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nurslaura45 nurslaura45

terbinifine (lamisil tablets) loss of sense of taste, 10 days now, how long will this last?

i took the medication for about 4 weeks total, about 2 days after i was finished, i lost my sense of taste or finally noticed it anyway, i thought i was just not liking food for a bit before that so i think it was gradual..but anyway, is there hope for it to come back completely?

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  • rob246 rob246 nurslaura45

    I've been on it for 14 days in two separate periods about two months apart and I haven't noticed that so far. And I'm about to extend this most recent 14 day period for another 14 days. I'll be more observant this time. Have you checked the side affect notice that comes with the drug to see if taste is listed? (I haven't myself).

  • lolabelle lolabelle nurslaura45


    I'm on same drug for over two months now and about 3 weeks ago I've noticed salty flavour in my mouth and gradually lost my sense of taste. I didn't realise it's the drug that is causing the problem until I started googling it. First I thought it's just a cold (as I had one), second week I thought that maybe it's my new multivitamin and the 3rd week I started suspecting a stomach bug....I feel slightly sick all day long so I'm really scared it affected my liver too. I won't be taking it any more and will go to see my GP tomorrow but I'm really scared that I've permanently damaged my taste buds. Internet doesn't offer much hope. For some people it took months for taste to come back, quite a few lost it for good. Im getting slightly depressed  as I've suffered with eating disorders for years and this is possibly the last thing I need at the moment! I finally started to enjoy my food and have a healthy relation with it and now I have to put up with this! 

    I'm not much help, I know, I'm sorry. I just wish my GP would worn me about this side effect. 

    I hope your taste will come back soon as you were really quick with stoping the drug! 

    • nurslaura45 nurslaura45 lolabelle

      hi sweetie thanks for replying, well its been about 2 weeks or so for me of no taste, but i am starting to taste a little, its very little but i can tell, so dont lose hope, most that i read who lost their sense of taste from our medication, got it back eventually, the longest i read was 9 weeks, that is scary what u said that some lost it permanently? was it from the terbinafine? try not to let that get in your head right now, because we are most likely going to return to normal, lets give it a couple more weeks, taking it day by day, and compare to how we feel today..if it doesnt come back in a couple of months, lets just sue the s**t out of our doctors and this phamaceutical company!! cuz that is crazy lol, please keep me updated if u can okay hun <3

    • nurslaura45 nurslaura45 lolabelle

      hi again, i found this earlier and wanted to share it with you, i dont know if its in this paragraph but i also found that we should be taking zinc and should have a liver test done to make sure our liver wasnt damaged, but here is a little something i found that made me feel a little better smile  

      Lamisil is a class B drug that can be prescribed in varying doses for a toenail fungal infection. There are various side effects that are listed as a result of prolonged use, including loss of sense of smell and taste. Some more drastic side effects include its impact on the liver. Lamisil has a direct impact on how the liver functions. It can lead to increased levels of toxicity in the liver. Other side effects include feelings of nausea, bloated feeling due to gas, and skin irritations.

      Usually it works best if you discontinue the use of the drug depending on the extent to which it is disrupting your day-to-day functioning. The sense of taste will not come back immediately after you cease to consume the drug. It may take a few weeks for the taste buds to function at par.

      Meanwhile you may also want to get a liver toxicity test done to ensure that the levels of toxicity in the liver are not highly elevated. Also following any future course of action suggested by your doctor may expedite the return of your sense of taste. All of this needs to be done under the guidance of a trained medical practitioner.

      Overall the prognosis is good once you can stop taking the medication. In most cases the sense of taste returns 4-6 weeks from the time the drug was stopped. Very rarely is there persistent taste loss spanning a few years.

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