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Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Hello I have tarsal tunnel syndrome which was diagnosed by a nerve conduction test. I go back to see my foot and ankle surgeon in three weeks

Does anyone else have this syndrome? If so how was it treated. So far all i know is mine is coursed by bruising and possibly a fracture of an old injury.

The stabbing pain i get is at times is unbearable lasts only for a few seconds its like some one has stabbed me in the foot with a hot sharp blade and electrocuted at the same time. Also have tingling in my feet muscle spasms leading up to my knee all the time but more noticeable with online in bed at night. Any one have this? thank you

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  • Patientholland Patientholland deborah751

    I was diagnosed with this by a podiatrist which was refuted by my consultant as I didn't have the attendant bottom of foot problems

    However, I was told that steroid injections are the mode of treatment

    I hope yours gets treated to enable your recovery

  • valotte valotte deborah751

    I've been dealing with it for 2 yrs - having surgery in 2 weeks.  It has changed my life - the pain. Been to many specialists and tried many modes of treatment.  I hope your appointment goes well.  I would be happy to talk to you about it!

  • valotte valotte deborah751

    Hi Deborah

    I haven't known anyone but myself with TTS.  I'm curious what your dr says.  Do let me know!

    • deborah751 deborah751 valotte

      Hi Valotte smile

      Consultant says i have very severe tarsal tunnel syndrome but he doesn't know if it's caused by compression or it's a damaged nerve. To find out which oneit is causing the problem he is going to inject along the side of the tibia nerve with steroid. If this works it means its compressed which he can operate on easily. But if it doesn't work it means I've got a damaged nerve what's your need cutting out but it comes along with a lot of complications and can make them matter worse

      These are my systoms

      pins and needles all over foot

      Twitching of muscles in foot ankle and calf

      Excruciating intermittent stabbing pain like somebody has stabbed you in the foot with a scalpel knife that's red hot and electrified.

      back of heel pain.

      right side pain in foot at times when walking.

      Do you have any of these symptoms? If so which ones?

      what kind of operation are you having?

      TTS is very rare so we must be special lol x

    • valotte valotte deborah751

      Hi Deborah,

      I like your comment about being specialcheesygrin  Your consultant sounds right on from what I've learned.  I had the injection and it didn't work.  My foot was so numb after injection that I needed crutches because it felt too wierd. Don't plan anything the rest of the day after you have it. The surgery is tarsal tunnel release and I fear nerve damage.

      I had been having some calf pain for awhile and one day I reached up to turn the radio on and I couldn't stand on the ball of my foot.  Intense foot cramping, heel and calf pain. Did alot of ice and rest as no doctor could agree what was going wrong.  I have been through 4 types of physical therapy and my calf calmed down.  Consistent achy pain in heel, the tingling drives me batty, and stabbing pain throughout foot  and ankle with no consistent pattern.  Wearing a cam walker has helped alot, but dr says I can't wear the walker forever.  I have tried all conservative therapy - with no relief and I am sensitive to meds.  Currently nortriptyline has helped some with pain, lots with depression that's gone with it.  Do keep me posted on your progress!

    • deborah751 deborah751 valotte

      Thanks so much for your reply.x

      O dear am sorry to here its nerve damage. A little bit more difficult to operate on. i am hoping mine isn't, but have this feeling it most probably is.

      May i ask you to explain the stabbing pain in a little more detail that you get? , like the area of the foot? and 1 out of 10 pain level? does it come on when your least expecting it? Do you feel burning?, does it feel like electric shock?

      I ask as i have never felt pain like it in my life. Also i didn't realise the body could produce such unbearable pain. I passed out once with it. I scream at the top of my voice and beg it to stop! it even makes my throat sore, and if anybody is around me they go into shock.

      it only lasts for a few seconds. I've had to give up my profession because of it.

      They give me amitriptyline 50 milligrams at night, it has reduced the pain level from 10 to a 8. Some times I could go for weeks and months without it happening. Then BOOM!

      When this happens i take diazepam and wrap my foot with a bandage tightly, then take a extra amitriptyline then it doesn't go off again, but I don't want to have to take diazepam regularly. only the amitriptyline is what i take regularly. I was also given gabapentin but I didn't like taking the two together.

      I am in a boot at the moment for 3 months, But thats for my other foot I've lost stability in my fibula joint. Am also waiting to see my knee surgeon. I have had 2 total knee replacement. My latest one I have just been diagnosed with hamstring tendonitis so i have a splint for that till i see what management plan my consultant has for me.

      i see my GP tomorrow am going to ask for a boot on my tarsal tunnel syndrome foot. That way i will not be walking on a limp and putting pressure on my back and also on my knees. ouch!

      Oh my goodness I have waffle on.😂It's just a relief to find somebody that has the same problem. i want to give u a big HUG! 🙌

    • valotte valotte deborah751

      Do you ever wonder if 1 ailment leads to the other?   The other issue for me is my low back and the doctors were confused as to where the pain began and if they were connected.  I feel for you that your other foot is giving you issue.  I couldn't imagine.  The shooting pain when i reached up was the worst through all this and that would be a 9.  It started in my toes and shot up through my calf.  After that my foot and leg would twitch and cramp.  felt like my toes were curling up, but they weren't. And there was this knocking throughout my calf and foot.  I've had to adjust my lifestyle greatly and stop working.  Since then I have much tingling in foot - both sides of low ankle mostly and my heel constantly hurts around the outer edge.  It's more of an ache than anything, but if i step wrong i get the shooting pain, about a 5 these days.  Because my pain moves from 1 side of the ankle to the other and all over my foot - like the sesamoid under my big toe, he says it's a nerve issue.  It's lead to many doctors looking at me like I was a nut.  My GP for 10 yrs said it was all in my head and prescribed me klonopin.  I found another GP. I had too many side effects with lyrica and gabapentin. I tried acupuncture, chiropractice, rolfing, massage, physical therapy and even had a cortisone shot in my heel (ouch!).  been tested for ms, arthritis, and have seen quite a few specialists.  The surgery is a last resort for me. I feel like I have nothing left to lose. 

      I am sorry you are dealing with this pain too.  And a big hug back to you! 

    • deborah751 deborah751 valotte

      Yes i had a MRI scan on my back as they thought it could be connected. They did discover i had arthritis of the lower back. And sent me to physio. But with know effect.

      I had cortisone injections at the place of the stabbing pain with out a scanner to show them where exactly the nerve was. which didn't help... As resent studies say that a injection into the nerve can course more damage. And also had radiofrequency ablation again with out guidance.

      Omg totally understand how horrid the pins and needles and muscle twitching and cramps are. still having them.. and at times have lost all sensation of my leg. Been tested for MS to! If it wasn't for my New pain doctor( as my old one left ) recommending for me to see a foot and ankle specialist. As he noticed on my notes 4 yrs ago after having a nerve conduction test that noted i have TTS. I would be still treated for the wrong nerve. I have seen 3 foot and Ankle consultants over time. 1 sat back in his chair and said nothing i can do! The second sent me to a podiatrist 4 insoles which I wore for 2 days and ended up having plantar fascitis.

      So 3rd time lucky... but I think that is because over time ankle and foot specialist are now more informed of the condition.

      Hope all goes well for your op....keep me updated we are Warriors! 👍 and special 😂

      Big hug..xx

    • valotte valotte deborah751

      Hugs back to you!  It is certainly nice to know I am not alone - even though I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  Being a warrior is not that easy.  I've had to figure out a way to advocate for myself going to all these doctors.  And have met some arrogant and some kind people.  I'm not who I was 2 years ago and some days have been pretty challenging.  I've learned some lessons on how to take better care of my body through this.  I am nervous about the surgery and the pain to come after.  It is a foot and ankle specialist that I'm seeing now and I trust him the most of all the doctors I've seen.  When do you have your next appointment?  Wishing you well today and do keep me updated!

