultrasoun found a few cysts which went away naturally

2007 sent to emergency again with right sided abdominal pain. thought it was kidneys... put me on antibiotics . Pain got worse i Fainted at work had severe hot flushes and lightheadedness. Went to doctors again (this free nasty arse cheap doctor whch offered after hours services) she prescribed me panadol!!!!!! paracetomol. went to a good gp he did every ttest imaginable and found a 6cm cyst and a 4cms cyst on the one ovary. he said i would have fainted because it got twisted then untwisted now seeing a gyny (which is booked out for 4 weeks!!!)

X My periods are really heavy lately where as the last few years have been very very light .

X I get really hot flushes ( but no temperature on the thermometre) its normal

X i get really dizzy

x i get really hormonal and bad mood swings during ovulation. i cant sleep the night i get my period at all .

i dont want to keep getting cut open to have cysts removed!!!!!!!!! im over it! my sister has endometriosis my mum has had cysts too!

what causes cysts?! Ive changed my diet im eating better Becasue with PCOS you put on weight around your stomach a lot. Im now going to quit smoking and see if that helps. But i lead a normal ife otherwise i work fulltime im engaged etc. what is different with us girls that get cysts continuously?? id do anything to not get them again!

anyway enough about me does anyone else have symptoms like ths or know why cysts keep coming back to haunt!!??

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    Glad to see that so many people suffer from pcos, i also suffer from this condition, no ony that but i am a very young one i am 15 years old and i have been dignosed with pcos since i was 13 i gt them so bad that i cant move without exrushiating pain and me and my parents have been considering a hysterectomy, and honestly i want to do it i have always wanted to adop kids in the future when i got diagnosed i lost my menstrul cycle, because all of my eggs turn into cysts, i have some cysts right now and i ant slee, i cant eat ecause the pain makes me loose my appetite and this morning i got a hot shower to sooth the pain when i got out i got so dizzy that all  could do was puke and with nothng on my stomach it was nothing but stomach acid.. they come back to haunt because you have muffed up ovaries like the rest of us, sadly uness you can find a medication or procedure that works for you they will always come back (i know im a kid but i have spent a large portion of my life in a hospital so i know a little bit about what im talking about) I hope you can find a solution.
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    Hi there!

    Your symptoms are very similar to mine.



    Lower right back pain

    Low pelvic discomfort

    Pounding heart rate

    Feverish (no fever)



    Heavyness on lower right side

    Very moody

    Blood test normal

    Ultrasound found follicle cysts, but my Gyn said that's normal. Could those be causing my symptoms? My GP said its from anxiety. But its been going on for like 8 months. Also, my CT scan came back normal. I'm so scared. Help! Anyone!!!

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      Hi Angel I got to say that I have the same exact symptoms and went to so many doctors in US and also in Brasil, I went on cipro for 8 days, amoxicilin for a wekk, now I'm doing a treatment for candida and I feel better, I'm taking fluconazole 150mg per week and is making my sympthoms go away, I have patches on my skin and candida and also a cist but all the symptoms above....It might be ringworm. I'm giving it a try because I'm even thinking is espiritual ...because all the doctors think that I'm making stuff up and it's psychological. I hope this helps

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    I had no major symptoms except for noisy stomach sound which i thought was IBS. went for a blood test for tumor markers and the results was the only indication that something was not right. 2 months later i went for an ultrasound and found that both i had complex cysts on both ovaries. 2 months after that i was operated and thankfully my ovaries were intact and benign cysts but one of it results in being endometriosis. i am currently on visanne to reduce the recurrence but will need to go for a scan soon to check whether it has returned. but above all, i guess i am one of the rarer ones that did not have any pain and yet these things were growing silently until it became big enough to cause some major flatulence!
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    I know this is so long ago. But I'm hoping someone reaches out to me.  They found 7 cm cyst on right ovary. I've been getting back pain, cramping on that side, hot flushes just started, dizziness, nausea, painful pms, tired, I have anxiety about if these symptoms r the cyst or something else. Can any one please help I'm scared 

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      I was getting really painful back and hip cramps before they found a cyst on my right ovary. I thought it was from working out, but apparently it was the cyst aggravating the nerves of my right hip. The ob told me she checked my left ovary when she took the right one out recently, but last night and this morning I have started having the same cramping and pain in my left hip that I did when I had the right ovarian cyst. I think I might have to go back and get it checked. I don't think the ob did a good enough job checking for other cysts.

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    Hi Guest,

    I just had a 10 cm cyst removed from my right ovary, as well as the ovary itself and the right fallopian tube so perhaps I'm not the best to answer your question. However, it doesn't seem like anyone, including doctors, know much about ovarian cysts besides we women who actually get them. So I'll try my best. 

    Looking back at my history, 25 years ago when I was about 19, my doctor mentioned in passing that I had a cyst. Since I had no idea what they were or how they mess up your hormones, I did nothing about it. My weight would fluctuate for no apparent reason over the years. I don't know if it is because of my cysts that i gained weight and when they burst or went away, I lost weight. Recently, this new doctor told me I would certainly KNOW when a cyst burst as I would be in extreme pain. So, perhaps the cysts before were small and burst and I never felt it. But, this doozey I just had taken out, may be the cause of my weight gain and untreatible depression

    Anyway, when I first found out about the cyst from my GP, she stupidly told me I could 'leave it' and it would go away. So, before I knew I had to unquestionably have it taken out, I researched how to get rid of cysts. I found that chasteberry fruit supplements were good at balancing the hormones (I would imagine estrogen) that cause cysts. Also, a low carb diet. Meaning less than 50 or even 10 grams of carbs a day could shrink the cyst because it (as does any tumour or growth) feeds off of sugar. I also read to stay away from shampoos, lotions and makeup that contain paraben. And don't use plastic containers for food storage or cooking in the microwave. Only use glass or ceramic. And stay away from bottled water, unless it's in a cardboard container. 

    I will be practicing these things to avoid more cysts from now on since I've read that many patients have the cysts return quite shortly after surgery. 

    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

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