Taking Sertraline: Do we really know what is happening with our own health ?

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I have read so many stories about other peoples experiences with taking different medications.  A lot of comments just relay text book symptoms or mimic what a Doctor has said.

If you are taking an SSRI or any meds for that matter - listen to your body and how you feel, is there really a reaction ?  or do you just believe there is... and that is what makes it so.

Medications like SSRIs really confuse me, because of the supposed delay of reaction or help they offer.

If I diazepam, etizolam or even recreationally an ectasy pill - I for sure KNOW that it has a reaction with me.  You can feel it.

I'm learning that SSRIs seem to be very subtle in their benefits, coming on gradually over weeks of months ( although I'm not 100% positive, that could just be an excuse to stall you into believing or not believing they work - like a medicinal dosage limbo dance )

There are so many factors and variables to take into consideration in our daily lives, it is almost impossible to track the effects of a medication that has a delayed onset - and that is why I am very mistrusting of SSRIs.

I have taken Sertraline for 8 weeks. For 4 weeks I was on 50mg.. I had nausea and diarrhea for 7 days at the start ( but who knows if if was the medication or perhaps it was because I was drinking quite a bit of strong coffee.. then there was an illness going around at the time too... some of my family were ill .. so who knows ! ? )

Anyway, I " think " my mood improved, but i wasn't sure.

After 4 weeks, I raised to 100mg per day... I only lasted 7 days doing this, I did get noticably sick with nausea, diarrhea and my pupils were uncomfortably dialted mostly in the morning ( so I was very sensitive to light obviously )

I took myself back down to 50mg... and I settled down a little.

Then last week I became dismayed with the progress I was making imaging that the meds weren't helping ( I get paranoid about Doctors and big pharmas and sometimes I imagine they are trying to do us ill not good.. sometimes I imagine they are trying to making us all sick and dead) - yes maybe it is delusional to think like this, but can you blame me, the Internet is an unregulated bucket of propaganda and filth sometimes... you have to step away from youTube now and again, realise that people can say anything and someone will possibly believe it or not  - anyway so I stopped Sertraline completely 8 days ago!

I first I was ok, then after a few days, I started to feel like the old me.  You may think that is good, but its not.  The old me sucks.  I get stressed out so easily, I get angry, I have constant angry intrusive thoughts about people, celebrities, things I've seen and stuff people say.

Its like there is no off switch with my negative thoughts... I could feel myself getting physically sick and this is without the sertraline !

I went back on to my 50mg dose a few days ago, and I feel better.  I have a more positive mood and I feel calmer.

I suppose you have to stop taking a medication sometimes just to confirm if it is helping you or hindering you.

Some may say it is not normal to rely on a medication or become addicted or dependant on a medication - but people need water to live dont they ?  What happens when you dont eat food ? ... need sleep ?  ... ..some smoke a cig, or drink a glass of wine every lunch time.

Everyone has ways of coping with life, life is suffering... and if you can do something that makes it that little easier to exist.. then bloody well do it.

Take a chill pill ... your health will love you for it.   As someone who has experienced ill physical health as a direct response to my upset and negative thoughts.  I can confirm that medications like valium, etizolam and mdma are a blessing in small doses.

I think the trick is... just enough.

Do you like chocolate ?  ...yeah me too... but If I eat two large bars I get sick.

Meds aren't the devil some make them out to be, I used to think an organic diet of fruit and vegetables would make me feel more relaxed and happier... I tried that for years... and it didn't !   ....I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

I have noticed that I seem to be a better person when I am on drugs and going by the history books I think that perhaps if the damn Christian churches hadn't been so DOWN on " Alchemy " - which was the devils work, perhaps society wouldn't of been so damn cruel and beast like.

Medications are progression.

Drugs make life tolerable and sometimes really pleasant - there is not honor in struggling and sweating your way though life... take a chill pill :D

I'll continue to take Sertraline and I will pop a etizolam just like someone might vape, smoke or take a drink - if I need to be calm or at peace.

Don't believe the hype, alchemy is a blessing used in the correct manner and dosage.


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    Sorry about all my spelling and grammar mistakes... hopefully what I wanted to say was understood.

    Does anyone else think it is very strange that you can't edit or delete your own posts ?

    - I'm not using this site anymore, because to me that is very suspect and strange.

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    you get my vote , a great read , thank you
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    I agree with you David, I've taken 50 sertraline for two years. However last year I was diagnosed with two types of dystonia and now take propranolol and clonazepam to help diminish the dystonia symptoms. The drugs work ! Just like the sertraline works to relieve feelings of anxiety. ( which incidentally is just one of the symptoms of dystonia)

    I do do worry about long term affects of pharma drugs and sine the other drugs are for life I am slowly coming off sertraline to see if I can cope without it.

    i do have irrational thoughts about the effects for e.g. On the side effects list for sertraline is cancer, I mean really ? Im sure the neurologists/ pharmacist could put this into perspective but my mantra is if you can cope without drugs then don't take them.

    i don't smoke and have a sensitivity to alcohol ( it gives me flu like sypmptoms) so I don't drink it. 

    Well thats me me and we are all different and react differently to life"s challenges, I would always say take whatever help is available to you inc drugs if you need the extra help BUT reevaluate regularly because things change. 

    Good luck to you and everyone struggling to get through, remember none of us are getting out of this life alive so do whatever you need to do to help you through difficult times. X

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    Well scripted thisisdavid, I never believed in these drugs, UNFORTUNATLY due to my mood swings im in peri- Premenapausable ( on the change) I suffered for 10 months it was awful to say the least, I ended up seeking medical help I to am on Sertline which for me has helped me Emmensially. People are very quick to say negative things about ssri's and are very judgmental......for me and a hell of a lot of people it is so very needed, I for one don't give a stuff at what they say. So very well said.....x

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    I agree that the meds help but the side effects that you have to go through before they start working can sometimes be so strong that you can not take it anymore.  I recently started sertraline 16 days ago and it has been a living hell.  I feel sick to my stomach everyday and it makes it hard to get through a work day.  I was hoping thing would settle down by now,  I believe the meds are working on my anxiety and panic attacks but now I have to weight the side effects against the improvment.  I am hoping the side effects will go away eventually it would be nice to be able to sleep through the night.

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