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Hello fellow sufferers.

Been on 5mg of Amlodapine and Enalapril for some 10 years, with little side effects until the last few weeks. I wish to make a valid point about high BP, similar to "White Coat Syndrome".

Some 7 years ago, my wife and I went to the Maldives on holiday. I took my BP cuff monitor with me, after 6 days of the what I call, "the Maldive Magic", I decided to measure my bp, it had dropped to 128/69!!! Much to my amazement, proving a fact, that my high bp was not physiological but psychological. I stopped the meds immediately.  

My arteries were not "furred up" as my GP said. My high bp is created by my personality and nature, so have decided to take steps into meditation to cure it. If I can take my mind into "Maldive mode" whilst at home, I am cured. By the way, When I stopped my meds immediately with my BP being so low, I came alive in an astounding way to fully enjoy our holiday. However, when we returned home, up went my bp again, so back on the meds and the side effects.

I stopped the meds again a few months ago, and came alive again as before, as I noticed my improved "mind position" was reducing my bp, however, after a while, up it went again and I went back on the meds.

Now this time....., boy oh boy, have I got side effect hell. Aching muscles in left arm, pain moving up and down my arm. Metalic taste in my mouth, big thirst, put on a lot of weight around my middle, coughing, blocked right sinus, general muscle and bad joint aches, want to sleep all the time, especially between 2 and 4pm, anxiety, and very sadly, a short temper, which my lovely wife is getting the brunt of, which is not going to happen again. Got just enough energy to push my pen as a financial consultant, but memory weak, which is no good to me or my clients.

My body has told me to stop taking the drugs. I am now listening, and which I am doing from tomorrow, as already took todays dose. I will keep a journal to monitor progress, and learn to meditate and play my guitar more to help relax me, maybe an extra glass of wine which wont harm.

I wish you all wellness, and hopefully you can learn from my experience, and thank you for your posts that I have learned from too.

Take care. Tony smile  

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    Apparently low Vit D levels can cause raised blood pressure so I'm wondering if in your case what you call "the Maldive magic" is purely your BP responding well to the sunshine?  If you haven't already had one, it might be worth asking for a Vit D blood test as any severe deficiency can cause all sorts of health problems.  If found necessary, a short course of Vit D3 (cholecalciferol) is advisable.

    Other thoughts that come to mind is whether after a 3 month break, you should have started back on the meds on just a small dose at first and then increased to your usual dose as the body adjusted.  After all that is the usual procedure when first starting any BP medication.

    An interesting post from you, Tony - thank you, and good luck! 

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      I understand and validate your post. I have not had a Vit D test. But I do live on the island of Malta. Prior to that Costa Del Sol, and before that Gran Canaria... however, I may be difficient, so a check up may be on the cards. In the absence of that, I know that I must do all I can to learn to calm my mind, and disolve this "mind chatter" and anxiety. I will post from time to time on my progess, and thank you for your best wishes, and the very same to you Mrs O. smile
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      Oh lucky you living in such sunny climes - could you please send some sunshine to he UK where we are desperately in need!  It sounds as though you are being well supplied with natural Vit D and won't be in need of a supplement.  Yes, I think your plan to "calm the mind" would do many of us a lot of good - I may head back to Tai Chi classes as that has worked wonders for me in the past.  Looking forward to hearing good news from you in the future. 
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    An interesting post sunmaverick, thanks for taking the time to tell your story.  I am always interested in stories about amlodipine and other BP drugs, the side effects I had when taking the meds were awful, and took ages to leave when I stopped, thanks to finding this forum.  Good luck with your recovery and with using meditation and music and a lovely glass of wine as well!  It is great that we can all support one another and learn about the meds we are taking     
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    This has been a great trail to follow and read. I have had high blood pressure for the past fifteen years but was never consistently on any medication as my numbers seemed to only sky rocket while waiting in the waiting room for my BP check appointment. This morning before I left home my reading was my average of 134/80 and an hour later in the nurses chair I was at an alarming 170/110. The nurse suggested I immediately get the minimum dosage of 5mg of Amlodipine as I too was alarmed by the 170/110. I took one tablet and as expected, the numbers immediately plunged to a clinically correct 117/72. I decided however to do what I am doing now and check out some feedback as yours and I am very concerned about the listed side effects. I will closely monitor, speak with the doctor again on Friday and share later but I do not think I will be taking this medication on a daily basis as suggested.
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      Paul, just remember that there are probably thousands of people all doing well on Amlodipine so don't feel the need to seek out forums such as this.  My hubby has been taking it for some years, and, apart from suffering swollen ankles when the GP doubled the dose, he quickly returned to normal once back to the starting dose.  I also have a couple of friends taking it without experiencing any side effects. 

      However, if your BP is only rising at the surgery and remains normal at home, then you could be suffering 'White Coat Syndrome' - if that is the case, then you probably don't need medicating.

      My BP suddenly went sky high following a couple of health shocks in my family.  I eventually got it down to almost normal on medication but each time I visit the consultant it goes sky high again. He has now decided not to take it any more but just relies on my home readings.

      Do let us know how you get on. 

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    Thanks so much for that. very much appreciated. I realise that we often have to be careful in taking extreme positions as each of us, and all our bodies are different and react differently, so thank you for that. We help each other by doing just what you did. I will definately stay in touch with this stream. I am actually going back to the doctor on Friday and bringing up the subject of the side effects. I will share.
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    Hi Everyone. Here's an update on my progress. Firstly, "white coat syndrome" is very common and gives false readings. Ask your GP to put you on a 24 hour monitor, as that will tell the truth, as its the "average" of your blood pressure which is important. Ok, update on whats happened to me. Side effects are fading, sleeping better. Two nights ago, fitted a "grounding sheet" to our bed. (look up on Google, connects you to the earth through earthing on electric circuit, too much to go into here). It has made a profound difference. Side effects now accellerating down compared to before fitting earthing sheet. My blood pressure, using arm monitor since stopping meds, (daily evening readings, best of 3) 164/79 - 162/70 - 161/88 - Last night after 2 nights of grounding sheet 149/76. This is a clear indication of the efficacy of the sheet coming to bear as I clear my system of the meds. My wife also seen big improvements with no numbness in her hands with earthing sheet. So two things are going on at once to create balance in my body and mind, also, have lost 2 kilos in 4 days. I can reduce the syststolic BP by excercise, as the higher blood flow will expand the arteries and allow easier flow. My diastolic is nearly fine, so that tells a story doesn't it? smile These improvements are significant. Will keep you posted on progress, and good luck to you all. Regards. Tony  

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