    • deborah751 deborah751 valotte

      Totally understand.xx But through are journey we both had to managed by strength! Right from the beginning Ive broke down in tears and became angry and felt a nuisance, especially to my family. My young daughters and husband have suffered to. Ive sent complaint letters to The NHS Trust about the appalling behaviour of some of the medical staff and lack of understanding. Ive even had a Dr laugh in my face when i was being serious about chopping my foot off...Ive had nurse whisper in my ear saying nothing we can do about that and sniggered. Been taken to A&E and my husband told them i needed a separate room as if my spasm went off it will upset the rest of the patients in the waiting area they laughed, It did go off and about 5 security guards came running in thinking somebody had been stabbed. They soon got me seen. Ive spent money to see private specialist they also couldn't help apart from sending me to a private pain specialist which got me a fast track to be seen in the NHS pain Clinic, and thats another story. You and I have had similar experiences. And through are pain and continuous battles we have not given up and have finally both found a specialist that listens and understands and is confident to put it right. He told me I am a tough cookie! To right! ...Both you and me have battled through, in pain and having to deal with other health issues as well! Dam right we are Warriors!

      I have other leg foot and Ankle problems as you know. I was taken to A&E yesterday because i was loosing feeling in my legs and in a lot of pain. they stuck me in a tiny wheel chair. Was not offered any pain relief nor a trolly and put in a room full of people and told me i had a 2 hour wait. I couldn't handle it. so got someone to pick me up and send me home. Now waiting this morning for my doctor to ring as need a assessment..... I try and help my friends and others with health issues that dont have the strength to voice there concerns. I am truly disgusted on how they have been treated, should say NOT been treated ...but not surprised.

      I have worked as a paramedic physiotherapist assistant and community care. So i know when someone is not getting the care they need.

      Of course you are nervous you wouldn't be normal if you were not. And the specialist truly understands this. Yes in any operation there are risks, But the benefit of success outweighs this, otherwise he wouldn't do the op. I find drinking Camomile tea helps with nerves .. also paracetamol.

      Both of us will get through this without a doubt. we have found one anouther to help each other through this battle. Thankyou to Patients website.

      I am waiting for a letter to tell me of my next appointment date. i will let you know.

      Do you live in the UK?

      Are NHS is falling apart.

      Am so sorry you have so many battle scars to the point it has changed you as a person in the last 2 years. Life sure does hold its challenges!!

      I am planning in starting a help line for TTS but i don't think i will be getting many calls as its so rare 😂😂

      Love to you and loads of hugs

      kimmy xx

  • valotte valotte deborah751

    Hello fellow warrior! How is your pain and numbness today?  Did you get some help yesterday?  I live in the USA and I'm sorry to hear healthcare in the UK is similar to the states.  I keep reminding myself they are only human,but to disount someones pain is inhumane.  I saw my chiropractor today and she told me of this study she read that back issues and tts go hand in hand. She has misplaced the study - I think it would be an interesting read.  When you spoke of your tears, I can so relate.  I feel so powerless with this pain and have tried many things to cope as I am so sensitive to medication. I've had prescriptions for norco and vicadin - they don't touch the pain, so I'm not a drug seeker as I feel some doctors think I am.  Through this I have gained some good coping skills with various practitioners. I have a routine of back stretches, yoga, tai chi, and meditation that mostly helps me feel like I'm being proactive in my health issues.  And music is invaluable- put my headphones on and I can tolerate the pain better.  I see my tears as therapautic- something needs to let loose.  My family has been wonderful - it's hard to ask for help and sometimes they don't understand that when every step I take hurts it makes me not want to do anything but sit.  My bff is a quadrapelegic - and I've gained alot of insight from her. 

    When I was younger I would have pen pals from all over - the internet is such a cool way to meet people.  I hope this day finds you welllol


    • deborah751 deborah751 valotte

      Hi Valotte my warrior. 😊

      Hope this message greets you well as can be expected under the circumstances.x

      My GP is getting me a made-to-measure wheelchair to help with my independent. I also have a walking frame now which helps me get around the house and its got a bag so i can carry things. BIG help. I also have appointment with the NHS podiatry to see if they can help with my gait.

      My pain is under better control as long as i am not on my feet to long. ( Its finding how much i can do with out swelling and pain thats difficult ) Driving me mad resting in bed. I haven't had any severe sharp stabbing pains so far just tiny ones.

      I have so many different appointments 4 different areas off my legs feet and ankles I'm getting a little confused lol

      Love music! i am a member of my local radio station and my daughter is a radio presenter. I fill in when needed but do mainly promotion work. Born in the 60is so i love rock music love pink Floyd... led Zeppelin. Go to music festivals which are my holidays.

      Like to here you meditate. I am a old hippie peace freak... very much into Buddhism especially the spiritual side of it. I am a artist and use my spirtual side in my paintings.

      Do you use twitter?

      Have a few friends from USA that follow me on Twitter and FB

      Keep me posted how your getting on. Brings back memories of my youth pen pals 😁

      Peace love and light to you always xxx

    • valotte valotte deborah751

      How ironic!  I was traveling to get a wheelchair for after surgery from my dad today.  I cannot stand on my feet for very long either.  Heat seems to help my foot relax in the evening.  I've read that heat helps nerve pain, rather than ice.  Not much of a tea drinker, but am going to try as I have some herbs in my garden- chamomille, lemon balm, bee balm, and lavendar. 

      I understand how the appointments can get overwhelming.  there's been times this last 2 years that I've just needed a break from doctors and searching for the reason for my pain.

      I was also born in the 60's!  Led Zepplin is my number 1 favorite band of all time. 

      i don't have twitter, but do have facebook.  I do hope things are good for you today lol

    • lisa010449 lisa010449 valotte

      Hi!  I am new on this site and read your discussion in this forum.  I was recently diagnosed with a tibial focal neuropathy and am wondering if it is TTS.  My pain started a few years ago as ball of foot pain.  I have been diagnosed with a few different things, which is very confusing as the diagnosis keeps changing.  I went to a podiatrist when my pain started and was told that it was from tight calf muscles.  I was given exercises to do and had custom inserts made.  Sometimes the exercises helped with the pain, but the inserts definitely made my feet worse.  I stopped wearing them, went back to my PCP and was told to go to PT for a back issue as my hip was bothering me also.  PT did not help.  I went to an Orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with Morton's foot, gave me antiinflammatories and inserts to wear.  This helped the bottom of my feet, but I developed numbness on top of my feet into my ankles.  The Ortho then sent me for an MRI and Nerve Conduction tests.  The MRI showed some swelling in the metatarsal area, but that's about it.  The nerve test was apparently inconclusive so he sent me to a Neurologist.  The neurologist checked me and said that it seemed like a neuropathy, but that I had reflexes in places that people with neuropathy usually do not have so he had the nerve conduction tests repeated.  Everything was within normal limits except for the tibial nerves.  I cannot go back to see him until March as that is his first available appt.  My current pain is in the bottom of my feet, they feel swollen and sore, although they do not look swollen.  The tops of my feet are numb and go into my ankles.  I have some arch pain in both feet.  Do these sound like any of your symptoms?  I have pain an numbness everyday and it is so hard to get through the days as I am a very active person and can't stand that I have to sit so much.  I just don't know where to turn now.  I have read up on TTS and it kinda sounds like my symptoms.  It seems like no one really understands. I know this post is a few months old.  How are you feeling?

