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Hi all. I'm about to take my first 50mg of sertraline and I'm absolutely petrified about it. I've been given them for depression and quite severe anxiety, but the irony is its making my anxiety worse just thinking about taking them!

I've heard that it can make your anxiety worse before it gets better, and I honestly don't know what will happen if mine gets any worse. I know it's all in my head and that the long term effects will far outweigh the temporary, but I really am struggling to pop that first pill.

Has anyone else experienced this? We're the side effects as bad as you expected them to be?

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to hearing from you guys x

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    I was on 50mg of sertraline and I lost 1.3 stone and it made my anxiety worse for 2 weeks or so, doc said i was better off without them. but they react differently with everyone so its really hard to say, some people have no symptoms at all and find it really easy on them. just take them and give it a week if you feel dreadful go to doctors there are other things they can give you. i think therapy is a good thing to do whilst taking sertraline also x
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      Thanks for sharing your experience. You're right about everyone being different.

      I'll give them a go, I think I'm just preparing for the worst and getting myself into a state unnecessarily. Cheers for the advice x

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      most people think u should take them at night so you sleep off any side effects but it doesnt matter either way whatever suites you best. its only 50mg so they shouldnt make you feel too drousy or anything. good luck hope u feel better soon x
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    Hey, I started on them 12 days ago and was dubious to whether taking medication was the answer. I got to the point where I had to give them a go and I can say they have reduced anxiety slightly but little relief from depression. It will take time I know but i'm willing to go the distance and see if they help.

    In regards to side effects try not to worry about them. So far I have been quite lucky the first pill upset my stomach for a few hours, sleep has been affected and feeling a little slower in reactions than usual.

    Good luck smile

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    Hi PinkFloyd, Katie2705 is right, different types of antidepressant affect different people in different ways. The first couple of months can be pretty uneventful as far as noticing them help your symptoms are concerned, so if you don't notice a difference after a couple of weeks, don't panic, this is normal. When I first started taking them, I had to take them back to the doctor, as I couldn't cope with the side effects. I used to take recreational drugs in my teenage years and it was exactly like being back there again, except this time I was expected to look after a 6 month old baby too.

    It may well be a case of trial and error too... Some people may not respond well to a certain type of antidepressant, but will be fine on something else... Don't be disheartened. Remember, if you are worried at all about anything while taking them, call your GP, or even a pharmacist, for advice, that's what they're there for. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the advice Andrea.

      I'm not that concerned about most of the side effects, as I feel drowsy and tired and have trouble sleeping most of the time anyway. It's really just the anxiety of committing to a drug and fear of losing control more than I already have. I know I should take the pill, I just know as soon as I do I'll have a panic attack from the fear of the unknown. It's a bit pathetic really, haha.

      Thanks for.your replies everyone, I feel a bit better informed.

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      You remind me so much of myself. You will be fine. Didn't your GP give you Ativan or something to take until the Zoloft kicks in? The medicine will work so please have hope. Good Luck. P
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      Thanks for the reassurance mate.

      No, my doc didn't give me anything else. He basically said 'here are some pills, take them once a day'. He didn't explain anything in detail, but I think he did that because he recognised my tendency to get myself into a state. I'm probably thinking too much about it but the fear feels very real. I have a week off work starting next Wednesday so maybe I'll start then and try and chill out for a while.

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    Hi pinkfloyd

    I started taking them just over a week ago and felt the same , was so worried , i have been taking half and am starting a whole one as of tonight ! I have been feeling so much more anxious than normal but today i have managed to go out with my mum into our local town without panicking , i could hardly believe how good i felt ! Some say it can take a few weeks to kick in but for me it was only 9 days ! Stick too it , it will get better

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    Hi Pinkfloyd

    ​I can only speak from  my experience, I started my 50mg on Dec. and I can assure you from my experience you have nothing to worry about.

    ​The only side effects I have is the pill itself, it has caused me to retain fluid in my legs, and has upset my stomach. I read the instructions, and take it with my porridge first thing in the morning, yet it has caused inflammation to well up in my stomach. Please be assured you are not alone with the horrors of anxiety, and you will see light at the end of the tunnel. Take care, and this forum in itself is theraputic, and you will find empathy and understanding sharing your burdens.


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    I was on 50mg Sertraline for 2 an half months. First off let me say everyone is different. Im just sharing my experience with it. I also have a friend whose been on them,50 mg, for over 10yrs. So everyone is diff. At first on 50mg, severe diaherra hit. Then anxiety did increase .I was emotional more. Then I couldn't eat. Not hungry. Lost 10lbs in 2 months. Joint pain like a hot poker in there. Stomach pain. Flu like symptoms at end of 2 months. Had bloodwork done showed liver enzymes had gone fr normal (in the teens) to low 50's. Had liver area pain also. I couldn't take it anymore an stopped in 2 wks. Went down to 25mg for 2 wks then stopped. Stupid psychiatrist I was going to could care less about his patients. It was like an assembly line. Only saw him 3 times. He said"None of your symptoms are normal. So stop it if your complaining so much. Your on a baby dose so just stop it.!!" I mentioned withdrawaling first an he laughed an said" Have you gone to school for as long as I have! Your on a baby dose. Just stop it!". Well he p*ssed me off. Never went back. I did go down to 25mg anyway because I do have medical background an know you never just stop these meds or you will suffer. I did have brain zaps, dizzy, an headachrs forabout 2-3 wks after stopping. But all those earlier symptoms stopped about 1 wk after stopping! So it was the Sertraline. Toxic in me. Prozac has done same thing. Im withdrawaling fr it rt now. I took Sertraline yr an half ago. Prozac has long half life. Sertraline has short half life.Iv also tried Lexapro. It made me incredibly sleepy all the time an want to eat all the time. Did nothing for my depression. May get back on Cymbalta. I also have fibromyalgia an it helped with pain but I didn't give it long enough to help with depression. It raised my blood pressure but at that time I had broke my foot an also taking Tylenol with Codiene so the combo might have been raising it. I stopped it in Dec. Horrible withdrawls fr that! Goodluck on Sertraline. It might be rt med for you. Trial an error. Remember you might feel worse before you feel better. Give it at least 6wks.
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    I started 50mg in January, and the only side effect was the first 3 days I felt spaced out...Since then, no other side effects.
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    One other piece of advice I found out from experience, bear in mind I'm only taking sertraline for depreesion... I couldn't begin to imagine how debilatating anxiety is.  I'm weaning myself off the medication, I'm in a different head-space now to what I was when I started taking them and believe I don't need them anymore.  If (when) you get to the stage where you want to come off them, it is really important to work with your doctor in decreasing your dosage and doing it properly.  I did try to just stop cold turkey  (that's how I got off drugs and thought if it was that easy with drugs it would be the same  with the Sertraline!)  WRONG!!  After 2-3 without them, both myself and my partner noticed a change in my moods and I was back to where I was before I started... luckily it only takes a day or 2 to get back on the right road though.  Obviously, as previously mentioned, everyone is different and some people may be able to just stop, but has been my experience in trying to come off them, and from what I hear most people do have problems in trying to quit without help.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be just fine.  

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