Tapering off Mirtazapine

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This is my second time on Mirt.  The first time I was on 15mg then worked upto 45mg.  Then worked my way back down to 7.5mg.  When I got down to 7.5mg my GP told me to take it every other night,  then every three and so on.  I came off it no problem except for insomnia.  (Finished it about 3 months ago).  I then decided to go back on it,  (I don't know why.  This time only taking 7.5mg) as I couldn't sleep.  I have decided to come off it again as it is just making me more tired and feeling like a zombie first thing in the morning.  I don't want to go cold turkey. Is it best to do the same with the 7.5mg (every other night and so on)  or should I halve the 7.5mg.  When I asked my GP before about cutting the 7.5mg,  he said "oh don't bother with that sort of thing".  I just don't want to get any unwanted side effects.  I also take 150mg of Pregabalin.

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    Hi  My husband is also on these two drugs but having major side effects - slurred speech, difficulty walking, no concentration, depression. He has of an hr ago been told to cut out his 25mg Pregabalin in the morning but still take his 25mg in the evening together with his 7.5 Mirtazapine. We're saying his side effects are from the Pregabalin as his speech and walking is far worse after taking the morning dose - but we will obviously see this coming week. Presuming you're not having ny side effects at all from either drug ?

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      Hi.  I was put upto 200mg of Pregabalin,  but couldn't handle it.  So I went back to 150mg.  My eyesight gets blurred now and again,  that's a side effect from it.  Did tekll my GP,  and he said "oh that's a new side effect".  To be honest, I don't think they read up before dishing out these pills. Felt awful on the 200mg.  Hoping to come off this soon,  but I have a feeling it's the Mirt giving me the worst effects.

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      Hi  We  think its the Pregabalin causing the problems but should find out fairly soon now smile Docs don't know anything about the side effects of these drugs or they DONT  want to know !  Should you be interested there is a big facebook page re Pregabalin called Lyrica Survivors -people are extremely helpful. If you want to join (over 2,500 members) you have to email the Admin.  Good luck

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      Your'e right,  they don't know much about them.  When you do tell them about the side effects you are having, they just give you a vacant look. Thanks for that,  I will have a look at that page.  Hope your husband gets sorted.  Sometimes it's not worth taking these drugs,  the side effects are not worth it.

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    10% a month of the original dose decrease. Doctors and surgeons kill more people than they save in my opinion. Asking a doctor for advice on anti-depressant withdrawal is like asking a bear advice on the best way to be a duck. They have no idea because they aren't on it and haven't withdrawn from it; add to that the fact they are owned by pharmaceutical company's and you can see where their 'interests' and 'information' lie. This is not to say that dr's are bad people, it simply means they don't know. I have been off mirtazapine for 8 weeks after an averagely quick titration period, I'm still in absolute withdrawal hell.

    My advice, if you want to get better.....stop seeing doctors. Handle your own recovery through non bias information and natural remedies. I sound highly cynical, I guess I am, over the past 5 years doctors and surgeons ignorance have systematically ruined my life. Be brave, be autonomous, and be kind to yourself. Best of luck.

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      How do I do a 10% with such a small pill?.  Your'e right about advice from the doctors.  My GP told me that Mirt is one of the AD's that don't have withdrawal symptoms.  If he wasn't practically chucking me out after my time up,  I would have given him a few facts on withdrawal.

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    In mho, the slower the taper the more time it gives the brains neurotransmitters time to restructure and return to homoeostatis.

    Many doctors, including mine/yours don't seem to take this into account, afterall AD's change the chemistry of the brain - if we whip away the Mirt/AD too soon (and this includes Pregabalin) the very structure of the trellis frame falls down without the support it has been medicated with, without the time to restabilise and naturally return to homoeostatis.

    So yes Swanscity, jacksweds has the right answer there - no more than 10% every 3-4 weeks is the rule, it may seem slow, but it is the natural way to avoid symptoms of discontinuation, including insomnia which must be the worst one of all.

    More info under my status, click on my name and follow the links.

    Wishing you well.

    medications that alter neurotransmitter function, we are learning. What happens when you change the chemistry of the brain is, the brain adjusts its chemistry and structure to try to return to homeostasis, or biochemical and functional balance. It tries to restabilize the chemistry.

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