Tea Tree Oil to the Rescue!!!!!

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OK, they won't tell you that those expensive wipes they make are just glorified Tea Tree Oil. They won't make money if they do that. 'm startin to think TTO is the answer to bleferitis. It is for me any way. Check it out, just one drop with no tears baby shampoo, wash whole face with cold water. Don't halft to keep eyes closed if you don't want, but maybe you should at first .

Twice a day, or maybe three. smile Dena

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    Can you explain more specifically on how you use tea tree oil to your eyes? I have not tried tea tree oil yet so I guess I'll give it a try.

    And is it something that you have to leave it on for awhile on your eyes?

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      I just use one drop. Mix it with about a dime sized spot of no tears baby shampoo, close my eyes, and wash my whole face, co centrating on the eye area. I think any brand of Tea tree oil will do. You dont leave it on, you wash it all off with cold water, apply moisteruiser, and some eye drops with no preservatives. smile Dena

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      That sounds like a great option! So I tried it last night and this morning!

      We'll see if it works for me too!


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    Oh and which brand tea oil do you use?
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      any brand. I don't thnk it matters, just so it's real tea tree oil, and not watered down.

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    You're correct...if itz demodex, tto is the way to go. I use two drops in a little warm water, dip aQ-tip and run it back and forth the bottom lid zeveral times, use the other end for the upper lid, same on the other lid. You can leave it on or rinse after ten or so minutes if you don't like the slight stinging sensation. Do it several times a day,do your eyebrowz too. I also bought Neutrogena acne grapefruit scented foaming face wash whi h is gentle enough to use morni g and night because it contains salacylic acid and kills ba teria. Some bleph has a bacterial co.ponent and thhiz ingredie t takes care of it, and ztaph too, which is another possible fa tor. The truth is that this thing needs to be atta ked on several fronts. I have finally, after over a month of hellish symptoms, gotten control of this and almost feel that I may be on my way to curing mine. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone out there with this nuisance of an infection. Oh, I'm alzo showering every morning with tto body wash...Puritan's Pride zells it online. I hear those demodex get around and I am determined to keep them under control!

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    I posted about tto a few months ago

    Still working for me. To be honest I have barely thought about my eyes except the odd bad day for months smile

    I suffered for years so seriously try it! I use tea tree with baby shampoo and diluted with water, then cleanse my eyes with a q tip all around the edges of my eyes eyelids and brow area.

    Honestly I'm like a new person!

    Contacts in - mascara on - eye make up -

    Give it a go!

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      When you clean eyid rims and eye rows you use the dime of baby shampoo and how many drops of tto? Also, you wash it off, don't you at some point? How long do you leave it on. ? I would greatly appreciate the details.

      Thank you.

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      I just mix tea tree, baby shampoo and water into a travel pot, dip the cotton bud in and run it all over my eye area including the lash line. I dilute with water so it doesn't sting or anything.

      I don't wash it off smile

      Just leave it on and it drys in seconds.

      You can wash it off if you need to I guess but I have always left it on.

      It's cheap and simple and if it works for you, you will be amazed xx

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    I just dropped one drop of tea tree oil and mixed it with water on small bowl.

    And I used cotton pad and wet them, and rubbed into my eyelids for 15 seconds each.

    Is that the right way to do it?

    Also, if some of the water go into your eye, is it ok or do I need to wash them off?

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      I use baby shampoo as well in the mix and I use a cotton bud or q tip to make sure I thoroughly clean my lash line. And that's it, I don't wash it off smile

      Be careful not to get it in your eye, if you do I would wash it but if it's strongly diluted you should be fine smile

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      Also how much water do you have to use?

      Did you have immediate effect on you?

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      I use 100ml.

      Within a week it had a good effect, first few days it felt nice when I put it on.

      I've seen lots of demodex sufferers find this useful so it depends what you have smile

      However worth a try!!

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    Thanks for all the comments. I think we all need as much help as we can get. I've had blepharitis since the middle of May, but it was only diagnosed a month ago. I started with just the Baby Shampoo as the doctor recommended. I started researching and because I had itching eyebrows and bridge of my nose thought it must be Demodex and started using TTO mixed with coconut oil as some people seemed to thing this works. Also using TTO shampoo, soap and face wash from Body Shop.  After 4 days it seemed to improve a little but the last 3 days it's been bad again.  There's no redness or swelling outside, just excessive tearing, filming up in the eye, burning and sometimes aching eyes.  I also feel immensley drained the whole time.  How long does the TTO take to work? For how long do I persevere to know whether I'm getting anywhere with it. Thanks!

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