The bottle on the side of the road

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When I'm newly sober...I am very in tuned to ANY signs of alcohol around me.

​Tonight I was on a JOYFUL, SAFE, SOBER ride to our local store...just to look around...cause I CAN now...I'm not crippled by alcohol anymore.

​I got about 2 streets away (and it was dark out) headlights hit a "bottle" on the side of the road...a small "shot" bottle...they call them "nips" here in the US.

​nip = a bottle the size of 1 shot of many different kinds of hard liquors (whiskey, vodka, etc.). 

​First I THANKED GOD I was sober.  And I felt a pure spike of pain go thru was fear.  I was afraid of that bottle...even thou it can no longer do me any harm, if I do not allow it.

​Second, I prayed for the person who disposed the bottle to the side of the road (most likely someone driving that did not want the evidence in their car)

​Third, "I felt crazy" because...I wondered how many other people would even notice that bottle to be anything but "trash" on the side of the road?

​I know children will be walking that way to school tommorow. I wonder if a bit of curiousity about that bottle will set off some alcoholism subconsciously in some child?  Maybe 10 will walk by and not notice it...but will there be one like me?  One so fascinated by the design on the bottle that he/she wants to grow up and get one someday.

​I don't know the story behind the bottle...but I do know that the person that tossed it - is suffering and is not thinking clearly..the only thought process is "I have to get rid of this"....

​I feel very lucky tonight when I arrived at the store...I bought normal things...I looked normal....I talked with people in the store, I may have even smiled.

And yes when I returned...the bottle was still on the side of the road sad

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    good story Missy2 and morality and reflection...quite deep and this shows how you are healing very fast and think deep. Just feel sorry for the person who threw it away since it was done in order to get rid of evidence as you show it..keep it!! you can do it!!
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      Thanks Robin...I am doing it smile

      I still can't get over alcohol is legal.

      ​Alcohol - kills, puts people in hospitals, makes people kill other people with drunk driving, makes some people violent (domestic violence)...etc.

      ​Pot - illegal...and it does none of those things.

      ​I never liked pot and since it is illegl....I can't smoke just baffles me the thought process of having it be ILLEGAL....when I have a son who smokes it regulary and (he doesn't drink or anything).  The only thing it does to him is regulate his mood and makes him eat more!

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    Hi Misssy

    We as adults somethimes let children down, I wonder how many parents will give their children a little "snow ball" egg nog and lemonade as a special treat for christmas.

    Or give them a "shandy" so the child can join the adults in a grown up drink, I know I did, thankfully both my boys (31 and 27) are not big drinkers and never have been, but who can plan that.......

    I started drinking at about 15, and I often wonder where my life would have taken me without the drink.......although I am very lucky with the life I have got, but I know that was more luck than judgement.

    The drinking age here in the UK is 18 and 21 in the US. Does the additional 3 years make a difference?

    I am glad you are doing well.

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      Wow!  My grandparents and parents used to sip egg nog Christmas Eve..and they did let us try it!  I remember my sister thought it was disgusting..(she is still an alcoholic)....but I was always asking for MORE sips...or sneaking them.

      I started really drinking about 17....I know I tried it at 13 because of the house we were in (is the only reason I know the age).  The man downstairs had a basement with a fridge that held all beer for his parties.  I would sneak a can here and there when I was babysitting ONE can.

      ​I don't think the difference between 18 and 21 drinking age matters..only because I know I was somehow getting consistent acess to beer (at parties) etc.  from the age of 17 even thou it was illegal here.


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    Things like that will stand out.I noticed after I had a few yrs in there was a tv commercial for potato chips and wine in same ad.Although I did not notice wine until saw ad a few times .The potato chips made my mouth water.I see the ad is still on.It is hilarious how I have changed.We had a swim race pre-race meeting night before an open water event.The organizers supplied wine cheese and crackers.Not one person had wine except the organizers.I was watching.I like where if somebody drinks they are out of place,instead of me.I know what you mean cause I was fascinated by alcohol before when I ws young.All the cool looking containers.Everything about it seemed so romantic.
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      How interesting to indroduce a "downer" to your swimmers a night before a race!  What if one of those swimmers was an alcoholic!  They would be in pretty bad shape for the race the next day.  Not a responsible organizing group! LOL
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      It kinda looks like they probably had a festival budget.They get to keep what wasnt consumed.It was a swim marathon in the bay the next day at a 3km race and a 10km race.So it doesnt make sense but the snacks were a good idea.You need to be a serious swimmer.I noticed a lot of festivals seem to revolve around drinking.The liquor sales high price pay for the events.Even when there are no events all summer long if I bike distance on road either sat or sun,I have to be mindful.There are so many broken beer bottles .It sure is nice to get out and have fun.I had ended up home alone drinking most of the time to avoid screwing up in public.I hope you are doing well today.I noticed you mentioned violence from alcohol and other negatives.I noticed a lot of festival summer activities revolve around liquor for profit and such.I dont avoid these events because I dont trust myself .I just dont feel comfortable around the violence and stupid way people behave.It all seems so foolish.And everybody including non-alcoholics always seem to regret anything they did.Then they turn around and do it again.Of course it is just not as often as someone who is
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      I am doing well today.

      ​Hope you are as well...I had a busy day....

      ​I actually enjoy watching people act stupid when I'm sober..and then I say "By the grace of God, go thy" smile

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