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Have been suffering from anxiety for 1.5 years as a result of heart palpitations. I've been checked out heart is OK but have developed health anxiety to the point where I don't want to go out for fear of something terrible happening. Wake up each morning jittery, heart races face tingles and I feel like I'm short of breath. This subsides but will happen on and off throughout the day. My doctor has Rx'd Zoloft and I'm terrified. I already have heart palpitations and insomnia. How intense are side affects in regards to heart and sleep? Any input would be much appreciated.


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    Hello. I can relate to you about the waking up in fight or flight mode. It's a terrible way of starting the day. I dis not suffer from insomnia quite the opposite. I feel sleepy all day and sleep is about the only thing okay with me right now. Do you have any betablocker like "propranolol" for the palpitations? I think you should atleast give the Zoloft a try! It will take some time to work but if it helps you in tje long run its so worth it!
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      Hi there, thanks for the response. Cardiologist did not want to put me on a beta blocker. My pulse and blood pressure are on the low side so he said the beta blockers would make me feel worse. I guess I just have to get up the nerve and just start. Good luck to you.


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    I started Zoloft to treat my insomnia..started at 25mg, now at 75mg..my insomnia is much better..stomach problems, from Zoloft are resolving..never experienced heart palipatations..it took me about 3 weeks to be relieved of side effects..my last increase to 75mg has been the hardest..lots of fatigue..even after a good nights sleep..

    best of luck..it is not an overnight fix..patiencešŸ˜Š

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      Thank you for the input. I didn't know Zoloft was used to help insomnia. I just seem to be so sensitive to meds, if there's a side effect I will get it...I'm so worried...I guess that's my anxiety talking. Good luck to you, I hope things work out for you.


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    Hello Andrea - sounds like you are stuck in a bit of a vicious circle.

    The heart palpitations exist because you are anxious about them

    and so you will keep going round in circles as it is the anxiety causing

    It in the first place. Sertraline is no easy ride but it does work.

    I too suffered with the palpitations bAck in October and I got more

    anxious because of this. I also had the check in my heart and it was

    fine but it doesn't stop you worrying at the time. The Sertelraline takes

    a while to work and you could feel worse before you get better but

    You need to stick it out to get the results. I am now looking at weaning

    Myself off them now it's about 6 months but they did help. You should

    Start to notice a difference between 2-4 weeks but will start to feel better

    And norm again at about 6-8 weeks this is when your body gets adjusted

    To the level of sertraline you are taking. Give it a go. I would not consider

    Beta blockers,they are temporary and not sure if they would react well with

    The setraline.

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      I've tried everything to calm down about the heart palpitations and as soon as I think they are getting better they come back. I just dont want them to get worse. I think I'm depressed as well because I don't want to go out or do anything. We moved to the US from Canada 6 months ago so also feeling alone. Guess I will give them a try.

      Thank you


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    Hey Andrea,Ā 

    I have health anxiety too, I had palpitations chest pain tingles up my arm and legs, wrist and fingers, the lot. I went A+E thinking all sorts of things, had 3 ECGS and got my bloods done an was told I was hyperventilating, the nurse gave my 5mg of diazipam and told me to start meds.

    I still have pains in my chest an i sit an panic and then i feel worse, I sleep from 3am onwards or 6am, worrying with symptoms of anxiety.

    I've been on citalopram before at 18 for 3 years an had the few side affects but i felt better after a month on them, I tried 20mg in September and had a bad experience on it, being sick, panicking all night, drowsy, blurred vision an ever since I'm scared to take another tablet of anything now.

    I have 25mg an have been told to increase to 50 after 2 weeks, I am hoping I will split the tablet into a small 3rd and take that an see how I feel.

    I am sensitive too medication too an I am scared aswell, but I cant live in fear anymore, I want my life back.

    I'm gonna keep a diary when I start too an keep making docs appointments when i feel awful, they can always give anti sickness medicaiton too for the intial stages.

    Always here to help, I feel what your giong through though


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    My doc also said they dont affect the heart, it may increase anxiety which will cause the amygdala to respond an release andrenaline and so forth but it will be because the thinking about the symptoms.Ā 

    They are meant to have a sedative affect so you might feel sleepy and tired on them, could take them before bed an sleep of the side affects but really please try not to worry. Anything is better then the hell your going through, an look at the success stories people have, thats what keeps me positiveĀ 


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      Thank you Kerry, this information has really helped me, much appreciated. If it makes me tired I will be thrilled. I would love to get a good night sleep again.


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    You need to start the Zoloft and take it one day at a time. It's not a race to get better but you have to be kind to yourself as the

    Road is a bit rocky in the way. Do things to tackle your mind of it, it

    Really helps. Take up jogging, swimming anything but you need to be kind to yourself

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    A beta blocker will help with palpitations .....propranolol
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      My cardiologist suggested I not take them because my pulse and blood pressure are already on low side. He said beta blockers would make me feel worse, but thank you for your input.


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