The ER could not diagnose me

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I'm an 18 year old female, previous smoker, drink alcohol on occasion. My mom has non-genetic breast cancer, history of ovarian cysts, and had to have her gallbladder removed as it was functioning at 9%. Father is healthy.

For a few months now, I have had an issue with eating. Everything I eat, even if it's fresh and healthy, makes my stomach feel upset and makes me kinda nauseous. Especially greasy foods. It hasn't made me throw up, but it's been enough that I can't eat as much as I used to be able to. I just feel generally crappy after eating. Not a huge deal, but then I had an incident.

2 nights ago, I was eating dinner at my boyfriend's house. (We had steak if that matters). About 10-20 minutes after eating I started getting pain in my abdomen. All over. At first it felt like trapped gas. It made sense, because I suddenly felt severely bloated. But I couldn't pass gas, and the pain started getting far worse than gas could have caused. Although it was a terrible pain all over my abdomen, it started becoming a severe pain on the right side, over my right lower belly area and up to below my right rib cage. It felt worse with deep breaths and when I brought my legs up to my abdomen. After about an hour or hour and a half, the pain subsided. It didn't fully go away, but it became more of a slight annoyance than anything. I went to bed.

Yesterday I woke up because my abdomen was hurting badly again. I no longer felt severely bloated, but my whole belly area had a strange pain, and a sharp pain below my right ribcage that worsened with breathing. It was tender to the touch, but oddly enough, the pain was worse about an inch or two to the right of my bellybutton when pressure was added.

My boyfriend took me to an immediate care and waited about 3 hours to be told they couldn't help me and I needed to go to the ER. The ER waiting room was only about a half hour wait, only to begin an 8 & 1/2 hour emergency room visit. They were concerned about apendicitis or gallbladder issue and began testing.

No fever, no diarrhea, no constipation, no bloody urine/feces/vomit, no abnormal vaginal discharge. Pain flares up and calms down but never fully goes away.

Urine sample came back normal.

Took my blood for testing.

One of my blood vials congealed so they redrew a vial.

Pain got so severe they gave me dilaudid via IV.

Blood tests came back completely normal.

Took a CT scan of my abdomen.

CT came back normal.

More dilaudid via IV.

Ultrasound on my liver, gallbladder, right kidney.

Ultrasound came back normal.

Began vomiting.

Was given an antinausea medicine via IV.

Was discharged with enough Norcos and antinausea meds to get me through one day. Was told to follow up with a doctor.

Today, the pain was less severe, but still there. Norcos have been helping.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? I'm wondering what the hell could be wrong if an ultrasound, blood test, and CT all came back completely normal. The pain is bad enough that I KNOW something is wrong.... I'm just not sure what it could be...

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    this was what i was having and they done a HIDA scan on me and mine was gailstone and my gailbladder was not working 
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    What's is important here to me or I should say is interested is that, you said when every you eat greasy food than it flares up. This might be your GB. I have heard people with a smilar problem NO GB stones but yet abodominal pain. I think you should opt to removed it
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      I wish I could just have them remove my gallbladder without a diagnosis. I'm almost positive this is my issue. And gallbladder issues are supposed to have a genetic link, and since my mom had it so badly, I'm sure mine will only get worse. It's painful enough already. Hopefully I can find a doctor that trusts my instincts and quickly finds some kind of proof that it's my gallbladder so I can just get the thing removed.
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    All of your symptoms sound to me like classic GB and biliary issues. These were my exact symptoms before I had mine removed. The only difference was I had a very large stone that was seen on ultrasound. But it did not show that my GB was practically petrified and about four times the size it was supposed to be. They didn't know this until the surgeon got in there. If GB is your problem, fried and fatty foods are always going to make you sick. I know... It's torture when you have these attacks. I agree with harrington40, I would just opt to have it removed. Don't give up and suffer. Keep seeking someone to diagnose you. Maybe a good gastroenterologist. 
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      Thank you! Very helpful. Hopefully I can find someone to diagnose me quickly. I'm almost positive my gallbladder is the problem (especially since my mom had it and gallbladder issues appear to have a genetic link), so waiting forever for a diagnosis is gonna be a pain. Thank you for the helpful advice!
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    hi sienna

    sorry to disappoint you but even if it is your gall bladder there's no saying they will just remove your gall bladder just like that,I wish take was the case every time .In my case they have said that even though I have had an ultrasound confirming i have Gall stones the consultant will not remove my gb saying he does not think its take that is causing my pain,sent m for an MRI on my back came back ok,so my gp is geting back to him to see if he willl change his mind about removel.It can be indeed a waiting game,I'm sorry you are also in pain but don't get your hopes up that they will just remove yours,i did this and was very disappointed with the out still in pain 3 months after it all started,you could try going on a low fat diet as this seems to help.take care

    keep us all in touch with how thinks are going for you

    love Pat


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