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I am in a very abusive relationship and at present I see no way I can leave sensibly

About a two years ago I started having a drink in the evening when he came home just so I could dull my emotional pain of being around him

I drank 5 nights a week and never had a hang over or any bad symptoms ....

After a year I started getting abdominal pain I went to the doctors and my bloods came back as twice raised in the liver 110? But she didn't seem that bothered just said if your drinking stop and eat well

I never considered my self as an alcoholic as I didn't need it it was just coping with a bad situation ... I gave up cold turkey .... it's been 6 months without a drop but I'm terrified I've done serious damage sad

I've had a burning/twitching sensation in my liver region and in my stomach..... it's currently been on and off the last two weeks

No other symptoms

I'm to scared to go back to the GP - does it sound like it maybe alcohol damage related ?

My only hope is she didn't seem so bothered after the initial bloods

I'm really scared


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    Hi englishrose

    6 months without a drink is fantastic. That's amazing! 😄😄

    I admit to knowing very little when it comes to the results of LFTs, so I can't help you there.


    Why not make an appointment to see your gp. Explain that you're worried about any possible liver damage and that you've not drunk at all for six months. The dr will be able to see the results of your previous LFTs and ask him/she to explain them to you.

    The Dr may order repeat LFTs which will show any changes from your last test

    There is a professional alcohol counsellor, Paul Turner (not with a drink related problem) who gives advice and help. I am sure that if he sees your post, will be able to help you.

    Theres another forum member, RHGB who is a fountain of knowledge about many things, especially liver related problems. Again, I'm sure he will reply to you.

    Again, that is a huge achievement, six months without drinking. I don't know if your still in this abusive relationship. Please don't let this person ruin your good work. No-one should ever live in fear like this and it would be very easy for me to just say pack your bags and leave. However I do appreciate that is far easier to say than it is to do it

    good luck

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    I'm not in the medical field, but I've drank somewhat heavy for the last 6-7 yrs, and never had any lab work that had cause for concern. I get lab work done every yr.

    I'm betting the numbers indicate that you had a precursor for fatty liver. This is completely reversible, if you stop drinking and eat a proper diet.

    I'm not saying this is completely true, but your mind has away of playing tricks on you. Since your so concerned with what the GP said, you are overly sensitive to every feeling you experience in that region. As before, you never noticed the burning and twitching in that region.

    However, if your really concerned the worse thing you can do is ignore the situation. Go in for another check, more than likely it's just anxiety. Worse case scenario you'll get treatment that you need.

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    What a great achievment stopping for 6 months , that really shows some steel.Take Vickylous advice and go back.You can hold your head high too and tell the GP you have stopped drinking since those last results .

    Good luck we will all be interested to know how you get on

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    What a great achievment stopping for 6 months , that really shows some steel.Take Vickylous advice and go back.You can hold your head high too and tell the GP you have stopped drinking since those last results .

    Good luck we will all be interested to know how you get on

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    Hello Englishrose.

    I it very unlikely, from what you describe, that you have any liver damage and, even if you did drink excessively before, the liver is very good at repairing itself and should be fine after 6 months of not drinking. However, it is worth getting a Liver Function Test done, if only to put your mind at rest. You can ask your GP to do this or there are ways that you could get one done by ordering a kit online, pricking your finger, squeezing a little blood into a small container and sending it off in the post.

    I imagine the figure you mention as 110 would be your Gamma GT which should be around 0-52 (this varies a little depending on where you look). I can tell you that I have seen this result as high as 2000+ in people whose livers have then fully recovered when they stopped drinking. The Gamma GT is an indication of how hard your liver is having to work and doesn't necessarily indicate that you have done damage to it. Other enzymes within a Liver Function Test can indicate whether the liver is damaged.

    I've sent you a private message too.

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    I knew Paul would reply if he had time to read the forums.

    By having a repeat LFT this will hopefully put your mind at rest.

    once again, many congratulations on 6 months without drinking

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    Hello Englishrose.  6 Months Alcohol-Free is a Fantastic Achievement.  Never go back.  Keep moving forward, in your life.  Your health worries can only be addressed by your G.P.  

    Please, make an appointment.  You have worked hard to heal yourself, by stopping drinking.  Only having the Liver Tests re-done, will put your mind at rest.  I hope your results are LOW !

    Good Luck, Fine Lady.

    Alonangel 🎇


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    Hello , thank you all so much for your replys 💜

    I'm too scared to go to the doctors as I don't want anything documented on my medical records - so I'm really pleased there is an online option!

    The burning/dull pain sensation lasted for nearly two weeks ... it seems to have given up for now.

    I think what has sparked my terror is recently having a friend who I have never thought was an alcoholic but used to drink socially has been told she has liver desease ...... then my AST and Gammer ( I think ) were twice raised sad and I had a few other symptoms ...... I hope they were raised because I had them done the next day after I had wine the night before ..... but I could never be sure

    I'm in my relationship for the current future , there's no sensible way out for me for now

    Thank you again - I will update my results smile

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