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I had an unprotected incident with a man of unknown status, in February, 2 to 3 weeks later I got quite sick and had a lot of symptoms that could be associated with ars. the tests I've had so far have been

4th generation duo at 4 weeks- negative

rapid fingerprick test 5 to 6 week's- negative

antibody possibly 3 rd generation 7 to 8 weeks- negative

I still have to test at 12 weeks where I live

could any1 tell me how accurate they would be upto this point and also is there a chance of them

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    Chance of them changing was the last question

    any advice thanks

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      Well, if you want to just talk chances then let's do it this way -- 

      The chances of him having it are less than 1/100. 

      The chances of you getting it from 1 time is 1/100 (worst case)

      The chances of you testing negative at 4 weeks with a duo are 1/10 (assuming you had it in the first place). 

      Then your 8 week 3rd gen reduced your false neg risk by 1/2

      So your total chances that the result is wrong right now 

      1/100 * 1/100 * 1/10 * 1/2 = .000005.   That's pretty darn small.  And I'm assuming some worst figuers. 

      That's about the same chance you have of being hit by lightining in a rain storm.   

      So I would suggest, just get a duo.  It's very, very, very unlikely that it's going to change.  

      In your shoes, I would just do the duo now.  And then put it behind me. 

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    In the UK, expert doctors believe that for most risks, a 4 week 4th genration is conclusive.   It's like better than 99% that you don't have HIV.   

    The RAPID at 4 - 6 weeks doesn't add much.   It's not a very good test when taken that early.  It's only of use post 10 weeks.   Ideally, 12 weeks.

    Your 3rd gen lab test is also about 99% at 8 weeks. 

    With a one time risk of 1/1000 and the testing you've had, your chances of it changing at 3 months, about 1/10,000 or less.  So you're like 99.99% don't have HIV. 

    You can go head a do a 4th gen now and know for sure.  Or you can wait until 3 months with a 3rd generation.   But the odds are overwheling that you don't have HIV. 

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      It's the rare person who does not find this time of waiting to be a difficult time.   Your thoughts are constantly occupied with it every time you have a free moment.   That's why the best thing you can do is not allow yourself a lot of free time.   Stay busy as much as you can. 
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      I think my level of fear has grown totally out of hand, I may even need to speak to a counselor. Although from most things I have read recently online and advice I have got, at this stage I should be happy with the result of fairly confident of being negative.. I just can't get it out of my head! I am still checking for symptoms every day and I just can't seem to get back to normal at all! I am even thinking of paying for another duo test at the 9 to 10 week mark just to try feel a bit more relieved
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      A duo post 6 weeks is abolutely conclusive independent of risk.  That's why in Canada they tell doctors don't worry after 6 weeks if it's a lab based 4th generation test (not the RAPID 4th gen test, because it's not as good.)

      You see in the UK doctors say 4 weeks is concluisve because they take into account the risk, as well as the chance that you will test negative when you have it at 4 weeks, which is 10%.   

      What they figure is that even if you're exposed your chances are about 1/100 worst case of getting it from a one time exposure.   That's 1%.  Then they figure of these, only 10% would take longer than a month.  That's .1%.   So the way they do the math, they say 99.9% you don't have it. 

      Well that's all well and good, if you want to play rolutte.  What is you're in the 10%. 

      In Canada they don't do it that way.  They look at the test and see if people test negative past 6 week duo and they don't find any.   It doesn't matter the risk. 

      I don't want to worry you.   As I said, if you look at your total risk, you most likely don't have HIV.   But you're not crazy to want to go ahead and do another duo test.  

      I'm also telling you that the UK, very few people have HIV.  Most women don't have it.   The men who do have it have a long history of homosexual sex.  The heterosexual males get it because they contracted it when they slept with someone overseas.   So the chances are also in your favor that the guy doesn't even have HIV. 


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      There is a strong possibility the man was bisexual although he did not admit that, I have not had contact with him since to even ask him if he had recently tested. Every time the panic sets in I have to go online and read expert doctors saying they have never seen a 6 week negative change this calms me down for awhile.. I think for my own sake I will get the duo again at the 9 to 10 week mark, I suppose you can't put a price on peace of mind.. I just want to get to the 3 month mark and put an end to all this and NEVER be so careless again!

      thank you for all the advise and info it is very much appreciated

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      A duo at any time now would be just as good as a 3 month test. 

      But it's up to you to decide when you want to do it. 

      It's true no sex w/o a condom.  But even then condoms can break. 

      For future reference, you should know about PEP. 

      If you take it immediately, it can pretty much stop HIV.   Doctors say up to 72 hrs.  But from the research I've read, it doesn't fail for people who take it within 24 hrs and can for people who do post 48 hrs.  

      That's why if I had an issue, I wouldn't wait around like some doctors tell their patients to do because they don't really understand the "why" behind these guidelines.  I would just start taking the medicaiton ASAP. 

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      We'll you seem very knowledgeable on the matter so thank you, I've been ringing around trying to find somewhere that does the duo, I don't want to go back to the gum clinic where I took the first 1 and risk getting lectured on over testing, I have to go back there at 12 weeks, the other place I have found the results will only be back after 2 weeks which is nearly the 12 week anyway!

      I don't know what to do, il keep trying, if only the tests were more readily available and the results came in 24 hrs it would cut down on fears of testing and anxiety, I think that all Gps should be up to date with all the newest information amd testing procedures

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      Well there has got to be more than 1 GUM clinic in your area.   Like wise, i wouldn't worry about a lecture for "over testing".   It's your health, not their's. 
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      Lol it is a small place I'd say we are lucky we have the 1 :-P so far I have only found 2 clinics in the whole city that do the duo tests! I'll keep looking tommorow. Is there alot of places where you live? And do the results take long? I'm just curious what are the waiting times in other countries
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    As I so often say the risk of catching HIV from hetrosexual sex in UK [and this is a UK website] is still pretty low.  We do not know where you are though but your tests are negative and so - almost certainly - that is the final situation.

    Safe sex in future?

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