    • Burnfeet Burnfeet lisa010449

      Hello there I'm new to the site, I've been prescribed amatriptyline 10mg for a burning/numbing/ disabling pain in both my feet I've had lots of blood tests an X-ray plus recently a nerve conduction test, for a possible tarsal tunnel diagnosis, witch I am awaiting results, The pain is worse when I'm at work placing pressure on my feet!! It's almost disabling very scary!! I'm scared I won't be able to work anymore! And these tablets are not exactly making me feel great! I'm worried for my future, and not sure weather to carry on with the amitriptyline or not. Will it be a cure or just a pain reliever!!! So Will I end up on it forever, if no cure is found for my burning feet, would like to talk to someone who has same problems?! Thank you :-)

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Hello There

      I'm not sure if you received my post. I dont know very well how this website works. I am pasting it below to you. I would like to share my experience and try to help.

      Hello everybody

      I am also a TTS sufferer. I very sad at the moment because I see that this seems to be a permanent problem. My life is very limited now. I cannot walk much, otherwise the pain flares and spread up my leg. I have been suffering from TTS since 2014. I used to do lots of high impact exercise and after taking part on an obstacle course the pain started and it is still with me. I feel the burning sensation, the stabbing, electricity sensation that comes and goes. The pain in the inner side of the ankles (yes, TTS on both feet!) is always there... sometimes better, sometimes worse. When I lie in bed, if I lie the side of my tarsal tunnel on a pillow, it hurts. I have gone through nerve conduction studies, MRI, 4 ultrasounds and all seems normal inside the feet. I think this is a good thing. I also spent a long time walking with the help of an air cast boot (on and off during the day) and I usually walk with the help of one crutch. I had been to see many doctors. With the last one I had a steroid injection that did not really help. I am on amitriptyline 20gr (an increase from 10gr) and my GP may increase it a bit. I am going to start physio (again) soon. The physio I had so far was rubbish.

      I live on my own and I have to do everything. But thank God with the help of online shopping I could rest more. 

      This is my history in short. I read your posts and I really feel for all of us. It was good for me to read your positive words as well. Thanks for sharing! I hope to hear from your experiences soon and hear your suggestions for treatment of pain management.

      Lots of love to all!


    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Oh I forgot to say. I had terrible burning feet before. The soles of the feet. I applied ice twice a day for ages: soles, ankles and inner side of the legs where the posterior tibialis tendon is. The burning improved a lot. I also reduced walking (use my bike to go around but I don't cycle a lot either). I changed my life completely in order to manage the pain.

      I know what you mean about feeling a disabling pain. I have the same feeling. Amitriptyline is not a cure. It is a pain management medication. I am not sure if there is a cure for TTS. I think it is important to try to force less, avoiding too much walking and being on your feet. 

      We need to be strong and try to do the best we can to manage this condition. I am here for you if you want to talk.


    • Burnfeet Burnfeet cristianeukbr

      Hello yes this is very similar to me, I feel very sorry for us all, people just do t get it, as we look normal, but yes life gets very limited, I just had my first MRI scan results through, witch I was really looking forward too, I fort i was finally going to see some light at the end of the tunnel! But nothing, everything looks normal the doctor said!!! :-( I was so deflated I could not believe it, how can you be in so much pain everyday and everything be normal :-(

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Hello! Nice to hear from you. My tests came all fine too. Nothing found ... even the nerve conduction studies. But I have the symptoms of TTS. I felt frustrated at the beginning ... but then I thought ... if it all looks fine, I think it is a good thing. Of course, there is an inflammation there that the tests could not detect, so I have adjusted my lifestyle so I try don't damage it any further. I have been thinking these last days and I want to believe that I can do something to get over this. I have read about massage, physio, homeopathy and supplements.

      My pain is actually in the tunnel area, sides and sole of both feet. I have good and bad days, but when it is a bad day I try to rest the best I can. Ice packs help quite a lot. 

      How long have you had these symptoms for? Do you have an idea of what could have triggered it?


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    • Burnfeet Burnfeet cristianeukbr

      Hello, I have no idea what caused it, im an engineer so a lot of standing on the spot possibly caused it for me, about 4/5 years ago it was just heel pain and that was it,,, tried new insoles etc nothing helped and it's just got worse and worse ever since now can't stand on the spot for no longer than 20 mins standing up is just not fun for me or wearing shoes etc I get burning in soles of feet and toes!!! A disabling pain genes can't stand for long also weakness comes with that also!!! And all the tests clear so far!!!! So frustrating my jobs getting harder and harder to handle!!!! Even though I've been given a seat!!! When I'm sat down I still get the burning, and wearing safety boots really does not help as you can imagine!!! Do you think it's nerve problems is MRI enough to show damages in the nerves?

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Hello. I read that MRI would show if there are cysts, lumps, ganglions in the area. But the nerve conduction studies is the test that would diagnose. I also read that nerve conduction studies not always show the problem.


      I was thinking, don't you think you might have plantar fasciitis? Do you also feel the electric shock sensation sometimes? I feel burning feet, tingling, electric shocks and stabbing pain.

      To take out the pressure from my feet I use one crutch. But I don't use it all the time. I use it to get to the office or if I have to go out to do something like food shopping, quick/short journey to the shopping centre. I try to buy everything online and I use my bike quite a lot. Have you thought of using crutches from time to time, maybe at work? It helps me a lot.

      I'm also focusing on food and supplements at the moment. I read that ruta graveoleans and hypericum are good for nerves. These are homoeopathic remedies. As you can see I'm trying everything. I have read quite a lot about the condition.

      Shoes... I have a customised orthotics made for me. Then I put another insole on top to make it softer. It helps me a lot.

      Massage, ice also helps. I checked some youtube videos on trigger point massage, neuromuscular massage and I'm doing a bit of it myself.

      I am starting my physio next week. Have you tried physiotherapy?



    • Burnfeet Burnfeet cristianeukbr

      I do get pain along the plantar fascia but also burning in the toes and souls of feet!!! But I have had ultra sound for pf and nothing was found and MRI results also said pf was normal thickness etc!!!

      Yes I gave the custom orthotics ago but unfortunately didn't help me, tried then for 3 4 months, but just made the burning a lotworse!!! And didn't leave much room in my shoes for my feet!!! I don't know what's wrong!!! Unfortunately nor do the doctors ATM !! Good luck with the physiotherapist!!! I did ask doctor for acupuncture but he said not to go down that route as yet!

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Thank you!

      Yes, I think it is wise not to do acupuncture as yet. I read that plantar fasciitis is quite difficult to detect in a test. The annoying thing is that we have the pain but do not have a final diagnose based on the tests we go through. If I were you I would not discard the possibility of plantar fasciitis. 

      Orthotics does not always have good outcomes for everybody who wears them, so I heard. I am still using a temporary custom orthotics that I use with a gel insole on top to make it soft and comfy. I am a bit concern to pay £140 for a permanent one. My friend who suffers from plantar fasciitis have got a pair and it works for him.

      I did deep tissue massage and trigger point massage as I mentioned in my last e-mail. I feel now a bit more sore on the right foot (the worse one). Mmmm... not sure anymore.


    • Burnfeet Burnfeet cristianeukbr

      Are you thinking maybe your pain could possibly be plantar fascia also?!! I did ask the doctor do you think it's pf but he was sure it wasn't after the ultra sound, He was heading more towards neuropathy before the nerve conduction came back fine?! Now he's really not sure!!!! I have tried all the rolling pin and ice bottles and all the pf stuff along time ago but just hert more, like you've recently found out lol

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr Burnfeet

      Oh ... I have come across so many doctors (I mean, specialists, consultants) that seem completely lost as no evidence is shown on the tests. I look normal inside... But I'm far from feeling normal. 

