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Thanks for your advice! I didn't have any whatsoever from the doctors or hospital. The only advice I received was from the district nurse dressing clinic, (which I had to visit everyday for 6 weks for paking of my abscess.) where they told me to have a salt bath every morning before visiting the clinic..

It's a shame that you can't do your weight lifting / body building anymore...I feel for you. It's a horrible condition with such little advice....

I was worried mine could have been caused by my exercising / walking running etc.. I asked the surgeon after my op and he suggested it may be '' one of those things - you're just unlucky to get one''. I am 5ft 6ins and a slim build 114lbs but we're sat all day at work for long hours and as our ladies lavatories do not have windows, I ignore the urge to goto the loo, sometimes holding on for hours, just before my abscess occured, I needed to go at 7.30am and held on until 5.30pm - my own silly fault. I was off work a long time with my abscess, having to have it packed with aquacel everyday... I felt manky and horrible and with being off work I was so fed up..

Now i've been reading that the abscess incision which I had done ( it was an x shape ) shouldn't have been that shape for that area,( but there again, it could be because I don't have much ''padding / fat'' in that area, ) and that packing delays healing but I just went along with the doctors / nurses advice. 

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    Hi Tulip78 I have read some of your other posts too and do feel for you (and the other sufferers on here too!). I read on on epost you were having a Seton fitted and you were worried, did that happen? It's not as bad as you may think.

    Five weeks ago one Sunday I started off feeling a bit poorly which then became chills and shivering. This developed into a fever over the next two days. On the fourth day the fever subsided but I noticed a pain/lump near my anus which started hurting so much I couldn't even go toilet.

    Went to the docs next day and he prescribed antibiotics but also said if there was no change in three days get myself down to A&E. After two days the pain got so bad I went to A&E and after spending the whole day there they eventually got me a bed at 9.30pm for a morning opertaion of Incision & Drainage of a Perianal Abscess.

    Next morning after the op (under GA) I was taken back to my bed with very little information. I waited all day for the doctor to come and see me but he had been called on an emergency and it was eventually 11.30pm I was discharged with nothing more than a letter for my GP.

    Luckily the Practice nurse at the GP's got me in straightaway and explained that the abscess had been drained but that also a Seton drain had been put in!

    I had the abscess packed for the first week which then healed up as it wasn't too big and also had a hospital letter to come back in after 12 weeks - I'm assuming it is to check/remove the Seton.

    The Seton drain is right near my anal passage but I have no idea where it goes inside or how high up. It is like a thin rubber band tied in a knot. It leaks daily and I change pads about 4 times a day (I'm a male but don't mind telling everyone I'm using pads lol has to be done).

    The Seton itself hasn't caused any problems, I just use baby wipes regularly, shower once a day and keep my bowel movements regular to oce every morning.

    I have been back at work this week, after 3 weeks off, and it has been tough. Don't know if it's the sitting and driving but the initial abscess seems to be hurting again. There is a small lump there and is painful when pressed. I am thinking the worst that the abscess may be coming back.

    I still see the practice nurse twice a week to check the Seton is okay and for infections so will ask her when I go next on Tuesday to check the lump.

    Like everyone else on hee I just weant to get back to some sort of normality as it really gets you down, frustrated and moody.

    Let me know your progress if you can.

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      I went to my GP on Thursday, I explained I have had an abscess that had to be operated on twice, explained I now have a small lump. She had a look, said it's nothing concerning and gave me antibiotics 500mg flucloxacillin four times a day. Not much has changed though.. I feel embarrased about the whole situation..


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      There is hardly any advice about the condition. After my first op, they never even gave me any district nurse number for the packing to be done, had to sort it all myself. My GP surgery doesn't do wound packing or anything like that - had to goto the hospital district nurse dressing clinic everday. 

      In such an embarrasing area too. 

      I wonder how many people get these things? I feel so gutted. 

      My GP said to come back after if the antibiotics haven't worked. I was in a right state. Very anxious and upset. Not usually like this either..

      It helps to read your story though, not all stories are horror stories.

      I hope you're ok

      I too sit all day at work. Then go walking or for a run at night....

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      I was worried mine could have been caused by my exercising / walking running etc.. I asked the surgeon after my op and he suggested it may be '' one of those things - you're just unlucky to get one''. I am 5ft 6ins and a slim build 114lbs but we're sat all day at work for long hours and I was off work a long time with my abscess, having to have it packed with aquacel everyday... I felt manky and horrible and with being off work I was so fed up..

