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Most days I have an upset stomach. I pass soft, mushy-like stools that fall apart, they are orange/yellow/pale or grey in colour. I often get a lot of orange/yellow or white mucus too, even when my stools are more solid in consistency. There is always an urgency to get to the toilet, it is very uncomfortable and every day is unpredictable.

My stomach has been extremely noisy and gurgly and it constantly feels/sounds like my stomach and intestines are full of liquid. I feel nauseous and I often get a dull pain at the bottom of my left rib cage too. I have lost a lot of weight (even though I’m eating as normal) and I just generally feel fatigued and crappy.

I went to my GP and she ran a blood test and some stool samples. She checked my FBC, thyroid, LFT, tTG, and also bacteria in my stools. The results came back fine, but they did find that I am anaemic. I am now taking iron supplements and I am also taking ranitidine (because of the dull pain in my stomach and bad acid reflux). The ranitidine have helped with my acid reflux but none of my other symptoms. 

I have been referred to see a gastroenterologist, but the earliest appointment I could get was the 27th December! I'm not sure I can wait that long. It's really getting me down and I have to keep taking days off work because I feel so uncomfortable. I only started this job 5 weeks ago, so I'm not exactly making the best first impressions.

Does anyone have any clue what this could be? Any advice?!

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    For faster results and treatment go to a hospital emergency room.
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    FIrst off, I know how awful it is to have this stuff effect your life without any answer or cause, god bless you.  Second, most of the time with chronic stomach issues, throwing pills at the problem is a very short term fix. The first thing i would try is eliminating certain foods from your diet. Mostly the processed, packaged, and fast foods. A Whole Foods diet is the best thing to do- mainly veggies and low on gluten dairy and sugar. Give it some research to customize it to what you feel would best help you and give it a go for a couple weeks. You also should look at any newfound stressors in your life, any new medications, supplements or even foods you’ve been eating. Sometimes it’s things we least expect. Small meals, sufficient water, and even a probiotic could help too. Different diets to try include low FODMAP diet, low histamine diet, vegan diet, there is much more than just gluten and dairy even tho those are the two foods most people cut first because they are the most common. It’s all about what will work for your own body. Regarding the anemia, I actually was diagnosed as anemic long after the stomach problems started, they suspected the stomach problems caused me to not be able to hold onto the iron. I started feeling dizzy, fatigued and fluish ontop of the stomach issues- though this does not happen to everyone, many people can be anemic and not have any symptoms. The iron pills can definitely mess with your stomach, I would most definitely ask your doctor about iron infusions. They are much more of an instant effect than the pills, I’m not sure how low you were but the infusions put me to normal levels  within weeks whereas the pills barley moved it up 3 counts. I’m sorry this was so ramblely-  hope you can find some of this useful. Sometimes we have to do the research for ourselves when the medical professionals run out of answers or put you off. I pray you find some answers soon 
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    Hey I feel the same way all the time and I get very nauseous and my stomach hurts so bad that I want to cry I'm in a lot of pain i don't want to eat and drink any thing

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    I have the same symptoms as you do, plus excessive burping first thing in the morning and approximately an hour after meal. I have been on endoscopy and diagnosed with gastritis. I undergo a therapy for h pylori but symptoms  persists. I am currently waiting for my blood and stool results and trying to get colonoscopy as soon as possible.

    I also lost 8 kilos in 2 months and 2 times I have noticed rectal bleeding.

    Do you feel any progress in the last few days? Can you please update me with new findings?


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    So sorry you have to go through this. I feel your pain. I get upset stomach a lot too and it makes me afraid to eat. I've lost weight and people are starting to notice. My clothes have gotten slack. It just generally affects your quality of life. I dont even want to go out to dinner with friends anymore. I used to love food now im just turned off. Luckily I work an afternoon shift so if I have a flare up in the night, I have the morning at home to rest and recover. However I really need to change to a better paying job and this sickness is preventing me because I don't want to give up my mornings at home. My flare ups always happen late at night and last for hours. If I have to go to work early in the morning I'd be a total wreck. My doctor suspects gastritis although I haven't don't the endoscopy to confirm. But my symptoms are consistent with gastritis. When I was on prilosec I was doing better but when I tried coming off, symptoms resurfaced. Guess I'm not totally healed and will need to go back on it. I would advise you to eat blandly for now, stay off alcohol, caffeine, spicy and citrus foods. Eat small portions throughout the day. Don't eat late at night. Try probiotics. Stick with the ranitidine for now. Reduce stress!! I hope all goes well and you are able to reach a stage of remission.

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