      I'm not sure if I have plantar fasciitis.  I thought I had it in the past when I used to feel more burning in the soles of my feet.  Now not so much and not so often, but I do feel this sometimes. I have three friends that I know to have had/have plantar fasciitis. My friend who got well with the orthotics, still suffers from this condition and he is on his 3rd to 4th year. The other one is a runner and suffered from PF for at least 4 years and just recently he got better. I'm not sure about how he feels ATM as we have not been in touch for a while. It takes time. I think physio is important. Ah! My mum also hs PF. She has a burning feet sensation. She is 80 and does the physio at home herself: ice, ball rolling... Try frozen peas packs. It is practical and can be re-used.

      I think neuropathy might also be possible. Do you feel the pain of TTS? Electric shock, stabbing, tingling type of pain?

      It is important to read a lot about the different possible diagnosis: PF, TTS... I learned a lot reading about it and can ask more questions to doctors. And I learned more with my reading than with the doctors. 

      yes, not all these physio exercises are suitable for everyone. I think that if hurts, we need either stop doing the exercise or reducing it. Oh... not an easy thing to figure out is it?! We are the ones who really know how this feels. ha ha 

    • lisa010449 lisa010449 Burnfeet

      I feel your pain.  My neurologist asked me if I wanted to take something, but I am hesitent until they can tell me exactly what the problem is.  I do not get shooting or stabbing electrical pain in my feet, they are just numb and have very little strength.  By the end of the day, my ankles are very sore.  I mostly have pain when I'm standing with bare feet (especially in the shower), when I drive, if I try to walk to far and after I've been sitting on my recliner.   I tried a cream for my feet when they burn, it's called Magnalife, you can buy it at pretty much any drugstore.  That helped a bit.  My feet only burn when they get very hot.  I think it's because my feet have become so sensitive.  Maybe try that?  It's not expensive.  I've just been taking Advil for pain right now.  I have an appointment next month with my neurologist to go over my last nerve conduction test results.  If he can't give me any new information, I'm going to try a podiatrist.  I was told by an orthopedic doctor that I had Morton's Foot.  But after receiving a bad Nerve test result, he told me to stop treatment for that and sent me to a neurologist.  This is so frustrating!  I've noticed that my leg muscles are tight so I might try some PT as well. It is very scarry.  I'm afraid of waking up one day and not being able to walk.  I'll keep you posted with any new information I may get.  

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr lisa010449

      Hi Lisa. I know how you feel. But we need to keep trying...

      I have been seeing a foot an ankle specialist. I have been to a podiatrist surgeon too. Did you try to do stretching exercises for your legs?

      I will have a look at this Magnalife. I tried Deepheat, Ibuprofen cremes, Voltarol, Balmosa. I liked more Voltarol 12 hours but I feel that I cannot use it for very long time. Then I stop for months and start using it again. Whether this is right or wrong I don't know.


    • lisa010449 lisa010449 cristianeukbr

      I hear you.  I have tried stretching, but have not been consistent with it.  I am going to start and dedicate myself to it to see if it helps.  The Magnalife is a natural cream so you can use it as much as you want.  I hope it helps you!  Have you gotten any answers from anyone you have seen so far?

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr lisa010449

      Same here Lisa. I'm so busy... I need to be more consistent with stretching and some physio exercises. I think I have TTS. As I said above, my tests results came all normal but I have the TTS pain. I'm going back to see my consultant this month. Now I have more pain on my right foot after having steroids injection. It feels strange too. I will ask for an ultrasound and see what he says. Problems in our feet...Recovery is not easy, is it?


    • lisa010449 lisa010449 cristianeukbr

      No, it is definitely not easy.  I am hoping that my neurologist will follow up with more testing after my March visit.  It sounds like Ultrasound is a good test to confirm TTS.  What is so frustrating is that I will have one or two "good" days, and then a really bad one.  The footwear I have on seems to affect how my feet/legs feel too.  I am trying a new insert that my chiropractor recommended.  They are called Superfeet.  I got them from Amazon.  I will let you know if they help at all.  I'll pretty much try anything at this point.  Good luch at your appointment!  I hope they help you soon.

    • diana83962 diana83962 lisa010449

      Hello Lisa,  Over a 4 year period I have had two Morton's Neuroma surgeries as well a removal of a bursa on the bottom of the foot.  All done on the left foot.

      The first was done by a Podiatrist for the removal of the neuroma.  Within 2 months after this surgery I had terrible nerve pain at night that would often trigger restless leg syndrome.  I concluded my mistake was in going to a Podiatrist,  I made an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  My to my surprise the new MRI showed a large Mortons Neuroma as well as a bursa.  We scheduled surgery for the removal of both.  One year later I still have constant stabbing nerve pain......only when I lie down......then it starts.  This week alone I have had 4 sleepless nights, the only way to get relief is to get up and walk around.  The Surgeon stated he can do no more for me.  I have tried Neurontin 600mg 3 x a day,  I am unable to continue as it has not alleviated the pain.  I want to say that this pain does not interfere with my day life,  I can walk, walk, garden,cook, clean be up all day long, the minute I lie down it starts,  so you can understand how sleep deprived I am.  Not every night, some nights it doesn't start up at all, I can assure you there is no reason whatsoever what might be a trigger.  Wearing flats, tennis shoes, heels, square, pointed,round toe shoes is not a trigger,  for example attending a wedding in heels may not cause it to start up.  I think these surgeries are a roll the dice and hope for the best.  I simply don't know what to do or who to see.  This is my story and if for nothing at least all of you reading this will know you are not alone without answers.


    • lisa010449 lisa010449 diana83962

      I am so sorry to hear your story.  I had an MRI done on my left foot only and some swelling was noted between the first and second metatarsal.  No neuroma.  It is very frustrating as you don't know who to turn to next.  Before my second nerve conduction test, I was told by my PCP and Neurologist to make an appointment for one year.  Really?  After I got the results from my second nerve test, the Neurologist's office called as asked if I wanted to make an appt to go over the results with the doctor.  Um, yes, duh.  The first appt available was for 5 months later.  He had said to call him if anything changes and they could look into it further.  I really don't think they know what is going on.  I know that tibial neuropathy is most likely TTS, I need to confirm that with him.  I have noticed that my leg muscles are very tight and that might be contributing to my pain issues.  I am going to try soaking in epsom salts and stretching to see if that helps.  The doctors sure are doing anything for me.  The neurologist asked if I wanted medication to help with the pain, but I declined.  My pain is not the shooting, stabbing pain you usually get from nerve problems.  I had a herniated disc in my neck a few years ago and had nerve pain to my hand from that and this doesn't feel anything like that so I don't know.  My pain feels more like tightness.  Sometimes it is only in my feet, sometimes it travels up both sides of my lower leg, almost feels like a pulled or strained muscle.  My pains are in areas that are not supplied by the tibial nerve.  All other nerves tested within normal limits.  This is so frustrating!  Have you had your lower back checked?  Maybe somethng is pressing into your sciatic nerve?  Do you have tight muscles?  I know a tight piriformis muscle can compress the sciatic nerve.  It's just odd that you only have the pain when laying down.  Maybe try a good chiropractor.  I went a few weeks ago and it seemed to help for a few days.  Still had the pain, but not as bad.  

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr lesley37942

      Hello Lesley 

      I had nerve conduction studies (NCS). They will stick electrode patches on your skin (for tarsal tunnel (TT), the patches would be placed around the ankle area where the tunnel is) to measure how the nerve conduct the electrical impulse. My results came normal but I still have the TT syndrome symptoms. I read that NCS sometimes is not good enough to diagnose this condition. It is better to have a diagnostic injection (injection of an anaesthetic in the area) and then you write a pain diary describing the pain day-by-day, so you can discuss this with your consultant. 

      Do you apply ice? 


