Symptoms triggered by talking?

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Hi guys, 

I've had this chronic disease for more than 6 years now. I've seen maybe 15 EMT doctors and 2 allergy doctors (all in Asia), and no one has given me a proper diagnosis. They've used MRIs, they took a video inside my nose, etc. I thought it would be worth a shot to ask here if anyone has heard of this problem. 

What sets this problem apart is that symptoms occur when I speak. If I speak for maybe around 15 minutes, I get pain in my throat, soreness in my nasopharynx area, my eyelids get red and swell, I start yawning. It also feels like my nostrils get inflamed. If I continue speaking, I feel more tired, I even can get a headache sometimes.

If I wear a mask, the effects are reduced. It's also affected by the weather. Sometimes it will rain, and the symptoms come much faster. It also depends on the dryness in the air and whether it's summer or winter.

I also don't know if it's related, but although I don't have a runny nose or sneezing, I always have dried snot in my nostrils that I feel I have to remove manually in order to breathe better. 

I'm determined to get this problem resolved. I hope someone can offer some advice! Here's what I've tried:

-Nasal rinsing

-Nasal sprays

-Allergy medicine (I'll have to try this again as I'm not sure whether this relieved symptoms)

-Decongestants (It helped me breathe better but I can only take this for a few days at a time)

-and a drug to prevent Acid Reflux (but I only used it a little bit because I didn't believe it was the problem)

- Two allergy tests (blood tests) which didn't turn back anything, except house dust

I've taken some others but can't remember off the top of my head.

I appreciate you reading this!

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    Hello again Derek,  I think I messaged you regarding this problem and to me it definitely sounds allergy related.  so many of my allergy tests came back negative, however, there is so much outside and inside come to that, that's affects someone that's completely sensitive.  I take a daily antihistamine (Citrizine) House dust is a major factor for me.  It's impossible to get rid of as it's in the air.  On a sunny day in England when the sun is shinning through the window I can see all the dust in the air.  Impossible to to get rid of no matter how clean we are.  Your throat could be your meds.  Rhinitis is horrible and the more mucus we make from allergies the more we will suffer Eusatchian Tube Dysfunction.



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      Ok Anne, thanks.   I took Allegra before and I couldn't determine if it helped, because sometimes this disease is better on some days and worse on others.  So I plan to take Allegra again for a few days, and more accurately document any change so I can rule on whether it's an allergy.

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    I suffer from the same, I have had mine nearly 20 years now and have given up with ENT they have advised there is nothing they can do. I take a loratadine every day it seems to help but not very much. I have had so many MRI and ct scans which all come back clear. Speaking to a few people apple cider vinegar hot water and honey seems to help them but not me unfortunately 

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      I think I've just replied to the wrong person.  I think my message went to Mike.

      Anyway, no matter.  So you've suffered a long time just like me....mine almost 40 yrs.  So what hope do we have.  If it was something I'm eating I'd give it up straight away.  To have food allergy testing is pretty much impossible.  I've never smoked or touch alcohol, so isn't that.  But chocolate I do love and have some almost every day....wonder if it's milk !!!!


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      Hey Michelle,   

      Really!?  Until this day I've never met anyone who has suffered this.  Can you also tell me your symptoms, or link me to where you've posted about it?  I looked into your medicine and it seems it's allergy medicine, right?

      Do your symptoms also worsen or improve based on the weather conditions?

      I heard somewhere that our body gets used to Allergy medicine so we need to change it up every month or so to a new medicine.

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    Stop eating citrus fruits, stop eating sugars, dairy and all meat. Go on a natural plant based diet for three weeks. No vitamins, unless natural. Drink plenty of water and get some exercise. Start doing crossword puzzles and mediate.
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      Hi there,

      Thanks for the comment.  I do exercise, I drink loads of water, and I've tried a vegetable shake only diet for a few days before.  I'd be willing to do the plant based diet for three weeks but can you tell me more about that and the reasoning behind it?  

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      Hi Derek

      It is quite apparent you are suffering from a complex allergy problem, similar to the problem I had for over 50 years.

      As it is not possible to isolate all of our allergies, we treat the obvious ones, but still have a problem with many others.

      In my case I suffered with hay fever, rhinitis, and allergic sinusitis. I managed to cope with antihistamines, drops, sprays, and a wide variety of tablets such as sinutabs. A sinus head lasted 24 hours regardless of these

      treatments, so strong analgesics were required in conjunction.

      Like you I was affected by high humidity, so I moved to a drier climate, away from the coast. I was affected by weather changes and could predict a storm 24hours ahead, like the humble frog.

      While I still take precautions to avoid obvious irritants such as cigarette smoke, nitrates and M S G, and avoid spending long periods in high humidity areas, such as on the coast, I no longer have a problem with these complaints.

      As I have posted recently, I found a complete cure in Evening Primrose Oil. Simply taking one 1000mg capsule daily cured my chronic lifetime allergy problem.

      It is an inexpensive and very effective treatment for allergy problems, so it could just solve your problem.

      Regards Ray.

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      It might not make a difference, but you said your nose was constantly dry. I had this, awful. I used to try to clear the hard stuff and make my noise throb, which made my ears worse and made me more dizzy. Within a week of giving up all dairy, wheat and sagar my nose started getting more moist. I still
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