Tapering off Nurofen Plus

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I just wanted to share my story and maybe get some advice.

I have begun to taper off Nurofen plan (codeine/ibuprofen) like many others I found myself dependent on the medication after I began taking it for recurrent headaches.

At the most I was taking 14-16 tablets per day. This dependency crept up on my over a period of 8 years.

I am in Australia and began tappering just after christmas as I knew the new laws would see me not being able to continue - even though I really wanted to stop for a long time anyway.

Going CT was not really an option for me as I am a full time working professional with a family. My husband is aware of my problem and very supportive.

At the start of January 2018 I was down to 10 tablets a day, I then decreased this to 8 tablets by the end of January - I was hoping to be well off them before the new laws come into effect but it was alot harder than I thought.

I ended up having to go see my GP and come clean, although she did seem supportive, I left the Dr office feeling a little deflated.

I ended up going to see another GP in the same practice and he was amazing. Very supportive and understanding. I have been given scripts for 30 tablets at a time with no repeats, they last time I say this GP he took a copy of my diary as proof that I am tapering off these nasty things, hence the need for a script.

As of last week I was down to 6 per day, then a couple of days later I went to 4 and yesterday I only took 2 1/2, today so far I have only taken 1.

I actually think I can do this... Im just wondering now if I will be able to make the jump CT from here...

My hardest part of the days are when I first get up in the morning and when I try and go to sleep.

Reading these forums has been a huge god send as it was comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same problem.. 

Good luck to everyone trying to beat this :-) xx

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    Hi Bubbles....how are you going? I just noticed you hadn’t had a response since you posted. 

    I was taking 12 NP tablets a day too! About 6 weeks ago I found out about the law changing her in Aus and thought I’d better make a decision about what to do. I did a really fast taper over 5 days then I didn’t have any for approx 10 days. I then had an appointment with my dr...couldn’t help myself and for 20 panadeine forte. I took 2 a day so they lasted me 10 days!!!! I was so annoyed at myself by day 10 as the few weeks before when I got off them I didn’t have many wothdrawl symptoms and felt on top of the world. I really had let myself down. 

    Second time around my symptoms were a little worse.....major anxiety for about 4 days to the point I was bed ridden....then it was mainly diarrhea and restless legs. I can cope with the daily run to the loo but the restless legs has been a killer and I barely slept for a week. I am taking something for that now thank god!!! 

    Tomorrow I’ll be 14 days codeiene free! 

    You can do it.....the quicker you get off them to quicker it’ll all be over!!! Determination is the key!!!! Be kind to yourself and when the withdrawals kick in like the run to the loo just tell yourself it’s awesome as you’re kidding rid of the awful drug! Keep busy...I’ve had music blaring when I’m home and it’s so soothing. So good for the soul. Do some spring cleaning, go for walks, smile smile When at work just keep yourself busy....as soon as you start to think of feeling yucky or tempted to take some NP....snap yourself out of it and distract yourself with other thoughts....good thoughts of course!!!!! Good luck ☺️

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      Hi Louise... 

      Thank you so much for your reply.. Sorry to hear that you had a set back, but its fantastic that you have been able to get back on track.. I think that we are only human and will have set backs.

      After I posted this post I only took 1/2 more that day (to help me sleep) 1 for the next two days and 1/2 on the Monday... (again to help me sleep)

      I am happy to say that as of today I am 8 days codeine free... Actually it feels really good to write that, I didn't even realize it had been that long...

      I too have had suffered with anxiety, diarrhea and the restless legs.. I had a three day weekend this weekend just gone and ended up in bed or on the lounge the whole time... I felt terrible, no energy at all... My poor kids I am sure they are wondering when mum will start feeling better.

      I have managed to calm the restless legs with a hot water bottle at night :-) 

      I still have 6 tablets in my bag and I am not even tempted to take them, I am so worried that even if I took one I would have to start the withdrawal process all over again.. 

      I am hoping that my energy will start to return soon as I really just want to feel my normal self again. 

      I keep reminding myself of how far I have actually come and that does make me determined to keep on going. 

      Thank you for the advise, take care and Good Luck too! :-)

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      Hi Bubbles 

      Well done on being 8 days codeine free. That’s so good!!! 

      I am now on day 18 days!!! 

      Anxiety still comes in waves as does the RLS. The one symptom hanging on is the diarrhea. I go at least one a day sometimes twice. I wonder how long that will last....do you still have it?!? 

      So great to hear that you’re doung awesome!!!! 

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      Hi Louise, 

      Sorry for the late reply.. How are you going?  Well done to you too !!

      I am pleased to say that I am now 18 days codeine free and I am finally starting to feel normal, being able to focus at work and my energy is starting to return. Hopefully this weekend will not be spent on the couch.. lol

      I no longer have a constant headache and the anxiety has also settled.

      I do however have the occasional RLS, insomnia and the diarrhea.. I wonder when this will stop.. Has it stopped for you?

      I have been taking a multivitamin everyday as well as magnesium, I think I will continue to take these for a while, it cant hurt.

      Hope you are doing well

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