    • lesley37942 lesley37942 cristianeukbr

      Hi Cris

      Thank you for your reply my gp has dismissed even letting me have an MRI scan. I think I'm going to insist she sends me to see a consultant for my problem as I find it so debilitating. How is your pain I have found wearing Birkenstocks has helped as my Arch has dropped too

      Lesley x

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr lesley37942

      [color=#2C221E]Hello Lesley[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]I don’t know if you have access to previous messages. Have a look. There is quite a lot of information that our forum friends shared.[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]My pain now is like electric shock, shooting, stabbing pain, and sometimes tingling, burning… I had terrible burning feet before. The soles of the feet. I applied ice twice a day for ages: soles, ankles and inner side of the legs where the posterior tibialis tendon is. The burning improved a lot. I also reduced walking (use my bike to go around but I don't cycle a lot either). I changed my life completely in order to manage the pain.[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]I read that MRI would show if there are cysts, lumps, ganglions in the area. But the nerve conduction studies is the test that would diagnose TTS (tarsal tunnel syndrome). I also read that nerve conduction studies not always show the problem. I have gone through nerve conduction studies, MRI, 5 ultrasounds and all seems normal inside the feet. It is frustrating as the pain is still there and it is difficult to see a clear picture of what is happening with me. [/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]To take out the pressure from my feet I use crutches. But I don't use it all the time. I use it to get to the office or if I have to go out to do something like food shopping, quick/short journey to the shopping centre. I try to buy everything online and I use my bike quite a lot.[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]Shoes... I have a customised orthotics made for me. Then I put another insole on top to make it softer. It helps me a lot.[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]Massage, ice also helps. I am on amitriptyline 30mg, I feel that it is helping to decrease the pain on my left foot (my right foot is worse that the left. At the beginning, it was the opposite).[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]I also spent a long time walking with the help of an air cast boot (on and off during the day) in 2015 and I used to walk with the help of one crutch. But now after that steroids injection (October/16), the pain on the right foot got worse and I am back wearing the aircast boot and walking with two crutches. I feel an improvement already. Air cast boots are great![/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]This is my story told shortly. I think you need to see a foot and ankle specialist as soon as possible. GPs are not the ones to treat such problems. If your arches are falling, this is serious. I think you need to have custom orthotics inside your shoes. Falling arches are more linked to posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction. For that MRI and ultrasound will be the tests that could show any anomalies. I’d also advise you to look up online the NHS foot and ankle consultants in your region. Read about them, and see which one has more experience, knowledge, about the matter.  You need a good consultant. And you can ask to see a certain consultant on the NHS. I live in Brighton and Steve Bengall and Natasha Houssein are good consultants.[/color][color=#2C221E] [/color][color=#2C221E]Hope you get it sorted soon.

      Let me know if I can help with anything


  • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr deborah751

    Hello everybody

    I am also a TTS sufferer. I very sad at the moment because I see that this seems to be a permanent problem. My life is very limited now. I cannot walk much, otherwise the pain flares and spread up my leg. I have been suffering from TTS since 2014. I used to do lots of high impact exercise and after taking part on an obstacle course the pain started and it is still with me. I feel the burning sensation, the stabbing, electricity sensation that comes and goes. The pain in the inner side of the ankles (yes, TTS on both feet!) is always there... sometimes better, sometimes worse. When I lie in bed, if I lie the side of my tarsal tunnel on a pillow, it hurts. I have gone through nerve conduction studies, MRI, 4 ultrasounds and all seems normal inside the feet. I think this is a good thing. I also spent a long time walking with the help of an air cast boot (on and off during the day) and I usually walk with the help of one crutch. I had been to see many doctors. With the last one I had a steroid injection that did not really help. I am on amitriptyline 20gr (an increase from 10gr) and my GP may increase it a bit. I am going to start physio (again) soon. The physio I had so far was rubbish.

    I live on my own and I have to do everything. But thank God with the help of online shopping I could rest more. 

    This is my history in short. I read your posts and I really feel for all of us. It was good for me to read your positive words as well. Thanks for sharing! I hope to hear from your experiences soon and hear your suggestions for treatment of pain management.

    Lots of love to all!


  • bohawk bohawk deborah751

    I know I'm late to this discussion party but I've been recently diagnosed with TTS in both feet.   Nerve conduction test confirmed it.  Podiatrist made custom orthodics, steroid shots, ice soaks etc......nothing has helped.  Seems to only get worse.  I see the discussion stopped a few months ago but wondering if anyone has found any relief or breakthrough treatments since then.   Not feeling good about things after reading these posts. 

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr bohawk

      Hello There

      I have had TTS since Nov 2014 and just recently I felt a good improvement. If you read my posts above you will see my trajectory. Not easy. But I am very determined and did what I had to do. I think that the air cast boot was the main thing. Just recently I figure that out on my own. Doctors haven't been interested in understanding my feet pain history. I need to think and try to understand what made the difference in my recovery. So, I went back on the boot in March because the steroid injection I had on my right foot made the pain worse. It felt like I had a level of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. This time I also use two crutches to take the pressure from the feet with no boot on. I feel the difference. I also changed physio clinic (I asked my consultant to refer me to a clinic of my choice - NHS). Good professionals. With physio I felt improvement too. I also wear orthotic as it helps. This week I am off the boot and just walking with the help of crutches. But crutches and boot are used/worn during some hours of the day. I don't use/wear them when I am in the office or at home. When I go out, I walk unaided. And I cycle everywhere.  Ice has been very important to me. Rest too. 

      Living with TTS is not easy but we can make it. You need to listen to your pain and try to manage it the best you can. Taking the pressure from your feet can help. And adding to this, you can apply ice, do some physio (if pain allows you - at the beginning I couldn't do much), orthotics etc. 

      I read a lot about TTS and learned a lot. I think this is also important.

      Sorry for if my post hasn't got a good flow of words. Difficult to write when I'm tired and need to sleep. But I didn't want to go to bed without sending you a reply. I do understand what you are going through. You can work on it.

      Tell us your story. How did you get TTS? How is your pain?

      Good night.


    • julia 00615 julia 00615 bohawk

      I'm also not feeling good after reading this thread sad my podiatrist just referred me to a neurologist as I've had intense burnings on the soles of both feet, in my arch and medial side of heel. The podiatrist doesn't think it's neuropathy. The burning pain generally doesn't bother me at all at night. However just recently my feet have started to feel hot and really sore before I get out of bed in the morning. I don't have any shooting pain, just burning hot and recently cold sensations, and it's normally only when I'm on my feet. 

      What are your symptoms. ? 

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr julia 00615

      Hi Julia

      At the beginning, I felt the soles of my feet burning. I also had pain on the inner side of my ankles where the tarsal tunnel is. But the burning bothered me more than the ankles. And the soles ache/burnt more when I was standing. Then 8 months down the line (July/2015), the pain increased and travelled up my legs - up to below the knees (inner side). That was the tarsal tunnel syndrome getting worse. I then went on a boot/crutches, had lots of rest (more than what I was already having). I had two months off work. Since that time I had ups and downs. I feel the symptoms of TTS:  electric shocks - shooting pain, tingling, burning, a constant pain where the TT is...

      Recently, this year (2017) I have improved a lot. Went on the air cast boot/crutches again in March after a horrible steroids injection. I do not recommend this injection. The air cast boot, I think, made the difference. But I'm not on it all the time during the day. The feet need moving. I am attending the gym ATM as per recommendation of my physiotherapist. This is s to strength my body (mainly legs and buttocks) so it can give my feet more support. I'm doing exercises in the pool too. But to get to this level of recovery, I had to be disciplined and persistent: ice every day (better if you do 3 times a day - I couldn't do as much because of work and uni), rest, boot, crutches, not going out, cycling everywhere, living my life with lots of restrictions to avoid standing on my feet for even 5 minutes. Hard, but now, after nearly 3 years (3 years will be in Nov), I feel that all that effort was worth. And I hope that the improvementI had is here to stay. 

