Tapering off cocodamol

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I have been taking cocodamol for around 5 years for back pain. My GP just stopped it without explanation and prescribed paracetamol instead. a friend of mine had spare cocodamol and gave me loads so I was able to continue. I found myself taking them when I didn't have any pain, no more than 8 a day and found myself heavily reliant on them. Over the last couple of years I have found myself to be really sluggish, tired all the time, low in mood and constipated. I decided( this week) that I would try and wean myself off them and I feel like my body is craving them already. I started   the weaning process yesterday by taking just 2 tabs in the morning and by the evening, I felt terrible. It felt like it did when I gave up smoking, the watery feeling in my mouth, restless legs,low in mood and had nightmares which woke me up on my first day of weaning myself off.  I am determined to get off them and reading everyone's stories on this forum has unnerved me. I am scared to go cold turkey but I would like some advice as to what is the best way to do it.


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    If it was me and you are scared to do cold turkey then you need to be cutting it down slowly , you should really be talking to your gp I am not medically trained, I was on a much lower dose than you to start with.

    Wish you all the best

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    Hi donna20111

    I think it’s the fear of the withdrawal symptoms that make it so much worse!!! I started coming off them 2 weeks ago. The Friday I took 12 which was daily dose (nurofen plus and/or panadeiene). 6 when I woke up and 6 around lunch. On the Saturday I took 4 in the morning and then 4 in the afternoon. On the Sunday I took 3 in the morning. On the Monday I took 2 late afternoon and then didn’t have any for a few days!! I do have a packet in the cupboard and have had a couple here and there (no more than 2 a day) but not everyday. I had the runs for first few days but then took Imodium which helped. I had mild restless legs but was already taking magnesium so it wasn’t too bad. I got a script from my dr so I could get something stronger if needed. 

    Whenever I went to the loo I just kept saying to myself yay my body is getting rid of this horrid drug. I did feel a bit like I had a cold (aches etc) but again Just kept saying it’s my body releasing the drug. I stayed very positive and I honestly think that helped.

    I have this new found energy and I have a bounce in my step and feel great. I honestly believe the Codeine was making me feel like crap, sluggish, depressed and tired!!!!! 

    You can do this!!!!! 

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    I've been tapering since jan 5th. Forced taper as legislation changed to script only Feb1st.

    Best thing that could have happened (for me)

    I was taking Codeine 15mg + parac for7 yrs i guess. took up  to 30+ a day.. Nov i "cut down" to 10mg x 30 day.

    Tapering hasnt been easy but luckily i had a friend that handed them to me coz i cant be trusted.

    Cold turkey isn;t an option for me, I'm sure i would die (no exagg) - I cut by 50% 1st day, then steadily times it & took my "doses' at a strict timing.

    Down to 8 a day now & they cannot be bought anymore over the counter... The Dr wont give me a script so thats ok.

    I'm richer smile thats 1 thing and slowly feeling better. My head still tricks me but i am winning.

    It wasn;t nice the 1st week or 2, but things settle.

    IMO taper is best coz your brain & body leanr to adjust, Cold turkey is harsh & not Phsychological re-adjustment.

    I really wasnt well for a few days, i was realllllllllllly angry also, the legs were so so bad, sooo much happened BUT today i am OK, and tomorrow will be better. I only have 3 days supply left, so it timed out well with my supply.

    Good luck x

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    I have been taking 30/500 co codamol for around 2 years now and this is the first time I’m talking about it and admitting it. I first started taking them because of migraines which would have me bed bound for a few days and the tablets really helped, I’ve then slowly upped my dose to 3/4 every 3 hours now and it’s so bad. I can’t believe I have allowed myself to get into this state. I have a 2 year old son and I need to do this for him also. I’m absolutely petrified of telling anyone 😞 I’ve been looking at codeine addiction online for a while now and how to kick the habit for good. I think I just need someone to speak to about it who’s in the same boat and is fighting the addiction themselves. My doctor has just rejected my repeat co codamol script now so I think now is the time to take control back. 

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      I am in exactly the same situation. I currently take between 9-10 over the counter cocodamol and paracetamol tablets a day. This all started around 3 years ago now when I was taking 30-500 stronger ones. This then started to get out of control and when these where no longer available I sought to over the counter ones. These past couple of months I am feeling rubbish, constantly have headaches, tired, low mood and just really rubbish, I am putting this down to the tablets which are obviously now making me worse then what they are doing good as I am only taking them because of the bad head but this is a side effect of taking them!!! I went to doctors last Friday which was a massive step for me, I haven’t spoken to anyone about this as I am scared to tell anyone about it so I took the plunge to talk to my doctor. All he said was to wean myself off them, cutting down 1 a week, 1 every two weeks or 2 a week and so on... he said whichever I felt comfortable with. It’s my third day now of having 8 a day so cutting out at least 1-2 and it’s all going good!! I feel slightly better in myself already and I am determined to get off these horrible pills!!! I hope you get yourself sorted, I think if you think of your son everytime you go to have one it may help with motivating you 😊

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