Symptoms with cysts and recovery from removal?

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Hello, I've recently been pencilled in to have surgery to remove a large cyst in my left ovary. I've just turned 24 and have suffered with painful periods and heavy bleeding for a few years. My skin was becoming increasingly worse and I've started developing random, thick hairs on my chin and neck. 

A year ago, I was diagnosed with what doctors thought might be PCOS however I have recently moved to Germany and during a routine gynaecology examination, the doctor who was performing an internal scan said that I have a large complex cyst in my left ovary. He asked how big the cyst was the first time I had a scan (which was a year ago) and it has since grown by 2.5cm. 

He he thought that my cyst had multiple chambers and so referred me to his senior colleague. She didn't speak great English but said that she THINKS that it might be 3 separate cysts and that they should be removed. I'm having surgery to remove them in 2 days but I couldn't really ask her many questions...  She said if she finds it difficult to remove the cysts, she will need to remove the whole ovary and Fallopian tube... sad

Sooo.... Has anyone had any experience of having more than one big-ish cyst in one ovary? Also, has anyone had any bad skin and excess hair growth with cysts? I'm praying that once they are gone, my skin will clear up.

Ive also experienced symptoms of cervical erosion which I'm guessing could also be attributed to hormonal problems? ive also had symptoms of IBS which are becoming worse... Is this normal? :-( 

and FINALLY, how have people found recovery from a laparoscopy/cyst/ovary removal?

im so sorry for all of the questions, I'd just feel reassured to know that other people have experienced the same symptoms as I'm really scaring myself into thinking I'm dying! 

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    Hi Red 1990,

    Sorry you are going through this ordeal! I too have a laparoscopy scheduled for my complex cyst (about the size of a golf ball) on the 15th. The darn thing is septated, which is problematic in my age (52). I don't have most of the symptoms you describe, but I can tell you that laparoscopies are really not that bad. I had one years ago--I'm talking stone age--and I was back at work in 2 days!!! I felt really energized, so I saw no reason to lounge around. HUGE MISTAKE! I later had a few problems and my doctor said that it was because I went back to work too soon. So, if you can lounge around after your procedure, by all means do it. If you have someone that can pamper you, by all means take it.

    Also, try not to worry. Easier said than done, I know, but not worth suffering if we don't really know what is going. I am taking the Scarlett (from Gone with the Wind) approach with my cyst. She refused to worry unless she absolutely had to, and so am I. Most complex cysts are belign, especially for someone your age, so try not to worry.

    I will be praying and thinking about you. Let us know the good news about you AFTER you get plenty of rest.


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      Oh thank you, Lorena! I have about a week off work and my husband to take care of me so hopefully, I'll be okay! Fingers crossed for your laparoscopy!! Maybe by the time I, all done, you'll be having yours and can update us on how you're getting on too! Xxx


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    Yes I know jwahar you are going through.

    I had an ooferectomy when I was 19. 

    I've had 3 children since then.

    I had the same symptoms as you describe, the pain was excruciating at the time.

    I had a 3 lb cyst. And it was the aggressive one that had teeth!

    Yep the most aggressive ones do have teeth!

    Anyway you will feel sore afterwards, but a bit more relieved. 

    It was good they caught it early. The surgeon said I was lucky/ blessed it did not turn cancerous.

    I'm sure all will be well. They have got yours early before it becomes a serious problem to you. God bless let me know how you get on 🐥🌺

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      Thank you, Elizabeth! So happy to hear you have 3 children... My husband and I would like a child within the next few years and this has scared us a little. 

      May I just ask, did you ever have problems with IBS or cervical erosion?

      Thanks again for your reply, x

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      Hi Red . No I don't recall having problems with my cervix and IBS. But I did have grumbling appendix. 

      I just remember that I got sent home after I had my first admission to hospital, after I had such terrible pains, with my monthly. I do remember that much. The doctor told me to eat more fruit and roughage. 

      Then I was diagnosed the second time, with a right ovarian cyst.

      So I suppose I must of had a bit of IBS then.