      Did you have tests for TTS such as nerve conduction studies, ultrasound?

      I hope sharing my experience will be of any good for you. I do understand what you feel. Persist, patience, you will improve. It is also good to read about the subject, ask questions.


    • julia 00615 julia 00615 cristianeukbr


      I'm glad to hear you are finding relief lately.

      I first thought I had plantar fasciitis in January 2016, after pushing myself too hard while exercise. However since December my pain has gotten worse and is now in both feet. It's been such a long process of seeing doctors, them giving me stretchs then going back to the dr still in pain, then finally getting referred to a podiatrist. I told her my feet were burning but she didn't say anything about it initially. I had to wait a month to get my insurance to approve orthotics, finally got approval and took another several weeks to get them. Anyhow after wearing the orthotics and still having intense burning my podiatrist said it sounds like it could be Tarsal Tunnel and referred me to a neurologist.

      I hope to get an appointment soon and get some test done as I haven't had any yet. When my feet aren't burning they just feel incredibly sore and ache. I also have pain in my right calf that seems to radiate up from my foot. I'm a single mom to a 6yr old and I just have to be on my feet at time. I'm confused cause my podiatrist seemed to say I couldn't make it worse but everything I read says otherwise.

      When you say you are cycling you mean riding your bike? That's encouraging, I would like to start doing that. I'm normally very active and sitting around has been hard! I started Pysical therapy for plantar fasciitis and for knee pain (again that seems related to right foot) but so far it hasn't help. I ice often and do stretches at home daily.

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr julia 00615

      Hi Julia

      I also thought I had plantar fasciitis at the beginning. The pain was on the soles mainly and the left foot was worse.

      Yes, I don't live without my bike. I depend on it to move around so I avoid walking. Yes, you should give it a go.

      I was also very active in the past. Gym, running, weight lifting. After doing Tough Mudder, then all went downhill: the problem on my feet started and I couldn't run anymore. And I still don't think I would do that ever again, but I have already come to terms with it. Life goes on.

      The neurologist might require you to undergo nerve conduction studies, and ultrasound. I had done these test and my results came normal. But my problem exists. So bare in mind that not always TTS can be diagnosed through tests. You can find this in the literature.

      It might be hard for you as you need to be on your feet quite a lot. But try to sit down to do things. I bought a high chair so when the pain is bad, I wash dishes sat down, prepare food to be cooked sat down, brush teeth etc. At the moment I am fine and don't need to use the high chair as much. But at the beginning, this helped me.

      Talk to the neurologist about taking medicine for nerve pain. This might help you.

      Many doctors told be that TTS does not get worse and it is a matter of pain management. I'm getting better after all I did so far. But I feel that this pain will be always around one way or another.

      I persist. I want the right foot as good as the left foot and I'm working on it.

      Let me know how the appointment with the neurologist goes.

      Take care and good recovery. 


    • julia 00615 julia 00615 cristianeukbr


      I haven't read all your post and I have a few questions so I apologize if they are already listed. Were you diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? Are you still in the care of Dr?

      Do you take any medication for the pain?

      Do your feet ever bother you when your not on them?

      I have heard that the nerve conduction test and other test could come back normal. I

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr julia 00615

      No, worries...that's ok, Julia.

      All my tests came normal, but I feel all the symptoms. I had a diagnostic injection and the results seem to be for a TTS diagnose, but I didn't have a 100% confirmation. But I feel TTS pain and I have been treated for this.

      I take Amitriptyline. I was taking 20 mg, but have recently decreased to 10 mg. I don't like this medicine. It affects my concentration. When I took 30 mg, it was 'difficult' even to speak. But Amitryptiline does help with the pain.

      I am not seeing my consultants anymore (podiatrist through the NHS and foot and ankle consultant through BUPA). I am with a physiotherapist (I might have two more sessions with him). I do my physio exercises at home, going to the gym for weights (on the machines - sitting down) and doing exercises in the water. I am wearing orthotics too, and it helps a lot.

      When the pain bothers me? All the time. Walking, lying down, standing. Times that the pain is bad, I find it hard to find a good position to sleep. I still can feel the discomfort when I lie down with the TT touching the mattress (not sure if I made myself clear - sorry). 

      For me, it has been always about pain management. For example, I might rest more for a few days, so I can go out in the weekend. And when going out I need to try to sit down as much as I can. Nightmare... I'm always thinking of how to do things, always reasoning! After nearly 3 years suffering from TTS, I'm getting used with all that it entails.

      It would be good for you to go through the tests. I hope you get a diagnosis. In the meantime, try to rest and apply ice.

      Take care

    • bohawk bohawk cristianeukbr

      Hi Cris, so sorry for not responding.  I thought I would get an email notifying me but did not see one.  Just happened to check back and glad I did.  Thank you for your response.  I am a terrible 'patient' when it comes to things like this.  I just cannot understand and figure out why this pain will not ease up.  I have been in a walking boot for almost a week now.  BTW I have TTS in both feet.  The last visit to my podiatrist was somewhat depressing.  He gave me this boot and told me this is the worst case of TTS he has ever seen in 30 yrs.  WHAT ? Are you kidding me ?  How did this happen?  I am very fit, athletic...not a distance runner but I do have high arches that do seem to be I got custom orthodics from my podiatrist about 3 months ago and honestly they have not helped in the least.  My feet are constantly tingling, numb, throbbing at night, get ice cold and when you touch the Tibial nerve below the ankle the nerve shock is always horrible.  I barely have to touch the skin and the nerve fires off.  I have done ice a number of times and bought an Ice boot wrap on amazon and it only gives me temporary relief.  My next stop is with a Foot and Ankle Ortho next week.  I don't want to take the Lyrica one doc gave me because I've heard that is not the answer and just want to take a med long term.  I did have a nerve conduction test that confirmed the  TTS, but no one has said what is causing this in both feet at the same time.  Is your TTS in one or both feet ?  Has surgery been an option for you ?  I'm thinking I may be a candidate but really don't want to go there.  I hate this boot....... mad

    • bohawk bohawk julia 00615

      Thanks for the response Julia.  Please see my response to Cris below.  I'm reading your emails to her.  Anything we can offer to help each other is appreciated.  This is just a life-changer for me and I can't believe how I'm not finding much relief with any of the recommendations.


    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr bohawk

      Hello Bo

      Nice to hear from you. This condition is a life changer indeed. I have always been so active. Miss my running... But I am getting used with TTS. It will be 3 years I am suffering from this in November. How long have you had TTS for?

      Yes, I have TTS on both feet. At the beginning (2014/2015), I had lots of pain on the left foot and some pain on the right foot. Mid 2015 all went down hill for me. Lots of pain. But I rested a lot, changed my life completely. You can read my previous posts how this was for me.

      I had the aircast boot on for at least 6 months in 2015. But I was on and off it during the day so I could also use my feet, despite the pain. We also need to move to exercises the muscles. In this way, the TTS does not make other parts of the foot worse. I read that we need to strengthen the feet.

      Yes, I know that the boot this is annoying but I think that this is what made my left foot much better. Today, the pain has decreased a lot on the left foot but got worse on the right foot. So I'm now wearing the boot on the right and I walk with crutches to reduce the impact on the left foot - I don't want my left foot to get worse now that it is feeling great. This was my decision, not doctor's. I sort of took the matter into my own hands because I also think that the doctors/consultants I have been seeing are not 100% sure about how to treat this. There is a lot of information online. I read a lot about TTS and this was good also to engage in discussion with my doctors/consultants.

      What is Lyrica?

