The doctor isn't being definite with me but is his suspicion right?

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I'll start off with a bit about me - I'm a 19 year old female, not had a great life and been under a lot of stress the past two years mainly due to family problems. I suffer from bad headaches and migraines (diagnosed officially as migraines by the doctor earlier this year) and IBS too.

So, all of this started 3 weeks and 2 days ago. It was a thursday night, I came back from my thursday night meeting and I felt my throat was a bit tight and I was quite achy - more than normal (I get occasional aches in my hands and arms) - but ignored it and went to bed early. Couldn't sleep as normal and around 11pm developed a bad migraine - worst i've had. Cried myself to sleep was really burning up and felt no better on the friday. Actually passed out on the friday in the bathroom - walking was hard because I felt so faint, I also felt sick and migraine hadn't gone. Considered the doctors but dismissed the idea. Saturday no better so rang up the NHS helpline and they told me I need to be in hospital and to get there within the next hour. So I did.

Got seen within 10 minutes of arrival and given 2 co-codamols, had blood pressure etc checked but they were worried. So carted off on a hospital bed, chucked in a room and had my bloods done and then hooked up to a drip because I 'needed fluids'. Sent off for a CT scan because they were worried but results for that and my bloods were normal except slight infection in my bloods. They then wanted to do a Lumbar puncture (they drugged me up in the hours before it) and then eventually had that done and the results again came back normal except for the pressure which they measure? Apparently this was too high and so i've been referred to a Neurologist. 

Anyways to get onto the reason why I'm posting here of all places - After being sent home that Sunday afternoon (stayed in overnight), I developed really bad aching. I initially thought this was as a result of the lumbar puncture however this didn't go away and began to spread and spread. I have had - from that sunday - aching going down my neck (and around the front of my neck - glands)  into my shoulders and back (the top part mainly) and then aching and pains down my arms into my wrists and fingers. I've also had aching in my legs (mainly later in the day especially when I go to bed) and pains in my ribs. I've also been struggling even more so to sleep and when I do sleep, I either wake up at strange times, or I sleep through and wake up not feeling one bit refreshed (a change from before when I could sleep 8 hours straight and feel refreshed). I now sleep around 10 hours and don't feel refreshed at all - but feel I need the sleep and feel tired during the day. After a week and a half of this, I went to the doctor to see what he could suggest because there was no signs of improvement. He told me that he thinks i've had a virus but that it also sounds like Fibromyalgia. So of course this had me panicking!! 

I gave it more time, went earlier this week and saw a different doctor. He said the exact same thing. Gave me Naproxin and told me to do back exercises, recommended acupuncture and told me that if I have got Fibro then it's not curable and I can't do anything about it. He wasn't really helpful. I wish they would be more definite but instead maintain to the whole, "It sounds like". 

I want to give it time, but I'm constantly achy and before all of this happened, I was leading a busy life doing voluntary work for 70 hours a month on average, looking for work, studying, attending 2 hour approx meetings twice a week and doing other things 19 year olds do like watching movies. Admitted, I am a natural worrier and a stresser and have reason with my very dysfunctional family and my migraines etc, but now, I am unable to physically lift up a light magazine for any longer than 5 minutes, I can't hold books for long, I can't sit during a 2 hour meeting, at most I can manage about an hour but sometimes have pushed myself and have regretted it...I just want to know what can be suggested here, what you all think...I know you aren't doctors (maybe some of you are, who knows) but my doctors aren't particularly helping and so I feel I need a bit of advice.

Thanks, and sorry for the essay amount of text!  

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    It's either fibro, some kind of metabolic dysfunction like adrenal fatigue...or both.

    Hospital probably only checked for life threatening issues. I'm guessing you do have fibro, but went into a state of adrenal exhaustion which made the fibro all that much worse.

    Rheumatologist for fibro.

    Endocrinologist for adrenals.

    Neuroligist to do an ENG to test your nerve function. They can also do an almost painless shot in your neck to help headaches, forget the name.

    But it sounds like your body is very toxic. Only way to fix that is naturally. Get some grape seed asap & vitamins & minerals, D3 and Omega 3s or fish oil. Sugar makes it so much worse by the way. 

    Careful of the drugs they will undoubtedly give you. I understand you need to get on with your life & need relief so meds will help. Drugs are the 'easy' way and still dont make it go away and eventually they will make it worse.

    Your body just gave you a big ass wake up call. I'd probably listen if you want any quality of life. Sounds harsh, but my wake up story is very similar to yours, although I have spinal and ribcage injuries. My body got very angry and had enough. I listened and my life is SO much better. No sugar canged me almost immediately & detoxing started helping in a week. Replacing all nutrients showed in a couple weeks.

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    It does sound as though looking into the Gupta Amygdala Hypothesis could help you at least to understand why you are not coping with stress as well as you once did. There comes a time when prolonged stress over a lengthy period of time just burns out the amygdala organ in your brain. It's had enough and goes haywire, rings bells all over the place. Not easy to deal with, but possible, and at least gives you an explanation of sorts. Don't know whether this helps you, I'm only just starting to realise this situation myself, as an old - time stresser! Keep going forward though, its the only positive way, and good luck with the struggle, I am so sorry this has happened to you.
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    You have to keep pecking the doctors head, ask to be referred to a specialist, you have to be pushy, keep going back to the doctors until they are sick of you, I've been going backwards and forwards for 3 years, finally got the right referal, still waiting to be seen,  as the hospital lost the referral!! Will be ringing them again next week, this will be the forth specialist I've seen after misdiagnosis's, I also see a chiropractor, making me worse at the moment with pain but I have some movement, I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better, good luck! Let us know how you get on.
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      Excellent advice. I've learned to become so assertive with doctors. They're just people. I  show I'm interested in my health and willing to be proactive. I educate myself, apparently enough to either irritate them or make them think a little harder about my condition. I'll go in once a week if I have to until they stop doing the blow-off, I don't care deal & pay attention. This is my body and my life and I am not allowing anyone to compromise that. Laziness , lack of knowledhe or lack of empathy are the biggest problems I've found. I refuse to accept that. YOU are in control!
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    Well, it's been 5 weeks; 6 on Thursday since all this started!

    I have an appointment with the Neurologist on the 25th which hopefully will help somehow, if not with these symptoms - maybe with my migraines!

    I have noticed a few things though I want to query as such, do any of you experience "pins and needles" without reason (ie leaning on said hand/arm/foot/leg or keeping in one position for too long etc) ? And do any of you get pain around the front of your neck/throat area? And do any of you get specific pains in finger tips and other places? 

    Another thought, do any of you feel the aching and pains get worse in the cold?

    Most if not all around me are telling me this is a virus but I don't feel it is! 


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