Terrified endoscopy in 2 weeks

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hi everyone

so I have my endoscopy on the 9th of jan

and I'm still so scared

I've suffered with really bad acid reflux for 9 years and have been asked to have this done so many times but every time I pull out as im to scared

but this time I'm 100% going to have it done

I'm 100% also being sedated this is in uk btw

I have really bad aniexty and havent been able to work for the last year, I also find it hard to evan go to the corner shop let alone a hospital to have this done. please could everyone give me some re assurance of there experiences with sedation

so worries about this just hope it's okay and I dont know what's happening

thanks in advance

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    Hi Danny - Ive had both forms of sedation - the normal one midazolam most people have and the stronger one propofol which requires you to stay longer. The first one never works on me so I cannot go through with it. The second I'm out like a light and wake up all done its ace. The reason the first one never works is due to my use of pain killers for my back. My wife can have the first one and it works a treat. So I'd advise you have the first one and then if you feel its not working ask to be rebooked on to the anaestetic list which is a longer stay but imo much nicer and less traumatic.

    Hope this helps x

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    Had 2 endoscopies now, but never with sedation. First time I had the throat spray second time had absolutely nothing. It's honestly no where near as bad as you'll be imagining. The worst part is swallowing the damn thing. As long as you relax (which should be manageable with sedation) you'll be OK. It's a really quick procedure too. For what its worth its my anxiety that triggers my acid reflux.

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    I was scared when i had my first endoscopy. It is a scary experience. I choose not to have the sedation at first and just the spray. Unfortunately they were unable to do this due to the sever narrowing of my duodenal part. So i had to have sedation. I could feel it and felt awake but it was not that bad. Since then I have had another 5. Im due my 6th on Monday coming . But this time a feeding tube is also going to be put in place so im worried about that. However each endoscopy got slightly more painful for me due to more narrowing and also ulcers flaring up. However i mentioned to my consultant and i said did not want it due to it causing pain. He said that they will make sure they give me more sedation the max. I had the maximum when i had my endoscopy and conoloscooy. And for the first part i dont remember much. So maybe ask them and explain to them how scared you are the nurses are amazing and will get you through it. Even when i was crying there were there reassuring me. And i always remind myself that the 10 mins of possible pain for a possible stop to my symptoms is worth it as health is the most important thing. I know everyone is different... But i try to focus on that and explain to them how scared i am. Also have the spray as well well as will help the worst part for me was the dry heaving during but again with my narrowing was due to more off it. This was my experience but its all worth it in the end. Please let me know how it goes.. I'm scared about my tube too as have to have it put through my nose at the same time.

    I hope this in some way helps and good luck xx

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    don't be scared, its not that bad Over in 5-10 min

    the results ate what scares me

    good luck

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    I was terribly scared the first time. I was in the hospital and had just had my knee replaced. They gave me a blood thinner after which it triggered an, unknown to me, ulcer to bleed which I threw up during the night. I was sedated and don't remember a thing. The second time, a year later, abruptly stopping omeprazole caused the ulcer to reopen with much more blood. Again, I was sedated and didn't feel a thing. The test itself is not to be feared.

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    There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! This comes from me the anxiety queen! I have white coat syndrome and get sick taking my dog to the vet! lol. I had one and here is how it went: Go to center for the test, they have u put on a gown, take your vitals and insert an IV! then the doctor and anesthisologist stops to see u, then u r rolled into the testing room. In your IV you are given the sleep meds and 20 min. later u r awake, they give u a snack, the doctor stops by, u get dressed and go home...I request Propaphol! Best med u can get..I have had it on several occasions, when u wake up u feel refreshed and like u slept for hours! you will feel well rested and ready to go! You are not groggy! The doctors always take biopseys so don't freak about that either..Its rule of thumb! It may take 2 weeks to get your results. Dont get on Google, it's always bad.. I had stuffy nose, scratchy throat, pressure below rib cage, constant earache, short of breath, heartburn, chest pain, and insomnia, clearing throat... Ended up with narrowing of the distal end of the esophagus, sliding hiatal hernia, and reflux! put on omprezole for 3 weeks, weaned off and doing well..U must stick to diet, No alcohol, no smoking, no tomato products, no chocolate, no spices. elevate your head to sleep and on your back. please do not worry and do not be anxious. Anxiety makes everything worse... There is Nothing to fear with an endoscopy!

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