      I started wearing the boot on the right foot after that evil steroid injection that worsened my pain. And I feel an improvement already. Tomorrow I go to work without wearing it. But I will still use my crutches. Sometimes, I think that crutches, boot, amitriptyline will always be part of my life. Oh well, I'm a fighter. I will do everything to avoid surgery and manage this pain, so I can live my life as normal as possible. Physio was not working before, now it is. Orthotics is making the difference now (but I wear other insoles on top to make it feel soft). I can work in the kitchen nowadays without feeling desperate to sit down. I sleep with much less pain in my feet.

      And my advice to all you, lovely people, is to keep trying and re-trying conservative treatments to see which ones work for you and when they become suitable for you. Of course, I understand that we all might have a different level of TTS, but it is worth trying. Patience is also key as it takes time to see results.

      Lots of love

      Cris xx

    • julia 00615 julia 00615 cristianeukbr


      I finally went to the neurologist and the test came back normal, however when she tapped on the tarsal Tunnel location it made MTV whole foot tingly which she said was a sign of TT. However, she didn't write that part in the report to the podiatrist, which is frustrating. Anyhow I started wearing my Birkenstocks ALL the time as they have been the only shoes that my feet don't get that burning feeling in. I totally stopped wearing my custom orthotics as they were making things worse. I'm not sure what to think. At this point I can be on my feet for much longer but they start to feel really sore and ache around the edge of my heels and start to feel warm after awhile. Next is an MRI, so maybe that will show something? I'm glad I'm feeling a little better but still don't have any answers.

    • cristianeukbr cristianeukbr julia 00615

      Hi Julia

      All my tests (I had many, for example: 5 ultrasounds, 1 MRI) came back all normal. But I have the symptoms. My podiatrist and BUPA doctor stated on my medical history that I have a possible TTS and PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction). I think it is important to have it your medical reports. You should argue that with your podiatrist. This is your right. At least she could use the word "possible". Regarding the orthotics, maybe they were not made correctly. The orthotics need to be made to model your feet. My second pair of orthotics is brilliant. But I need to put a cushioned layer on top of it to make it feel softer on my soles.

      I will check these Birkenstocks. Thanks for sharing the info!

      Are you applying ice?  (bag of frozen peas would do).

      I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. And don't feel bad about not having a clear diagnosis. Many of TTS sufferers don't have this. It is not an easy problem to diagnose through tests. Podiatrists should know that.

      Take care. And keep doing what you feel it is better for you.


    • julia 00615 julia 00615 cristianeukbr


      Thanks for your reply!

      I forgot to add my podiatrist is havibg me see her colleague to get another Dr.s opinion. The orthotics were made by havibg me step into a type of foam to mold my foot, but my arch is SO high they just tend to irritate it. The neurologist thought they might be pushing up on my nerve and that's why they were making things worse. However the podiatrist told me to try them again. The neurologist recommended Dansko clogs that are really popular around here. I need to look

      for another pair of tennis shoes as the

      Birkenstocks are Sandals. I have been religious about icing. My therapist recommended freezing water in a paper cup, then peeling off the paper from the top and pushing the ice around the sole of my sole, just for 5 min. It was very hard to tolerate at first but now I enjoy it. I also started putting my feet in a bucket of ice water for 10 min. The first 2 minutes are very difficult, but after that it's okay. The therapist told me about this too. Anyhow thanks again!


    • julia 00615 julia 00615 cristianeukbr

      I wanted to add, first I put my feet in regular tap cold water then once adjusted poor in ice.

      I have heard contrast baths, alternating between hot and cold water is really good. I haven't tried this yet as I only have on bucket .

    • jon77189 jon77189 cristianeukbr

      Hi Cris,

      I have read through these posts and thank you for sharing your experiences in dealing with the pain in feet.

      I have been dealing with left foot pain for years on Plantar Facitis but was recently told it could be TTS. I had one injection yesterday and my sole of the left foot became swollen. I have been resting to wait for the swelling to be gone and hope it works well to drop the symptoms. 

      Well, I wonder if you have any updates on this issue.

      Thanks with anticipations.


  • karen 28937 karen 28937 deborah751

    Hi Deborah!

    I have been suffering for over a year with numbness that started out in only my toes. It has progressively gotten worse and affects both of my feet. I have numbness, tingling, electrically feelings in my foot.

    The longer I am on my feet the worse I feel my toes swell and feel red and warm to the touch. After going to many doctors and they keep on telling me it was my Raynauds that was causing the pain and gave me blood pressure medicine for helping open the small blood vessels in my toes. I was only getting worse and very frustrated with my doctor! I found another internal medicine doctor and went thru nerve conduction testing, lab work, and also went to a pioditrist and he tried a steroid injection and it did not help me. Even my chiropractor told me that he thought it was tarsal tunnel. I found a doctor in Houston and he confirmed it was tarsal tunnel.

    I had my appt over 6 weeks ago and he told me my only option was nerve release surgery. He has so many years of experience in this field that I trusted he knew what was best. I had surgery 11 days ago on my left foot. It has been very painful and I just started today bearing weight on my foot while standing. I still can't walk but I have been told I need to do this so my goal is to start out slow and gradual with aid from a cane or walker. I am scheduled to have surgery on my right foot in 2 more weeks and feel like I am going to have to see results and heal more before I will under go this again. I have read of other non surgical treatments but because the injection did not help me he recommended that I have this surgery with a 85 to 90 percent success rate and it could take any where from 3 months to a year to regain feeling and recovery fully from this surgery. I hope to be reporting positive results soon with my recovery but feel like it's going to take me much longer than I expected to recovery. Take care and wish you relief soon!


    • jon77189 jon77189 karen 28937

      Hi Karen,

      How have been recovering from the surgeries on feet for TTS?

      h left foot pain for years on Plantar Facitis but was recently told it could be TTS. I had one injection yesterday and my sole of the left foot became swollen. I have been resting to wait for the swelling to be gone and hope it works well to drop the symptoms. 

      Well, I would be glad to hear from you about your treatment.

      Thanks with anticipations.


    • dena34441 dena34441 karen 28937

      Hi Karen, I know this post is old but I am wondering if your tarsal tunnel surgery was successful. My Dr. feels that I need to have the surgery done and I am hesitant. My foot pain started 5 years ago and he thought it was plantar fasciitis . I’ve worn orthotic inserts, had cortisone injections, used ice packs,stretched my calf religiously several times a day, and I only get temporary relief. I haven’t heard anyone say they had arch pain but most of my pain is in the inner arch near the back of the foot. I am now having tingling up my calf which just started a month ago. I had an MRI which didn’t show anything but the ultrasound confirmed a compressed nerve. Would you recommend surgery or do you know if it’s possible to heal without surgery.? This is really limiting my activities and my life but I try to stay active with Pilates and bike riding. Any recommendations from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • karen 28937 karen 28937

      Hi Jon,

      I'm so sorry that I am just replying to you. I had nerve decompression on my left foot last May. I thought I had gone with the best surgeon but after my experience I was wrong. The incision was so large and I developed and infection week 4 and had to return to the doctor to have additional stitches put back in because the incision opened up. I couldn't walk for 2 months and had to go through 6 weeks of PT. I developed scar tissue and I have limited mobility in my ankle and my foot is very stiff and I still have numbness in my toes and the ball of my foot. I found another surgeon that does TTS decompression with a minimally invasive procedure so I decided to just do the right foot 4 weeks ago.

      I also had morton's neuroma's on both feet she also went in and decompressed the nerves in my toes.

      I was already walking within 2 weeks it was painful and both of my feet were numb but I was so happy to be up and walking this soon! I have not seen any improvement with my symptoms in fact the numbness is worse. My doctor tells me that it can take up to 12 to 15 months for the nerves to regenerate so I am still hopeful. I am returning next month to have the same surgeon go back and remove all the scar tissue in my left foot because I feel this will improve my chances in seeing good results in the future. Trying to stay positive about this it has really changed my life! I have had to give up running my bakery and food truck until I get better. I wish you well and hope you are doing better!!


