Symptoms of Serious Cardiovascular Issues - Tests are normal

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I feel like I'm on an episode of Dr. House because no doctors have been able to determine what is wrong with me. I have spent thousands of dollars and so many hours with multiple doctors over the last year and I am so frustrated because my symptoms are getting worse and I still have yet to get any kind of treatment because I haven't been diagnosed. We have got through all basic tests for cardiovascular issues and are about to move onto neurological, but something is telling me this is definitely cardiac related. So, here are a list of my symptoms as well as the tests I have had done and potential diseases/syndromes my doctors have considered.


  • High resting heart rate of about 100bpm. This is while sitting/laying. When standing, it goes to about 120. Simple tasks like showering, walking up a flight of stairs, walking 20 feet, speaking for a period of time can raise it to anywhere from 120bpm to 175bpm. I keep a log of these changes and my associated symptoms (fainting, numbness, etc) that come with the tachycardia.

  • Fainting/Blackouts upon standing and after a period of time on my feet. This happens about once a week. I could be standing for 10 minutes and all of a sudden collapse. I usually catch myself and recoup before falling to the ground.

  • Numbness/Tingling in hands and feet Especially first thing in the morning or when raising arms above head. It feels like my hands are asleep and will last hours at a time.

  • Pooling of blood in legs when standing After showering or standing for more than 10 minutes, blood will pool in my lower thighs around my knees and my feet. This will turn the areas bright red and swollen and only goes away once I have laid down.


Extreme Fatigue I could sleep 18 hours a day and still be tired. I sleep about 8 hr/night on average and have always been tired throughout the day, but this is getting much worse.

Weight loss I have lost about 80 pounds since November 2017. I am a 22 year old female, currently 6' and 168 lbs. I have stopped eating as much and been prescribed Adderall, but I am now unable to gain weight when trying.


EKG - Normal (laying down)

ECHO - Normal

Blood Pressure - Normal (Average 115/80

Will be performance Laying to Standing Test today to potentially diagnose POTS.

Bloodwork - Normal

Please help me. I am open to any potential ideas about doctors/tests/conditions. I know something is wrong but I am so frustrated that these tests keep coming back normal. This is not how I want to feel living my life. I can't exercise, walk up stairs, go shopping, or do anything that require even a little effort without feeling faint/having horrible tachycardia. I just want to get a diagnoses so I can get treatment and go back to enjoying my life.

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    Sounds like POTS, or if not, something similar. When your heartbeat goes up like that, it makes you exhausted. My guess is if you get on some medication that takes your heart rate down, you will feel a lot better and stop losing weight too.

    Good luck.

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    Dear dont worry. Be brave. Same condition like with me from last five years. Many cardiologist checked me. I also spend thousand of money on my treatment on doctors fees and medicine. But in these five years doctors can not trace any fault in my heart. And they said i have anxiety.

    What does your doctors said? Did they also said u hv anxiety? I know your feelings. I have tracy cardia five year ago. Cardiologist did my EPS. Electro physicalogy study. In this treatment they burn my heart tissues to reduce my heart rate.

    About in five heart my heart rate never jumped. But about three year minimum i m football between doctors. My problem or feelings are heart sinking, feeling heart is going to fail feelfeeling heart is droping, pressure on heart. Cannot do bath , heart become tired, cannot walk. I took many psycho medicine too. But i believe some thing wrong with my heart.

    Many time go in hospital emergency. I live in Pakistan , i m jobless and here summer season start. I have no Air conditioner in my home. So this season is too much hard for me to spend.

    Doctors took many test like Ecg, echo, 24 hour holter, almost all became normal. 2 month ago doctors did my ct angio and report said . unobstructive cononery arteries. Its mean arteries r unblocked.

    But i think some thing wrong in my heart. I visited again and again to doctors. But i think they hv no treatment.

    You lose your weight but how much is your weight. Did your cardiologist give u any medicine. EPS is a treament like angio graphy but when ever ur doctors not suggest u , u dont go for it. Did you go to any psychologist. Heart pappitation heart fluttering many people have. But i suggested you that you must treat your problem. If dr said u dont hv any thing then believe on them. But i myself dont believe on them because i hv still problem. Difficult to walk difficult to speak.

    Do u became tired when u speak. I have best wishes for you. I suggest you dont think too much. Our thoughts often make us patient.

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    Thank you guys. I'm almost positive that it's POTS. I am at the doctor right now to have tests done to determine that I do. I've heard that POTS is a secondary condition and is a group of symptoms that can be classified as a syndrome and that there is actually an underlying cause to these symptoms/an actual disease or disorder. I'm going to ask about something to bring my heart rate down but am concerned with how that will affect my Adderall that I take for ADD. Surprisingly, the Adderall has not caused more issues and I've noticed I faint a lot less often when I take it.

    I've always been told I have anxiety, but this is much different and the doctors finally realized that and have not even brought it up.

    i just did an orthostatic test and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to find another doctor to do an actual tilt table test. Doing more blood work now. ECHO showed no concerns but showed trivial regurgitation in all four valves but they don't think that is contributing. I have a cardiologist appointment next week.

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    Have you been tested for DVT?

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    Have you been to see a EP doctor (one that specialises in electrical disturbances in the heart.) I had lots of symptoms like yours and it took me two years to be diagnosed with electrical problems, which are not always apparent initially.

    Good luck and go to a specialist cardiologist.

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