      But I was glad when I had the operation

      As you will be afterwards yourself. X🐥

      Big Huggs x 

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      I just wanted to let you know that I had my laparoscopy last Tuesday and was out of hospital on the Friday. It was the chief of surgery who operated on me and says that the cyst looked 'completely normal' to him and was a serous cyst? He said that the results would be back on the Friday (when I was let home) and that if it showed anything sinister, they would call. No phone call as of yet but I do have a follow up appointment in a few days. 

      That wasn't all though, he said that I have endometriosis which was found in various places. He found it in the 'pouch of Douglas' which is the space between the vagina and rectum.... Which would explain my IBS-type symptoms! He's removed all deposits of endometriosis but says that I also have adenomyosis which is essentially endometriosis in the muscle of my uterus.

      Just wanted to let you all know how I got on. 

      Still panicking a little due to the fact that I've not officially heard him say that the results have come back clear but I'm trying to stay positive. 


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    Hi Red,  I'm also waiting for cyst removal and have always suffered with heavy periods, and bad skin, also in the last few years have had excess / thick hairs on my chin - have it waxed every 3 weeks.  Having talked with my beautician at the salon during a reflexology session she said it is quite common with ovary problems.  I hope you're right and this will improve after cystectomy.  Good luck.
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      Hi Lizzie, 

      Thanks for your response! The hair is awful isn't it? I've resorted to having it threaded! 

      Have they said what kind of cyst you have? I.e a single cyst or one with multiple chambers? 

      I find it odd that I was diagnosed with polycyclic ovaries and now these 'cysts' have grown around 3cm in a year and there's either 3 of them or one with a few chambers! Worrying...

      I hope that your surgery is uneventful and all your issues resolve quickly! :-) x

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      Hi Red, I have two cysts, the one on the left is multi sections and the larger of the 2 at 8cm and hiding behind my uterus, the one on the right is a simple cyst 5cm but this one is giving me the miost pain and initially I was diagnosed as appendicitis.
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    Hi Red,

    I'm going through exactly the same as you.  First felt pain in my hip last October - went to A&E but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  I was then taken t hospital in an ambulance about a month and a half ago.  Needed morphine etc. to stop the pain.  Was discharged from the g.ward and told it was ovulation pain.  Went to GP straight away and she sent me for an ultrasound.  Turns out there's a large complex cyst on my left ovary.  So I have been living a nightmare since that report was returned to the dr. as I was referred to the hospital on the special 2 week referral system (if they suspect you have you know what).  I've had first appointment with junior dr. who told me they couldn't rule out something sinister and so went for blood test.  I have to wait two weeks for the results (thhis Friday).

    I too have had randim thick dark hairs on neck and chin and terrible skin - red, bumpy etc.

    Worst thing is while waiting for blood results I've had shooting pains all over but especially in left breast and achey armpits.  I am so so scared.  Here for you if I can help/maybe we can help each other.

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      Was it a CA125 test? i only waited from the Thursday til I think following Mon or Tues as I rang hospital direct and they found my results, didn't wait until GP had them.  Mine was clear, hope yours will be too. Its the waiting and not knowing which is difficult I think.
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    my mum had a radical hysterectomy a week ago now. Shes not recovering too well as the cyst/adnexal mass was attached to her bowel as well. At pre op they told her they would remove everything anyway as a precaution. They took a disection from her nymph glands, possibly for staging. After op surgeon cane round to my muks ward and asked how she was. We had to ask her how/what was seen in op. She said they removed everything that we discussed and mums appendix looked sticky so they decided to remove that as well. She had alot of endometriosis scaring and lots of fluid in pelvic region. The cyst ruptured before op which possibly caused mum to collapse a month prior to this op. It also ruptured again whilst thry tried to drain it. Now the mass has been sent off to the lab, she didn't say whether ir looked malignant or not which is worrying.  So its a waiting game again. Im worried we go back to post op appointment and they tell us mum has cancer. She has had fluid cysts in her breasts before. Hoping and praying for a positive outcome. Has anyone had anything similar to this?
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