Terrified about upcoming bladder camera procedure!

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Recurring uti's and several particularly bad kidney infections have left scarring in my kidney. Finally went to urologist who advised a rolling 6 months course of antibiotics, alternating every month, and to come back for a camera to be inserted into my bladder to see what's happening.

I've been getting up 4/5 times a night alsoand it's taking its toll.

Has anyone else had the camera procedure, and if so could you share your wisdom?

I'm really worried about what to expect.


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    Hi Fiona, for 15yrs iv had continuous infections, iv had operations to remove stones, had stents fitted ect ect I'm now on life time antibiotics (one at night) my urine now shows no infection but has never been free of blood in the dip tests, now iv also to go for this camera procedure to see if the problem may be down to my bladder rather than my kidney but he did explain the procedure saying it's nothing to worry about, that it only takes a short time AND as I'm such a paranoid person he reassured me that after all my scans, bloods, urine tests ect that I don't have anything that's life threatening x

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      That's good it's nothing sinister. Thanks for responding also. I've had infections for 2 1/2 years now and only just been put on long term antibiotics. Also gp only put me on trimethroprim one at night for full 6 months rather than change them monthly as the urologist had specified. Feel like you take 1 step forward getting an answer from the urologist and 10 steps back with gp forming own opinion.

      Thanks again for responding. A nurse said it's a bit like having a catheter inserted but strange with the camera moving about.

      Not looking forward to it at all.

      Take care

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      I'm on the same antibiotic one at night, and iv felt like I was finally getting somewhere I'm more worried as to why they want to do the cystoscopy and as usual what they may find as this problem has been going on for many years & until now they have always presumed it was a kidney issue so if it's anything bad then it's been there far to long... ..I know I'm probably stressing over nothing but I can't relax till I get the results and my appointment hasn't even came through yet, can I also add in I was born with duplex kidneys hence why they have always thought it was them that's the issue, iv been passed from surgery to surgery, hospitals, urology, gynaecology, and pain management teams it's just never ending x

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      Hi there, I totally feel your pain. It just consumes you with worry doesn't it. I'm sure it will be fine. They suspect I have bladder reflux, and I know that's something they can fix. Fingers crossed for you that all ends well. I feel like the worst part was the not knowing and waiting for an answer.

      Take care and thanks for sharing. Let us know how you get on.

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    Not sure if it's different for the ladies but I had the camera. It was pretty simple. Didnt hurt really. I thought it would. Little weird but not to bad. I had never been cathed before . They did urodynamics test and then the camera after that. And in guys it's a longer journey. Pardon the expression. Wasn't to bad. I got a infection from the operation he had to do. Was cathed in his office. After just having a Foley 3 way in me for 3 days, that hurt a little. The camera was not to bad. I saw videos of it on YouTube made it look far worse than it was.

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      Ihi and thanks for responding. I wondered if it might be like having a catheter inserted. The nurse did say it feels strange rather than sore. I think I'd agree with you regarding a man's experience. Lol.

      After having 6 kids I should be used to being poked and prodded. Haha

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      The camera is about the same size as a Cath. Maybe a little smaller. He also can put a little water threw it . So it not a dry insert. You can look it up on YouTube to see what it looks like. What I did. With the antibiotics your Gp is treating it like a reg infection. Your urologist knows more about resistant strains of infection. When they gave me MRSA I was told it's a resistant strain of staph. 1 antibiotic won't do anything. And it's resistant to the cipro he had me on. So they hit it with the 3 antibiotics. If you use just one the infection builds a wall against it. It can't with more than one . One breaks down the wall. Second keeps it from rebuilding the wall. Third treats infection.

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    Do you mean a cystocopy? If so then don't worry about the procedure. It is pretty quick with only mild discomfort. I have had one done this week.

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    I had my cystoscopy following a recent uti which has cleared. Despite this test being clear, hospital wants me to see a kidney specialist because of the blood in urine. Have had blood tests and a scan for kidney stones but all clear as well. However he still wants to refer me.

    I only get uti just before I am due to go on holiday or while away. There has to be a stress element in it.

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    OK - here goes. I have had chronic UTI's for 45 years. This past month I had two trips to urgent care for UTI's. I have been on Macrodantin 50mg for about 7 years. Twice, a doctor has recommended I go off the medication and both times I was left with a flaming UTI. I am back on the Macrodantin every night and doing well after I took several meds to clear up the last flare. I found a new urologist and had an ultrasound this week and will go in for a cystoscope on Thursday. I hope to get some answers. This will be my fourth cystoscope and I requested a Valium prior to the procedure. That way I will be relaxed when the procedure takes place. I am not worried about the cystoscope and you should not either. It is a quick procedure as the doctor will be looking inside you bladder. I wish you well! I am going to think about a hot stone message and the smell of orange blossoms!

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    Hi Fiona,

    I had this done a few months ago. I won't lie and say it wasn't painful. But my case was slightly abnormal because my urethra wasn't in a regular position and it was too tight. After the camera procedure I was referred to have an operation to widen the urethra under general anaesthetic.

    But what I will say is it was quick and it's over in a matter of seconds really. They take a few photos and come straight out! It's better to relax, just lie back and think of England! The more you tense the more it'll hurt. It's a great way for the doctors to understand what's going on. My case was similar to yours in that I have constant utis and I'm CONSTANTLY urinating. All the time. Doctors thought I was exaggerating until they saw the inside of my bladder. They said it was a very angry looking bladder haha.. very red and inflamed even when there is no infection. I felt the doctors finally took notice of me after having this procedure. So don't worry you will be totally fine and it might help you in your quest to get better. Good luck!!

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    The camera procedure is pretty terrifying when you consider looking at th thing and wondering hoe thsts going to fit up there. They used som numbing sgsent but onlyworkrd sli=ghtly.  My hab=nd were white knckled on th bed rila. If I siad it wasnt painful Id be lying, After visualizing my bladder it was removed. Whole thing took less than i minute. After that I watched how the device was cleaned and I have a sy I was not impressed.. Kind of gives you the creeps. Shrrtly afterwards I had to pee badly but it was mostly blood and that was true for  2 days.  A few days later I started having painful urination, burning in the last 1" or so of my penis.  It isnt mild.   I hve had 0 sexual contact or masterbation, the desire just isnt there when I consider the constant pain. I am starting to believe that I was given some kind of illness or uti for insuficiently sanitized equipment, I see no other reasoning that makes sense. Now I suppose I need to make a new appointment and pay yet again for a copay and medicar charge....pretty disgusted

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