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To try and bring some humour to our plight why don't we set up a cysterhood.

I'm Janice 44 - married one son (aged 10) and the proud owner of a dermoid cyst on my left ovary approx 6x6cm at the last count.

Haven't picked a name yet - any suggestions.

What about Dermot the dermoid? smile

Janice x

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    Hi Janice,

    Yes lets, I feel psycologically better already knowing i'm not on my own.

    I'm married, age 38, 2 kids, 1 boy age 14, 1 girl age 8, beautiful they are, There the reason i'm not gonna let these so called docs mess me about any longer, already waited 9 months for appointment with gynae. Made appointment with doc for next friday.I've a cyst with no name (poor thing)

    was 4 cm in dec 07.

    take care

    kaz x from the cyster hood ha! ha! ha!

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    Hi Cysterhood, what a great pun. I would be proud to join up. I am Linda38 and the 38 is not my age I am 43 mother of one, a son of 23 now. my cyst measures in at 15cm so far, I only found out week and half ago when I had an ultrasound because my monthly's were being disrupted so they were looking for fibroids. Everything has moved really fast saw the Gynea on the Monday CT booked for this Monday, fingers crossed, they will be looking to see if it is connected to any other organs.

    Good luck at the Docs, be firm!!!!

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    I to would like to join our cysterhood group plz, i'm kim 43 married with 3 girls 1 boy ages 23 22 20 and my baby is 11, my is cyst is just under 5cms, don't know what type it is and i don't have a name, just know it's causing me grief having it. sad

    Kim xx

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    Are we all having treatment for our additions?

    I am - I'm on the waiting list to have my cyst and ovary removed in January.

    So right now I'm busy trying to shed some weight!!

    I'm thinking of going back to work in the meantime - but I'll speak with my GP first, I'm going to see her on Wednesday.

    Somedays I feel OK - others I'm totally bushed, ohh to be back to normal.

    We have a nice little group building here :D

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    Hi Jinty

    Ive had physio stimulation for my pelvic muscles because they weren't working, my consultant was more bothered about my bladder than my cyst when i went to see him, he said he didn't want to take it out due to it being complicated because ive had an hysterectomy 10 years ago,it would be the last resort but would consider doing laparoscopy ( think thats it) for adhesions because ive had them removed before, he asked if that was ok and i said no and that i'd worked myself up to having my ovary removed and i felt i wasn't getting anywhere, he sent me for a blood test for cancer because my sister had cervical cancer 3 times she's had chemo etc, i'm assuming they were ok, i go bk 8th oct to gynae and i'm hoping they will do something because ive been off work for 12 wks with this but bk at docs tues, i have to return to work soon cos ive not been paid for 8wks, not earned enough to claim so if i have an op will have to use my hols still got 3 wks left.

    How come your waiting so long for your op ? or is this normal.

    This site is like a lifeline knowing all the cysters understand how you feel one way or another, i'm truely grateful for the support and hope i can return it. Kim smile x

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    Hi Janice, Kaz & Kim (Cysters)

    Indeed we are all at different stages of treatment, some taking along time, mine is super quick but I guess it is bigger than the average. Baby Mel has been quiet today with just a few twinges. Got to admit I am tired, but its Friday Yeeha!!

    Makes me wonder where we are all coming from, I'm in Hampshire going to The Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester. Are the waiting times regional? I've gone from Ultrasound to Gynea to CT Scan in 13 days!!

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    Hi Cysters smile

    Although we may all have different stories - it's great to know we're not suffering alone.

    My cyst was initially noticed about 3yrs ago - when I had kidney stones (if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all). I had 2 CT scans on my tummy and thats when it was first spotted. I was sent for a US scan and was told I had a simple cyst, that they are very common, and that it would go away.

    So I just ignored things and got on with it.

    I started to get a kinda full feeling in my tummy, and was widdling constantly, and I really thought I had another kidney stone.

    My GP decided to investigate and sent me for another US scan in May which again showed a cyst.

    My periods are very sparse and irregular, so they sent me to a gynae.

    I saw her August 4th, in a local clinic and they done an internal US scan(lovely :roll: ). The Dr showed me the cyst on the screen and it had gotten alot bigger. She was confident that it wasn't a simple cyst, but was unsure if it was a dermoid, or an endometrial cyst. So I was refered for surgery.

    I was at the hospital on Tuesday (16th Sept) and the decision was made to take it out.

    It does get painful, but it can be settled with Neurofen - so at the moment I can live with that.

    I've actually been off work since March this year - as my mum died and my dad was also ill - so it's been a pretty stressful year.

    I'd like to head back to work for a few months - seeing as I'm going to be off again in January.

    I got my C 125 test results back on Tues and they were OK - but I'll not be happy until this thing is out and all the tests tell me it was really only a cyst.

    Ohh - I'm in Scotland, just out side Glasgow, so I'm with Clyde and Greater Glasgow Health Board, and my op will be at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

    Janice :D

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    Hi Cysters,

    How we hanging out in the hood,Firstly goodluck to you Janice for when you go in, I went to docs this friday, He apologised for the long 9 month wait, said he thought I would have been in touch by now, bleeding joke isn't it. Anyway I've got an appointment with a consultant on 22nd October. I'm from Manchester.

    Check ya later cysters.


    Love Kaz


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    Hi Cysters - well the decision has been made - seeing as I have so long to wait until my op - I'm going back to work on the 6th Oct!! :shock:

    Hopefully all will be fine and I'll cope with it. I really don't want to be off from now until Feb/March - so back to work I go.

    Expect tantrums and crying on the first day back :lol:

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    Hi all

    My names Tracey and I am 37 and my cyst is 10 cm at last scan,

    I have two children age 10 and 8 a dog and 2 guinea pigs

    I live in Blackpool and have been married for 11 years.

    I only found out in July I had a cyst when I went to hospital in pain the worst I have ever had, I have been off work since then as although not in pain all the time I have had bad back pain for the last 6 weeks and have to take strong painkillers for it.

    I hadnt really had any symptoms before well none that I had noticed apart from bleeding every 2 weeks for the last year and my actual periods getting heavier and heavier. I often felt a puling sensation but put that doen to my coil moving now I know it wasnt.

    I had a MRI last week and waiting on the results of that to see what they are going to do.

    Hope we are all cyst and pain free soon :D

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    Hi Cysters

    Posted an update on baby mels experience. Good to see some action going on. Fingers crossed I get my op straight after my hols. take care all

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