    • karen 28937 karen 28937 dena34441

      Hi Dena,

      My symptoms are mainly numbness and soreness and pain in my toes and ball of my foot. I have had pain for over 2 years. I was diagnosed with TTS and Morton's neuroma in both feet about a year ago.

      I had surgery 8 months ago on my left foot I had complications and my foot got infected so it was over 2 months before I could walk and I had to have 6 weeks of PT. I decided after that bad experience with this surgeon that I would find another doctor. I found another doctor and had surgery about 4 weeks ago on my right foot the surgeon was experienced with a minimally invasive procedure so my incision was very small and I healed much quicker and was walking within 2 weeks. I still have not seen any improvements in my symptoms. I am returning to have the scar tissue removed from my left foot next month because my foot is very stiff and this will improve my chances of seeing good results in the future. The doctor did tell me after my first visit that the success rate is 50% that the nerve decompression will work. It could take up to a year for the nerves to regenerate. The first doctor told me 75 to 85 percent of patients see improvement after the first year. It all depends also if the nerve glides and you move it after surgery and exercise it often. My left foot developed really bad scar tissue from the complications I had and I blame the doctor for making such a large incision on my ankle when it wasn't necessary to do this. The main reason I decided to have these surgeries was because without them I was told that eventually it would cause permanent nerve damage and could not be corrected. I am trying to stay positive and hopeful that I will get better.

      I hope that I could help you and take care of yourself! Hope you are doing better!

  • grace66582 grace66582 deborah751

    I went to the Doctor 4 years ago and they said nothing was wrong; when the pain got worse I went back. After going back a few months ago they said I had tarsal tunnel. The problem was I have serve tarsal tunnel and they wanted me to rest and not do sports; well this couldn't happen because I was in the middle of track season and am always doing a sport. I have done everything they have told me to do but, it has gotta serverly worse. I take medicine for it everyday and most nights have trouble falling asleep. Do you guys know anything I can do to help it or do you think it got worse? 

  • Jessica112358 Jessica112358 deborah751

    I feel better having found this group, as no one around me understands.  My foot looks perfectly normal from the outside and my TTS has been going on for 9 months, so I feel people think it's all in my head. I've even been told that it's probably just from stress. Ugh!!!  I've spent thousands on medical bills and every alternative therapy out there, nothing has worked.

    3 MRIs, 1 podiatrist, 2 orthopedic surgeons, 1 neurologist, acupuncturist, sports massage therapist, physical therapist and even an energy healer. Injections, anti-inflammatories, boots, braces, taping, icing,  vitamin B6 & B12, alleve, marijuana lotion, peppermint oil, lidocaine, on and on. I'm depressed and discouraged, as it seems the  medical community has no idea and no interest in finding a cure for this.  Sorry to vent, but if I come up with any answers, I will be sure to post here.

    • karen 28937 karen 28937 Jessica112358

      Hi Jessica! 

      How are you doing? I feel very frustrated too and I found talking to people that are experiencing the same symptoms and problems helps and we can support each other! I am going back for a second surgery on my left foot next Tues in Houston Tx. The first surgery I had complications and I  developed so much scar tissue that the mobility is limited in this foot. I try to be positive and pray that eventually the nerves will regenerate and I will regain feeling in both feet again.  I have gone through many doctors and test and I was told it is TTS after having symptoms for 2 yrs. I also have fibromyalgia and Rynauds. My doctor persribed Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia and to help with the nerves pain.  Hope you are doing better! 

  • david2000 david2000 deborah751

    Hi all! 

    In June of 2017 I started having CTS symptoms in right, then left hand. A month later tingling in my toes begin, followed by the sensation my toes are freezing and pain associated. In Aug I was diagnosed by my neurologist  with carpal tunnel in both hands and tarsal tunnel in both feet as well as other compressed nerves. Nerve conduction tests were inconclusive. All blood work looking any underlying causes came back normal. I'm still at a loss as to how I could develop multiple bi-lateral compressed nerves at the same time. Nobody can give me a clear answer. I'm 44, otherwise healthy, not overweight, non-smoker, don't drink etc...

    My CTS is what it is. It sucks, but really only hurts when I type (like this). I'd imagine its from 20 years doing data entry. But the TTS (or whatever is happening in my feet) is what really scares me. Current symptoms: pain in toes, feels like toes are cold (not to touch); pain in heel, arch and ball of foot, worse when standing for long periods; very tender area on inside of ankles, just below the ankle; low grade tingling over entire foot that feels like an invisible sock.

    Had nerve block injections done on both ankles last week, so far no relief. Every pair of shoes I try seem to hurt. I've bought 7 pairs of shoes since Sept and tried at least 4 different orthotic insoles for high arches. Pain seems to reset somewhat with sleep and/or keeping feet elevated. I've tried just about every anti-inflammatory known with no success.

    Been to 6 different Drs in past 6 months - general, neurologist, pain management, rheumatologist and 2 different orthopedic drs.  Currently taking Gabapentin (can't tell it helps other than helping me sleep).

    Starting to feel a bit hopeless at this point. Heading back to neurologist next week for a "quick" follow-up.

    • Burnfeet Burnfeet david2000

      Hello there buddy your symptoms sounds axactly the same as mine!!! Been dealing with it for about 5/ 6 years now with it slowly worsening other time!!! Now I just take one day at a time to try get through a WORKING day, standing up is a real struggle!!! The pain is crazy always changing, cold hot, burning tingling!!! I did get very down at one stage, probably a few stages actually, but once you realise it’s not going anywhere, you sort of get used to it!!! Even though your in pain still, you just know your going to be in that pain, and there’s not much you can do but, get on with it! I no it’s rubbish, my latest diagnosis is Baxter’s nerve! Witch is pretty similar to tarsal tunnel even though I’ve been diagnosed with then all!!! Just waiting on letter for nerve block injections now!!! 

    • scott74936 scott74936 david2000


      3 months ago I started having bilateral Foot pain in arch.  It has progressed to nerve type pain when standing for periods of time.  Been to podiatrist, general practitioner and now ortho.  I have MRI scheduled this week. Nerve conduction studies showed normal.  In addition, 2 weeks ago I started having Carpal tunnel symptoms.  I would like talk more to you about your symptoms and findings.  I am literally going crazy.  Hard to do anything.  If I get a positive diagnosis if TT then I will probably have surgery because I just cannot stand pain.


    • david2000 david2000 scott74936

      trying custom orthotics and 2nd round of injections for now. pain gets worse daily. I can maybe stand for 10 minutes at a time and pain just gradually increases as the day goes. that ball of foot (into toes) pain is brutal at times.

      still nobody can explain the origin of all my sudden compressed nerves. going for spine MRIs in a few weeks and more blood work.

      like you, i'd get surgery if I was sure it was TT hurting my feet.

    • david2000 david2000

      my list of questions for the board...

      has anyone found any OTC creams, oils, drugs that calm the pain? i put lydocaine on feet before bed.

      what about shoe recommendations? finding shoes that help is an ordeal. either they are too hard, don't have arch/metatarsal support or the collar is too thick and aggravates the tender part of inside ankle

      anyone have success with injections? surgery?

      any luck with cymbalta?

      best orthotics for TT?

      anyone have it get so severe they needed wheelchair?

      rest vs exercise? which is best? for exercise are we limited to swimming and bike?


  • vajid95170 vajid95170 deborah751

    I have very severe pain in both ankles and feet.i have taken naproxen for last 20 years. I am due to see a specialist next few weeks. Gp is saying it's atrirtis but from reading this post it seems like I have tts. Now i am having stomach issues for taking naproxen for long period .

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