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Okay so trying to keep my life story short... Looking for any advice or someone who is going through something similar because I am having a "I cant deal" moment and need some support.

I have had anxiety and IBS for years. I was managing the anxiety well with Yoga, meditation etc. The IBS I have never really gotten a grip on. I cant find any patterns in the food I eat, I have had a gastroscopy, tested for celiac, the FODMAP diet with a dietitian, naturopathic medicine, probitotics.. I have done it all, and nothing helps. I just live with constant gas, upset stomach, and loose stools, going through bad phases and good phases. I eat very well and exercise a lot.

June 2017 I developed insomnia, again I tried everything to fix it (magnesium, healthy sleep habits, melatonin etc).. nothing worked and with that came some serious anxiety. This is when I started to notice my heart palpitations. It felt like I was really scared and nervous all the time. I can feel my heart beating in my chest. I have a fitbit and my heart at rest is 89-108 bpm. Regardless if my heart is fast or slow, whenever I am sitting still I can count the beats in my chest and throat, and it feels awful.

After tests for thyroid came back negative, I gave in to my doctors strong suggestion and went on antidepressants (mirtazapine) in October 2017. Nothing changed physically, but my mood did, I was less upset about the whole situation and was sleeping better, but still very uncomfortable.

Then I got sent to a cardiologist, I wore a holter monitor for 2 weeks and was told I have Tachycardia with skipped beats... the cardiologist gave me Bisoprolol. I have been on it for 1 week and have had no improvement, I see my heart rate is lower, but I feel the palps still so strongly. I'm also having a really bad week with IBS, I have been woken up every night with stomach pain.

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    Hi there Alyssa, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time and can definitely sympathize. I can understand most of what you're going through, (depression and arrhythmia for me and helping my husband through anxiety and IBS-like symptoms.) Anything dealing with the heart can be scary and I know there is a LOT that can go on with your ticker that is actually pretty common but still doesn't make us feel better about it flicking around in our chests. I'm honestly new to working with my doctor on my symptoms but have experienced them for 10+ years.

    First thing's first, my advise would be to focus on breathing during these episodes of racing and palpitations. I personally get a fun variety of fluttering (feeling like a terrified bird is flapping around in my chest.) Missed or double beats (a feeling like you got flicked in the chest and throat) Racing, pounding, etc throughout the day, every day. Your heart speaks in volumes for what you are thinking, if you focus on the feeling of these episodes, it's terribly easy to make yourself panic and exacerbate the episode. I find closing my eyes and forcibly controlling my breathing, counting my breaths during longer episodes helps keep my nerves calm. For me and many others, things like arrhythmia and tachycardia are unfortunately common and daily sensations.

    Next, just like medications for blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and the like, this medication you are on will was probably started at a low dose and will need adjusting until it feels effective. Give it time and just be honest with your doctors.

    Last, being aware of the things that set off an episode helps make it less scary. For me, I end up having a rough couple of day after poor night's sleep. Caffeine is the devil haha. And just being aware of your stress levels.

    Fraid the IBS I don't have much advice on though. My husband struggles with that and anxiety, so the main thing we're focused on is getting his anxiety under control with medication.

    Hope this helps and things get better for you.

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      Thank you for your kind words and support. I appreciate it, I will take some of your advice with me. It's true I can make it worse by thinking negatively about it. I will take a deep breath and work on figuring out right dose of this medication and hope for the best.

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    Hi Alyssa,

    I have a heart condition, IBS & have no idea what a full nights sleep is?

    As you've been offered some excellent advice already, I'm offering you a cyber hug & reassurance that it will get easier to deal with instead. I will add I'm on the highest dose of another betablocker & I can't recall the last time I had palpitations? They do help. I'm also on a lot of other meds for my heart too. There's lots of solutions that may be right for you so no feeling defeated just yet. Certain foods trigger my digestive system to revolt, but like you, there's no real pattern to it. An antispasmodic drug called Colofac helps me.

    I hope tomorrow you have a much better day. You are not alone in this global cyber universe & theres always somebody who might have an answer that is right for you.

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      Thank you so mucch! If anything posting in this forum has really helped just from all the love and kindness everyone has given me. I posted in an IBD discussion as well.
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    Hi Alyssa15,

    How are you feeling nowadays? Have you found something that helps you?

    I am replying, in hope you are feeling better, but to let you know that I have had the same symptoms for some years. IBS kind of like yours, palpitations that made me scared as hell, like my heart was going to stop. Anxiety. I felt tired all the time. I had trouble falling asleep because my mind wouldn't let me, but not insomnia, though. Alongside with depressive states and severe mood changes. Thyroid and other hormone values perfect!

    After many doctors in several areas, and really insisting with my family doctor, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease. An autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid.

    Sadly, it explains everything I had. (Although some symptoms were not direct symptoms of the disease..)

    So my question for you is: what thyroid test were done on you? For Hashimoto you have to do the antibodies: Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPO) and Thyroglobulin antibodies (TG).

    Good luck on your quest for a more comfortable life!

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