      I just don't wanna have to do all that again..


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      I am in the UK had it done on NHS. I don't know what to do if the lump remaims after antibiotics the GP said it's nothing to worry about, it's about the size of blueberry (sorry to be so descriptive)

      I can't talk to anyone about the siituation, don't want to talk to friends about it. I split from my boyfriend in March but I feel so manky at the moment I don't know if I'd want a relationship at the moment. I am soo fed up of it all......

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      I'm sitting at work right now and seeing as always sit at funny angles end up with back hurting too - just can't win.

      There's actually more people than you might think that suffer with this although many many get through it fairly easily with little complications which is why we don't hear from them.

      Don't think I'll be running anywhere just yet though still walking like a duck!

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      Hello! Nice to hear from you and I thank you for asking me..

      I managed to get a GP appointment, wasn't the same GP who I saw about the problem last time (she was very efficient and quick acting), luckily it was  a female GP. 

      I explained my symptoms, I explained my previous abscess history etc.. I also said I was worried I may have a fistula. I said I am worried about the surgery with regard to them inserting a seton and the possibility of them creating false tunnels etcc..

      She examined me, said I do have a Haemorrhoid and said she could see a small tender swelling. She gave me antibiiotics and said there is no opening on the skin, she said she wasn't concerned about it... She asked if I noticed any drainage which I havem't and gave me some ''pile'' cream and antibiotics flucloxacillin 500mg 4 tines a day!! They gave me upset stomach but I am still taking them, this was on Thursday but no difference. The lumpy thing is still there though. 

      I can't talk to anyone about my problem.. I feel I can't have a relationship at the moment either due to the embarrassment of it all.

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      Hey Tulip

      So no abscess then? Not great news about the hem but if no abscess this is very good news??

      I know what you mean about relationships, I was in a relationship when it happened to me but nothing could have been further from my mind at the time.

      Life is short Tulip don't let this hold you back. If someone really likes you they will still like you no matter what.

      Well done for going to the doctors!!

      PM me anytime.

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    Yes intimacy is the lst thing on my mind right now. I find i'm always conscious about the discharge or the smell and just don't feel like being too close to anyone. Although in reality when others see us they haven't got a clue what's going on hey

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      you're right there! No-one else will know whats going on there at least :DD

      I don't know what to do at the moment, hopefully antibiotics will work! 

      Think I may have a fistula though but until my GP refers me, I won't know.. When I sit at work I sit at funny angles too! only way I can get comfortable.

      I think another lass at work had one too and I've heard a lot of people who sit a lot get them too.


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      Sitting def does not help. After much research I have ordered a suitable ring cushion which should arrive any day. Will let you know how good it is once I have used it.

      Hopefully the antibiotics work for you and it clears up. Worry about the next stage only if it happens :-) 

      As with anything some GP's and hospitals are better than others. I was lucky my health center is fairly close and the nurses are really good.

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      Did they do an MRI on you before they did the seton stitch /  op? I'm worried about them fiddling about causing problems before they operate


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      No MRI as far as I'm aware. My abscess came from nothing to a painful lump within four days. Went to A&E who admitted me same night. The op was to cut and drain the abscess but I guess when doing that they found a fistula and put in a seton drain at the same time.

      I say 'I guess' because nobody ever explained the procedure I was simply discharged next evening without a consultant/doctor visit and just a letter for my GP.

      The MRI should be straightforward and show where the fistula (if there is one) is situated. Thing is there is more than one type/place a fistula can be. I think the lower down the anal passage the fistula begins the easier it is to treat.

      Try not to worry though as even a bit of discomfort now will mean years of well being once diagnosed and treated.

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      Exactly the same here!! I got a lump from nowhere, it like appeared in about four days also.. Monday I rang dr's but couldn't get appointment.

      I went to dr's on a wednesday, gave me antibiotics - two lots and asked me come back on the friday, when i did she sent me straight to a and e. I got admitted at 5pm, had an op to drain abscess but didn't get told anything about the procedure - just like sign the form,,, the next day at 3pm the nurse change the packing, gave me a letter and I had to ask for painkillers, a sicknote for work and then I had to ring the dressing clinic for appointments for packing..

      I'm still on antibiotics the lump is a wee bit smaller but still there.Hopefully if it is a fistula it will be low

      Thanks for replying,, 

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