Tapering off codeine, help and support would be appreciated!

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I have been taking 30/500 co codamol for around 2 years now and this is the first time I’m talking about it and admitting it. I first started taking them because of migraines which would have me bed bound for a few days and the tablets really helped, I’ve then slowly upped my dose to 3/4 every 3 hours now and it’s so bad. I can’t believe I have allowed myself to get into this state. I have a 2 year old son and I need to do this for him also. I’m absolutely petrified of telling anyone 😞 I’ve been looking at codeine addiction online for a while now and how to kick the habit for good. I think I just need someone to speak to about it who’s in the same boat and is fighting the addiction themselves. My doctor has just rejected my repeat co codamol script now so I think now is the time to take control back. I’ve been away for the bank holiday weekend and have had a bad stomach bug so not touched hardly any codeine so decided now is the time! I’ve been taking 2 tablets every 4-6 hours or so. Not feeling too bad at the moment but I know it’s going to hit me soon! 😞

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    Hi, hope your doing ok. It’s a big step to admit you have an addiction, believe me it was the hardest thing I had to admit, I decided to stop taking them on the 1 Feb and have been clean ever since, it was hard but you have to stay mentally strong, trust me even now I still get urges but thankfully I can’t just go to the chemist and buy anything with codeine in it so that helps. It’s not going to be an easy journey by any means, but it is one you will get through most of the more nasty symptoms subside within 5-7 days. Exercise helps heaps especially if you start to get restless legs also high doses of magnesium and a good multivitamin I found helped me through it. Stay strong stay positive and just keep thinking this time in a a week or two I’ll be free from them all together! Have faith in how strong you actually are and beat this addiction! Keep me posted on your progress. 


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      Thank you for your reply and support ☺️ I’ve woken up this morning just wanting to take my usual dose but I’m really trying to stop myself! If I’m honest it Really scares me, I have ran out in the past and have gone 2 days without any and felt absolutely diabolical and my mood deteriorated and I felt really low and had terrible anxiety, I think that’s what worries me the most, any physical symptoms I think I can deal with like the headaches, diarrhoea, restless legs etc. I’ve stocked up on magnesium and Imodium So hoping they’ll help ☺️ I can’t wait to be at the other end and not be controlled by it! X 
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      Massive well done to you too for kicking the habit! I’ve quit smoking before and have been smoke free for over 2.5 years now and I know it’s totally different but I’m hoping I can beat this too! ☺️
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    Thank you! As I said the mental want is still a struggle at times, but when I start to feel that way I throw myself into work or doing something to change the thought process. I think the fear of the withdrawal is actually worse because you really don’t know what your in for. I was taking up to 30 neurofen Plus a day and had been taking them for over 10years I caused myself a peptic ulcer that burst and I nearly died from it, I gave up the tablets for a couple of months, but went back to taking them again thinking ohh once won’t hurt! Next thing I knew I was back on them again. After everything I went through because of those tablets I couldn’t believe I had gone back using them again, which is why when I gave them up this time it was going to be for good. Not all symptoms effect everyone, I mainly suffered the restless legs and felt like I had a flu, I took three days off but I found sitting around made me feel worse. Best advice I was given was just to be kind to your body it’s not going to be easy, I kept telling myself “I did it to myself so deal with it, you caused this so embrace it and get better” sounds a bit crazy, but I had to be mentally stronger than the withdrawal. Hope your feeling ok today. 
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    Hi Cotswold, I've just passed the week mark of a codeine free life and going well so it can be done.

    The first step to quitting is to admit you have a problem which you have done.

    I spent 4 weeks tapering from just under 1000mg per day down to 30 mg then I stopped.

    Check out Lee's topic on here, it has a few really nice people who are at various stages of time clean who will offer support.


    Just take it one day at a time, look for the thomas recipe online, I've used all the supplements from that other than sleeping pills and I seem to have escaped most of the symptoms in the last week.  Jim.

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    Hi Cotswold i feel you i have a small child too. Ive been taking 30/500 cocodamol since October last year when i was prescribed them too for migraines. I noticed i was taking them when i wasnt in pain and thought this needs to stop. Took my last 2 wednesday morning and 48 hours later (this morning) i thought i was dying (i suffer with health anxiety too). Went to GP who said i dont take enough a day or been on them long enough for withdrawals 🤨 i think i am going to have to taper off because cold turkey was horrific. 

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