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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have an experience with coming off PPIs?

I've been taking Lansoprazole for a couple of years and I've been trying my best to come off this dreaded med but it doesn't seem to work.

I'll try to give you a briefing with my history:

I'm 23 years old, have been struggling with acid reflux since I was 15. I've seen more than 15 doctors in my life and no one seemed to help me. I've done an endoscopy and pepsine test a couple years ago and everything came back normal. My doctor prescribed the first PPI (I think it was rabecprazole) when I was 15 to manage my acid reflux (which I think was the first mistake that led to my current problem). Rabecprazole did not work,after seeing several doctors and trying different kind of PPI's (nexium, pariet, omeprazole you name it) every PPI seemed to work for s while and suddenly would stop working for no reason! A couple of years ago I saw a doctor who told me my acid reflux is mostly related to anxiety and stress, but this was too late! I became completely dependent on Lansoprazole, and this doctor wasn't much of a help.

After doing much research I decided to come off This dreaded PPI and focus on managing stress. So I saw a method online where you start by tapering and reducing your dose gradually. I take 30 mg per day so I started my removing 3 granules from the capsule everyday, everything went well for the first 3 days but after the third day I started having rebound acid which lasted for 2 days, then everything went fine for a couple of days, and all of the sudden I'm back with rebound acid. This has kept happening for 3 weeks (note I did not reduce my dose for more than 3 granule)... anyway the last couple of days have been living hell for me! I have never experienced this much pain and discomfort in my life! I feel like my oesophagus is burned! When I breath, I'm inhaling fire! I feel like I have a lump in my throat and all of this is accompanied by extreme nausea! Please someone help me! What are your experiences with coming of ppi's? Is what I'm experiencing a part of acid rebound? Or did I develop something else!? I think I have damaged my oesophagus! My life is literally hell right now

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    If your problem is over-production of acid, you may actually need PPIs. Do discuss coming off them with a doctor.

    PPIs have come in for a lot of bad press but they are also literaly saving lives. Persistent heartburn can lead to cancer. PPIs have been shown to reduce that risk by 71%. There have been many scare stories about "side effects" if they are misused or taken in too high a dose over to long a period, resulting in a condition known as hypochlorhydria (insufficient stomach acid) which has been associated with malabsorption of essential minerals and decreased protection against bacteria (eg C-difficile - though the latest research has actually found that last association misplaced) .

    However, if you do wish to come off them, apart from reducing the dose, have you tried replacing them with an H2 blocker (eg ranitidine / Zantac) ? These are less effective but are not associated with the side effects or rebound effects on stopping but also not associated with chemo-protective effects either.

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    I agree with what BarretTs said. I was only on omeprazole for about 2 months but came off because they gave me diarrhea and I was scared about the whole c-Diff side effect . I did replace with H2 blocker as Barrets said. It worked for me, but I was only on them for a short period of time compared to you. I would let your doctor know about your plans to see if they can suggest anything else. I would also make sure to follow all the usual recommendations such as elevating head of bed and avoiding doors that cause you problems good luck!
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    I have only been on a PPI since August because of reflux that developed suddenly later in life. But the two I tried (omeprezole and now pantoprezole) seemed to have no effect for the first month and a half that I took them--reflux was just as bad as without. This may be a total coincidence, but about a month ago I started consuming about 1 tsp of grated fresh ginger every day (I heat it up in a cup of hot water with honey, like tea). Shortly after that, my symptoms diminished quite a bit. About two weeks ago, I started tapering my dose of pantoprezole. I've continued the ginger (it's especially helpful after meals) and have experienced no rebound symptoms. I'm hoping to completely wean off the PPI soon. So--it may be something to try. I really feel for you.

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    Update: Hi thank you for your replies.

    I’m pretty sure my body became way too addicted to Lansoprazole there’s no way back!

    I tried to follow a strict diet (bland ugly food) while taking my regular 30 mg for the last 20 days and it worked wonders! I felt much better and was able to continue my life normally.

    On Sunday I decided to go back to my old diet (a normal person’s diet) because I thought I was healed but it seems I’m not. I ate a chocolate on Tuesday which led to my symptoms to come back strongly (sore throat, severe chest pain, burning sensation from upper chest all the way to my throat)

    I have an appointment with a new doctor next week. I already did blood tests, everything came back normal.

    I’m a bit panicking because nothing seems to relieve my symptoms, also this morning I coughed a bit of blood which caused me to worry cry.

     I don’t know what to do anymore… I’m sorry I sound like a whiner but it’s very hard to say positive.

    Thank you for your support!

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      i have been on aciphrx for 2 weeks..i had severe vomiting i dont know why it could be either food poisoning or use of a strong antibiotic for a viral infection affecting my throat..i have heard that leaving ppi causes more nausea and vomiting..is this true?does acid reflux cause nausea?

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