Symptoms only when leaning back; still stress related?

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I know I say this every time, but I'm sorry for the number of posts I make. I'm also aware that I focus on different symptoms a lot - I've experienced many changing things in these last 2 years. I'm just extraordinarily confused as to what is happening to my body. If it isn't reflux - which so far my tests are suggesting - then what could cause symptoms so similar to LPR reflux? I can't say for sure they're caused by stress, because they begin whenever I lean back in a chair, or tilt my head to look down. 

Throughout the whole day:

- I get a tight throat feeling all day every day.

- I often have a feeling of mucus in my throat.

- Food gets stuck in my throat when I swallow it; I need water to get it down.

When the worse symptoms kick in from me leaning back:

- My jaw/legs feel lighter

- I get a lot of head pressure, and my nose seems to block up.

- My AIRWAYS feel like they're blocked off. I cannot take a deep breath whether through my nose or mouth.

- I get pins and needles in my head.

- A feeling of unusual pressure in my head/throat/chest begins.

- My head, arms and sometimes chest seriously hurt, like headache pain, or that I'm not taking in enough oxygen.

- Feeling of mucus gets worse

The symptoms relieve themselves after a while once I stand up, but not immediately, it takes about a minute.

It's such a horrible feeling; it feels like I'm going to die from a lack of oxygen. Sadly everything I read on Google says "reflux/LPR" which makes me panic that my tests missed something. No matter how much I control my diet etc, nothing seems to work though. I even went to get hypnotherapy the other day, which may have made me feel relaxed at the time, but did not stop me feeling worse the next time I leaned back in a chair. 

I can't just lean forward all my life! I want to relax and watch a film, read a book, or get a good night's sleep, but leaning back sets me off immediately. What is happening? Please help sad

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    Just through experience it sounds like you have a panic association with leaning back. You have built up a fear of these feelings and are therefore creating them unconsciously. A lot of feeling where the throat is feeling closed off or mucus building up can be bought on by this anxiety. Try to meditate prior to sitting down to watch a film etc... listen to a meditation CD if only to get you in the zone. Work on this until you feel comfortable leaning back again. If you suffer from acid reflux ( also caused by stress/anxiety) these feelings in your throat are common but they are horrible. Acidophilus works well to sooth the stomach or a yakult drink. Thus aiding the acid reflux. Really hope you feel better soon.

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    The feelings of a tight and dry throat with problems swallowing I can really identify with. Classic anxiety - I know it is very distressing though. So you find you have a lump in the throat also?
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    I should also mention swallowing thick things like mucus or gaviscon also sets me off, as does when food gets stuck
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    Have you had any new progress? I am experiencing similar symptoms but am approaching it with a neurological spinal doctor. I'm about to have MRIs run to see if it is nerve damage within my neck and in between my shoulder blades. Thanks
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    Hi Daxter! How are you now! I am feeling exactly the same thing as you described above. However, there are some adds on my condition. I get my nasal clogged everytime i am in confined space. And it feels like someone is gripping my head all the time. It feels like, you want to be happy by choice but everything is turning into stress like i want silence, feels like i am ok at start and then suddenly i feel like i am tired, my head is aching, and i am getting dizzy. Instead of working continously, i am like sitting somewhere try to get some rest and if there would be a chance, an hour of sleep. I can say that i am a confident person and has alot of skilled, but when the feeling i have mentioned above came in, it feels like all of my skill and knowing just lost somewhere and i am feeling low steam.
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    Hi I struggle with the throat symptoms. It's been going on for the last 8 weeks. I feel asif my food isn't going down properly and I have a lump feeling especially after eating!! The doctor says it's something called globas which is where the muscles in your throat tighten and it's triggered by anxiety. Before I saw the doctor I'd googled it and convinced my self I'm dying of cancer. I'm having constant panic attacks and keep thinking what if he's wrong! But deep down I know it's anxiety. Look at all of us were all worried were dying but have any of is died? No we haven't because this is all in our heads! I know only to well that it's so hard to accept it's anxiety but it really is. You need to ban your self from googling because it makes you think your experiencing more symptoms but it's our brain that's causing this. We are wasting our lives away worrying!!! Are you on meds? Xx
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    Did anyone on this thread every get a diagnosis or resolution?  I'm having the VERY same symptoms! One difference, mine is when I lean forward rather than backwards. My throat closes, my nose constantly feels full of cement, I feel dizzy, I have two or three different kinds of chest pains that shoot all the way to my back between my should blades, I get tunnel vision, I can't breath, I have a widespread pain under my left arm, down my left leg, and into my left foot, my armpits feel sticky (but I don't really perspire), sometimes I have a pain in my stomach, and I experience the pin-and-needles on the left side of my face and up my head and across my forehead.  This is excruciating! I take, Propranolol, Imitrex, and Hydrocodone (spine injury). My Hydrocodone seems to make these feelings 10x worse, so I've majorly backed off of that med. But I have nerve damage, and sometimes the Hydro is the only thing that will give me relief. As I mentioned, I have a spinal injury, I had Bell's Palsy, I've had shingles on my face, and I suffer from debilitating migraines (daily). However, this new issue with anxiety throughout my body when I lean forward, is a new problem and its awful! Help!!! PS I also have the same symptoms when I eat, wear tight clothes, or I'm placed in an uncomfortable situation. 

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    Hello Daxter,

    I can relate to some of your experiences. I have never been able to blow up a ballon. I started seeing a new Natural Dentist and during my first visit they looked inside my mouth and asked me if I had breathing problems. We went on to have a whole conversation about it. So I got the opportunity to ask them why they asked me that question. They showed me a chart they use to evaluate airflow. The uvula, you know the little red thing that hangs in the back of your throat... Apparently they can estimate airflow based on how much of that is visible when you have your head straight and your mouth open. I don't have any of the bottom of it visible. People with proper airflow not only can see that whole uvula but also have a small space that they can see below it before the starting of the tongue. I can't even see the bottom of uvula. To make a long story shorter I am seeking treatment by a neuromuscular orthodontic that is going to use something called an AGGA to expand my small jaw forward and permanently open my airway wider. My lower jaw is so small my tongue does not lay flat in my mouth. I know everyone is different but they are going to be able to do the braces that go on the tongue side for my lower and invisaline for my top. The other thing that you may find helpful is I purchased a ring that you can wear by Vihealth that is an actual medical device that can monitor your breathing and heart rate. You can even set it to buzz to alert you if your oxygen levels fall too low. I hope you find out what is truly bothering you. Don't let people try to convince you that it is all in your head.



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