Testicular Pain during ejaculation and extending flanking pain from Pelvic area toward kidney side

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I had a lingering pain that radiated from my Pelvis area up my right side toward my kidneys. Additional extreme sharp pain occurred within the right testicle during the moment of ejaculation/climax. I visited my Primary Care Physician for blood work and thorough physical. Initial diagnosis was Prostatitus (prostate infection). Long term antibiotics were provided as prostate infections are resistant to antibiotics. There was a brief improvement on the antibiotics however the pain quickly resurfaced. Blood work showed no signs of a medical issue. Full Pelvic and Abdominal CT scan was performed with no abnormal results.

PCP referred me to a Urologist. Urologist evaluated CT and added Ultrasound of testicles, again with no abnormal results. Urologist prescribed FLOMAX which provided some reduction, although not elimination, of the pain however contained undesirable side effects. Subsequently the Urologist prescribed ALFUZOSIN ER 10MG which like FLOMAX provided some reduction in the pain however did not eliminate the pain while still incurring severe pain during ejaculation with less negative side effects. After nearly 9 months of ongoing treatment by the Urologist, the Urologist prepared me for the likelihood this could be a non-bacterial Prostatitus which may not be able to be treated effectively. I had delayed a umbilical hernia repair until the testicular/Pelvic/Abdominal pain was resolved. Facing the reality the Urologist had exhausted the investigation with no significant improvement and being prepared the pain could be a pain I would have to accept as the new normal, I conveyed to the urologist that I would proceed to meet with a surgeon to have the Umbilical Hernia repaired. In doing so, it triggered a long shot potential cause from the Urologist that I may possibly have an inguinal hernia which may not have shown up in the CT scan. The Urologist recommended I ask the surgeon to investigate for an Inguinal Hernia while performing the Umbilical Hernia Repair.

Upon meeting with the Surgeon, the Surgeon immediately suspected the pain was that of a Inguinal Hernia. The Surgeon performed a physical exam and found no evidence of an Inguinal Hernia however indicated they are easily missed and ordered a MRI of the Pelvis in an attempt to discover if there was in fact an Inguinal Hernia. The MRI of the Pelvis did not indicate the presence of Inguinal Hernia. During the prep of the Umbilical Hernia surgery, the surgeon and I discussed the possibility that there was a slim chance the MRI missed an Inguinal Hernia. The Surgeon elected to investigate while performing the Umbilical Hernia repair and in fact found not one but two Inguinal Hernia's (one one the right and one on the left side of the pelvis where the testicular vesicles penetrate the abdominal wall). The result was a second hernia repair surgery to repair the two Inguinal Hernia's (missed by both a CT and MRI scan). Nearly immediately there was a significant (80+%) reduction in testicular/pelvis/abdominal pain. The surgeon indicated the pain may fully go away however prepared me for the reality that the pain may not be fully eliminated. Within two months post surgery the pain is 99% gone (rarely will I encounter a mild flanking soreness in the abdominal area. Testicular pain 100% eliminated)

I am posting this to aid others whom may be experiencing the same conditions as I was diligently searching for the cause of my pain and a treatment to resolve. I consider myself fortunate as had I not had the Umbilical Hernia where the surgeon could poke around to investigate if other hernia(s) existed despite negative findings on both the CT and MRI scans, I may not have ever been properly diagnosed nor reached successful treatment. If you are experiencing these symptoms I truly understand the pain and the effect on ones relationship with spouse/significant other. It took me almost a year to find the cause and have the Inguinal Hernias corrected via hernia mesh surgeries and my hope is this posting will help others whom may be dealing with a similar pain caused by an Inguinal Hernia.

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    Hi Stephen.va, Glad you found an outcome to your pain, well done your surgeon. May I ask, was your pain 24/7, and did you get pain down your right leg into your foot?

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      Whereas my pain would be consistent dull flanking pain between my groin and right side towards the kidney area, the soreness was not necessarily 24/7 nor did it extend into my leg or foot. I sympathise with you if you are chasing down a pain and struggling to find the root cause.

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    Stephen this is a great read and I'm so pleased you got to the bottom of the pain.

    I'm suffering with very similar issues and have started to notice pain when ejaculating, around my pelvis and testicles. I also get pain in my front left side, which has been there since last January. All of my health issues actually started last January after getting up off the sofa and feeling something pop in my left hip area. Following this I couldn't sit up properly or evacuate my bowels completely for 3 days, I was experiencing a weird sharp feeling across my front left midriff area. The pain I have to date is in this area, but not as sharp. I've always thought it was a tear, which didn't get diagnosed by the GP's and let bacteria in.

    Moving forward from January 2019 to April 2019, this is when the pain traversed across my midriff into the right side of my pelvis and then into my right testicle.

    I have a small lump below my testicles near my perineum, it's tiny about the size of a pea. I'm still convinced a lot of the pain is coming from this area. But I'm aware that bacteria can produce nerve damage and the pain may well just me be shot nerves.

    I'm now battling with pains in my buttocks, particularly in my right buttock and top between both buttock cheeks. The pain traverses into the top of my thigh and around my testicle (right side).

    It's worth pointing out that I have had lots of tests and checks - CT scans of my pelvic, MRI of spine/lumbar, MRI of pelvis, ultrasounds of testicle and upper abdomen, cystoscopy to check for bladder infection and stones. Lots of bloods, more recently to check for rheumatoid arthritis. The standard cough and poke tests for hernias. A couple of prostate exams.

    Can I check to see what sort of surgeon you saw to check and treat the hernia repair?

    I have the option of going to see a general surgeon and wondered if that would be pursuing.

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