Teen with Hiatal Hernia, Esophageal Ulcer, Gastritis, Gasttoparesis, Severe Depression and Apathy

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Hi guys this is my first post on this website. i'm 17 and ive had mental health problems for three years, which was made worse by using antidepressants, and made worse by going cold turkey from the unhelpful antidepressants. Also I recently found out that I have some stomach issues, but the stomach issues and breathing difficulties got worse a few months ago, and its not any better. Its hard for me to even laugh or talk without running out of breath, having chest tightness, and pain below the ribs and in my back. I noticed these abdomenal/breathing problems started last November. I used to take Abilify (antidepressant) for a year, but because of the dizziness, fatigue, shakiness, weight gain, weakness, chest pain, and shortness of breath, I wanted to go Cold turkey and my psychiatrist said its fine. But then after the cold turkey I was sick with all kinds of illnesses (Sinusitis, Strep throat, UTI, bladder infection, kidney infection, Headaches) and I also had some panic attacks, but that was triggered by physical pain. I had to take a lot of antibiotics. I heard that overuse of antibiotics can hurt the good bacteria in your gut. The depression and low energy got worse, I have confusion, severe apathy, and the anxiety sort of went away, the apathy replaced anxiety. I also have brain fog, no creativity, no motivation, no pleasure, no focus, no energy. And that sucks because I used to love art and animation and I cant draw anymore because I have no desire to draw, and no thoughts or ideas of what to draw! my mind is always blank. I dont feel any love towards anyone or anything. I feel so disconnected from myself and others. I feel like my personality is gone...(Back to stomach issues) My (fraeternal) twin sister had an endoscopy one year ago, she has acid reflux, a hernia and heartburn. She is getting better. And a few days ago I had an endoscopy, and I found out that I have a Hiatal Hernia, Esophogeal ulcers, Mild Pylorus Gastrits, and Gastroparesis. But I dont have heartburn. Two days ago I started taking Protonix (antacid) in the morning, and Pepcid (meds for ulcers) in the evening. So far, theres no difference in how I feel. I heard of the brain-gut relationship, and maybe i've had stomach problems for a while, and maybe it caused the mental health problems? or Vice Versa? ive taken other Antidepressants besides Abilify in the past three years (Lexapro, Buspar, etc) But nothing worked, it Just caused low energy and bad side effects. in January I took some Omega 3 fish oil supplements, but that caused brain fog, apathy, derealization... I really need help. I want to get my stomach problems fixed first, and then hopefully when my stomach improves, my mental problems will improve. These problems interfere with my daily life. I had to switch out of public school to independent study (homeschool). and I literally can't do anything because of my weak body and my foggy apathetic mind. Has anyone had any brain-gut problems? or any mental illness or stomach success stories? or any tips? Thank you. (btw I've been to a lot of specialists and doctors. I had a brain mri and eeg and everything was normal. the only specialist appointments I have left is endocrinologist for hormones, and a pulmonologist)

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    Hi Tiffany

    I don't like goon against a decision that another medical practitioner has said but to te a patient to go cold turkey after being prescribed antidepressants is very unprofessional and just not practise .Justvreadingbthrough your story I can see that you have mental health issues and it sounds like you are very depressed .I know your age is a big factor in this modern world to do God at school to achieve this to get a certain job etc .As I have said in previous posts I don't like diagnosing patients without going into your medical records but first things first .have you got a close family member to help you get through this or a close friend .

    Your hernia gastritis ulcers are all a cumin factor of stress .

    These can be controlled but please see another psychiatrist and get your mental health sorted out first you have theorist yo see another one and don't be palmed of with just take this and that should help you have an illness which needs to be addressed and dirted by someone who knows about mental health

    Please don't feel alone as there are thousands out there and there is help at hand please let me know how you get on you have your whole life in front of you but you need help

    Take care Tiffany

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      Thanks so much for replying. Today I notice a difference in how I feel. Yesterday (after I calmed down) I took a walk for an hour, and then I went home and practiced ballet. Today I feel more focused and stronger. My breathing improved a bit too. i'm glad that exercise really helps! And i am getting help for my mental problems. i am seeing a therapist every tuesday. Yesterday I was so miserable that I totally forgot that I am getting help and treatment. I was too focused on how bad i was feeling. But today I feel much better. My stomach feels a litle bit stronger too! Thanks for your help smile
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    Sorry about the spelling it's predicta text on my phone as I'm at work in he hospital
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    Endo is a good idea as it can be hormonal. I have noticed in me that when I am on certain antibiotics that I get really bad anxiety and dissasociation. I am not sure why but I noticed that if eat yogurt and take probiotics that these problems improve. I don't understand why bacteria in the gut plays a role in mental health but it seems to. I hope you get better soon as it is so disturbing to feel that way.
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      Thanks for replying to my post. I will take a probiotic after Im finished taking the medication for my stomach.
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    Hi Tiffany so sorry to hear about your problems. I read an interesting article in the paper a few months ago about the relationship between antibiotics and depression. One psychiatrist said that when he meets a patient for the first time who is suffering from depression he asks them how many antibiotics they have taken. I think the drugs can deplete the amount of serotonin in your gut. I know from my own experience that antibiotics can play havoc with one's gut. I have suffered over the last eight years from UTIs and subsequently have had problems with anxiety and depression. I had to take multiple courses last September/October for an infection that wouldn't go away and then developed gastric ulcers which have healed but I still have mild gastritis almost six months later. I'm not on antidepressants at the moment as I really don't want to put any more drugs in my body apart from lansoprazole. The meds for your ulcer can take a few weeks to start working so don't get too despondent about that. Have you tried taking a good probiotic? I am taking manuka honey on a daily basis to see if that helps. It certainly can't do any harm. I have read that liquorice is very good for stomach problems but I haven't personally tried it as I want to talk to my GP about it first. Doctors call the gut the "second brain" and I think if you get your stomach problems sorted your mood should improve.

    Good luck and let us know how you're getting on. Btw I agree with Kevin that to go cold turkey is not a good idea. I did that and felt very weepy for several days. 

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      Thank you for replying smile. After I finish taking the medications for gastritis and the ulcers, I will take a probiotic. Yesterday I noticed that moderate exercise really helps my mood and breathing!
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    Hi . I know how you feel! I am 15 y / old and for the pass 3 weeks Ive had similar issues. This is the 4th week . I started drinking Milk and honey x3 a day which helps me with the pain . I have stopped all medication last week. My mother said she wants to take me to a general fusion or samething like that advised by l of her medical friends! It feels as if im dying .

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