Testosterone supplementation for premature perimenopause?

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During my internet research I found the following information:

"Other ovarian hormones 


There has been more attention paid recently to testosterone -- and more doctors and studies have been concluding that low levels are often a problem for a woman with premature ovarian failure or early menopause (particularly women who've undergone surgical menopause).  ........

.....symptoms of low testosterone such as a lagging libido or excessive fatigue -- then you may still benefit from testosterone supplementation."

?Apart from this, I have read somewhere else that testosterone converts into estrogen according to the biochemical hormonal cycle.

?I am ashamed to ask that but is there any lady  around early thirties ( I am almost 32 years old) with perimenopause symptoms ( severe and constant low estrogen deficiency symptoms) that has tried this medical option as for example a testosterone cream? 

?I am afraid  that testosterone supplementation  in women may lead to symptoms like hair loss, acne, hirsutism to unwanted places of the body but  a small dosage may be beneficial?


I am terribly sad because premature/ early perimenopause before 40's is not a physical transition and it is extremely rare...Unfortunately, It is pathological with many short term and long term consequences and the bad news is that it is irreversible

I cannot believe the hormonal chaos that is happening to my body...Sometimes I do not want to accept it! I try to convince myself that I am in a nightmare and the next morning I will be healthy and normal again  but the pains, physical and emotional symptoms do not let me forget my miserable condition.  I've forgotten how it feels to be healthy

What I have done to suffer like this!?

?The only thing that I know is that I am  unfortunate because sth weird is happening with my hormonal "make up".... probably an abnormality to my genes or idiopathic, autoimmune ovarian disorder




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    Hi Evi,

    first and foremost, you have NOTHING to be ashamed about! you seem to be transitioning quite young, but it is not rare. But whatever the age (I'm 50, going on 51 in july), one gets emotional and starts feeling less of a woman. But i do agree, it is not easy, especially for someone as young as you.

    I have read several posting here about being in peri at quite young ages. the youngest that I read was around 28! So you are not alone, and again, nothing to be ashamed about. 

    The hardest thing is that one day (or hour) you feel as if the whole world is falling to pieces and the next you just feel fine and wonder why you were worrying. Its a real roller coaster! 

    Please do take care, take supplements to balance hormones naturally and to ease the pains, and do visit this site often. Lots of support and help here!

    Hang in there!

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    I can't help with the age (I am 50 years) but I am guessing Peri is pretty much the same whatever your age A BIG FAT HORRIBLE TRANSITION!!.

    First thing to remember is stress, upset and depression causes massive sways in our hormones so try not to be too upset (easier said than done as it must be incredibly hard at a younger age) but there are plenty of people on here offering support.

    I read about the effects of testosterone in peri and after some research brought the nearest thing too in a supplement called DHEA. 2 months on I believe I am feeling some benefits, Its by no means a cure all but it has helped. No side effects to date, although the first 2 weeks my libido was through the roof & I get the odd spots on my back. My only advice is to start with a very small dose but it can be as effective as any prescribed testosterone.

    hope it goes ok for you

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    This is very interesting.  I have been thinking for a while now that maybe my testosterone is low.  I have very low libido and fatigue most days.    I think I will ask my gp to check it.  I would have the same worries about the undesirable side effects.  I hope someone on here will comment on their experience and I’m going to do some research on the dhea also.
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    Sorry you're going through peri so early, but as the other ladies have written, it is not unusual.  Each person's physiology is different.  You are not a mutant and have no deficiencies.  Fair or not, it's just your time to experience it.   

    Women's bodies only make a tiny fraction of the testosterone that's made by men's bodies.  Testosterone is a dangerous substance.  You might want to look up the side effects of medications containing testosterone--as they apply to males. For instance, when men are prescribed testosterone gel, they are instructed to make sure that women and children don't come into contact with it. The side effects that you wrote about that happen to women aren't complete.  There are sites where you can research the side effects of this hormone in depth.

    And, it's not widely prescribed. for men  In order for men to receive testosterone supplementation, the free testosterone in their systems has to be extremely low.  

    The first thing you can do for yourself is to accept and try to make peace with what's going on.  It's another "rite of passage" that every woman experiences.  Some have it worse than others.  And it sounds as if you're one of them.  Rather than fight against it, you can work with it to find what you can do to become more healthy.

    Some women attribute all the symptoms they're experiencing to menopause.  It's important to make sure that you're generally healthy, so you might want to also see your gp for an exam.  That might help you determine what's related to peri and what isn't.

    Best of luck to you!  You'll get lots of support from the ladies on this site.  They're wonderful! xxx 



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    Hi Evi...lovey its hard but not rare...I started early with hysterectomy at 37..not as young... All the new symptoms to begin with are so scary... The other night felt as if my body was going into shock with shaking and horrible anxiety and awful mood.... I' 47 now But these times are not as frequent... Keep checking In here for support... dont let this period in life define you... Lots of love. CK

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      Hello Carol,

      unfortunately hormones have already destroyed all realms of my life.

      Firstly, I quit my job (I had a very good job) and my last relationship ended because of my abnormal behavior

      I have found another man who is aware of my problems and he insists that he loves me and wants me in his life but I do not want to make him unhappy so I stopped dating him although he keeps phoning me every day..I think he deserves a better relationship...

      I am a looser of life, this is the reality for me! All my life, I used to make dreams but this problem made me a realistic person

      ​At this stage, I am housebound the most of the time and I am trying to find sth to occupy myself despite the fatigue I feel....I am trying not to searching all the time on the internet but I need to vent sometimes

      ​I hope to find sth medical to help me and feel better and involve in life again...I used to be a sociable and motivated girl....I miss my old selfcry


      On May 2016 I had a laparoscopic surgery because of a rupture cyst and the doctor removed a small part of left ovary, maybe this worsened my condition...

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    I would like to thank you heartedly for your replies!

    Indeed, you are all wonderful ladies!

    ?I am sorry if I am persistent and tiring with my continuous posts but I'm grasping at straws trying to figure out why I get so sick feeling every month after my period ?till midcycle.

    I would like to  find a safe and effective way to increase my estradiol which is probably too low, but as I know this is not so feasible and that's why there are so  many women  suffering

    ?thank again for the support!smile





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