Symptoms or MS and Brachial Neuritis ongoing for 6 months but nothing showing up on MRI?

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Hi guys, I’m posting here as I’m at a bit of a loss with what to do. About 6 months ago I experienced acute excruciating pain lasting around 2 minutes in my left shoulder on and off for around 12 hours and then all of a sudden lost movement and strength down my arm. The left side of my face became numb at which point I was sent to emergency with little to no success was sent away as they didn’t know what to do. It seemed to be symptomatic of Brachial Neuritis and it may still be. I had an MRI done of my brain and neck which came back fine leading to a diagnosis of Brachial Neuritis. The most predominant symptoms are consistent dull aching and weakness, inability to raise my arm and put in certain positions, fine motor control of the fingers intermittently seems to work, burning, stinging, tingling and zapping sensations intermittently from the shoulder to the hand and neck, left side of ribs, breast and shoulder blade area. Arm was put in a sling for 3 months but more symptoms began to become apparent. I started having a consisted lip tremor that never leaves but gets really bad and essentially becomes my jaw quite violently shaking at times. I have consistent high blood pressure and dizziness and confusion. I find myself very flustered and uncomfortable all the time, can’t think or focus. I experience bouts of severe fatigue as in sleeping 20 hours straight to then being restless all night (partly due to pain). I began having stomach issues which are hard to explain but it seems as if my bowel shuts down for extended periods of time, week or longer and I can take as many laxatives as I want and feel like I will go but it never seems to happen. My stomach is also really bloated all the time and aches a lot, have mild nausea a lot of the time. I had a colonoscopy which came back fine which has lead GP to believe it’s neurological. I have also started to experience severe discolouration of my hand and forearm, it goes bright red to very dark purple/grey. Have had a CT angiogram and that came back fine too. Temperature sensitivity and control in my arm are all out as well, gets real hot and real cold at times. My ring finger and pinky are vastly different in temperature than my other two fingers and thumb. I’m also having numbness and tingling in my lips and left side of my face, all my shoulder and neck muscles on both sides seem to sporadically cramp up, I have incredibly sore eyes that hurt to move, it’s almost like when I move them left to right I become dizzy and my senses become skewed. I seem to now have flare ups, so the symptoms seem to settle down a bit (still present) and the all of a sudden the symptoms and pain comes on, the blood pressure goes up, my stomach stops working, I get incredibly dizzy and very shaky and can only really lie down. These ‘flare ups’ also in a lot of cases seem to be more severe than previous times as if it’s getting worse. I have also recently started having similar pain and sensations in my right arm (very mild in comparison). I am aware it could just be bursitis or tendinitis or something from over use and compensating but it seems to start aching when I have these ‘flare ups’ After having so many tests that come back fine it keeps getting put down as Brachial Neuritis but from what I understand the pain should have subsided by now and it should just be weakness now. On top of that if it’s just confined to the brachial plexus then I shouldn’t be experiencing a lip tremor or numbness on my face as those are completely different nerves? I’m finding it very hard to manage a normal life at the moment, I struggle to get through everyday without the dizziness and shaking. Im about to start seeing a neurophysiologist referred by my GP however my neurologist doesn’t want me moving the arm at all, but I’m concerned with the amount of muscle wastage I’m having from it. My doctors seem to be at odds as to what is the cause of this. I’m hoping someone can shed some light onto what’s happening? Is it possible something like MS could not show up on an MRI of the brain and neck? Or is there some other Neurological disorder that is being overlooked?

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    Hi James. I also had brachial neuritis (apparently) at the end of last year and had similar symptoms to you. Extreme pain (on both sides though) of my shoulders and armpits and then sudden weakness --> couldnt hold things for months. I had a heavy aching feeling for about 6+ months which has now dissipated. However - I still get neuropathic pain when I use my arms too much. However - during this time I also experienced lower limbs strains and persistent pain, as well as tremoring in my fingers. My back, neck and legs are also really rigid and kind of crank when I move them. They thought it may have been an infection or the COVID-19 vaccine that caused it --> maybe a whole-body neuro inflammation thing but still unsure.

    In your case --> I am a med student so I understand this stuff a little aha. I think it sounds a little bit like CRPS or chronic regional pain syndrome. This happens after a neurological injury (Like brachial neuritis) where your nerves overreact after serious nerve damage by changing temperature regulation, colour of your skin and causing the pain to spread. Maybe look into this? How are you going at the moment as well?

    Again - I am not a doctor (yet) so dont take my word for it...but my own experience was very real and scary and I know how bad BN is.

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