the itching is driving me crazy!

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My Urticaria started in August this year and no-one can be bothered to really help until I had gone through 2 lots of steroids and now 'the strong' prescription anti histamine at night but shop bought I have to take 2 in a morning!!! nothing is working !

Is there a cream to help because Calamine doesn't help at all... At this moment I have it on my right arm on the backs of my legs and my back but the worse is my feet on the tops they are itching like mad and I could cry...

2 weeks ago my right arm was swollen from my wrist to the top of my arm and it felt all stiff...all red and itchy

Can anyone give me any idea has to what works???? Debi :cry:

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    I had this for several years, they called it chronic idiopathic urticaria, fancy name for 'we dont have a clue whats causing it'. At the moment its gone, not had it for almost a year unless I take something like aspirin and I get it for a few weeks.

    I never did find out for sure but I have a very very strong suspicion it was hormonal as menopause seems to have stopped it.

    Like you I didnt find the anti histamines useful or the steroids but benadryl cream helped. I used to use it on the worst bits like the soles of my feet where even a good scratch doesnt get through! Aloe vera from the healthshop helps a bit too, its cooling but doesnt make it go away.

    I found very hot baths helpful though my doctor said that hot baths would aggravate (but they were my hives!).

    Are you taking any medication for blood pressure or something else as some of these list skin irritation as a side effect? Sulphites in dried fruit and wine can also contribute

    I do hope you find something to help

    Good Luck


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    The advice given to me by a consultant dermatologist in the NHS is that virtually all cases of urticaria can be eliminated if a sufficient amount of antihistamine is taken. He said most patients don't take nearly enough because most GPs don't know enough about it.

    The dosage he recommended is as follows

    1 10mg tablet of Cetirizine (Zirtek) in the morning PLUS 2 Piriton tablets at bedtime

    Continue this for 2 weeks. If symptoms are not under control increase the Zirtek to 2 tablets per day with the Piriton at night. Continue this for 2 weeks and if still not controlled increase to 3 Zirtek daily, to a maximum of 4 times daily, still with the Piriton at night. When the urticaria is under control stay on that dose for 2 weeks.

    During a really bad attack of giant hives I have had to take 3 Zirtek daily plus Piriton. It does work.

    You must reduce the dosage very gradually. If reduced too fast, rebound flare up of symptoms can occur.

    An extra note - if you are a woman in your 40s/50s buy a menopause kit from the chemist. If you are in the pre-menopausal/menopausal stage urticaria is often triggered by the drop in oestrogen and HRT will eliminate it completely. It has for me. I now realise I was suffering needlessly for many years!

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    hi debi, sorry you are suffering. i started with urticaria when i was about 6 now 44 no doctor could diagnose my problem, untill 1993. i now take a supermarket brand of cetirizine hydrochloride. costs less than £2. for a pack of 14....i'm no doctor, but they do help me. best of luck. Sue
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    Oh my Debi do a I feel your pain/itch! I have exactly what you described above let me tell you how my visits went first saw primary twice she said let's take Claritin the USA says 1 a day but Europe packaging says 2 so she said I can double that so 4 in the morning!!!! This went on for 3 weeks and didn't get better so she sent me to an allergist/immunologist and he said Claritin/Zyrtec/Benedryll are NOT strong enough they suggest using a heavy hitter to attack the hives so he said 2 Allegra 180mg 1 at breakfast 1 at dinner and then bedtime take 1 Xyzal which is 5mg I've started this regimen on Thursday and I swear it's gotten worse! Now I have a friend in VA she got them Oct 2016-June 2017 and after trips to primary and allergist/immunologist couldn't take it anymore so went to John Hopkins one of the best hospitals he said to her there is no explanation why or how but it is usually in your genes and someone ahead of you had them the best we can do is to control them with a cocktail of antihistamines and coincidentally he suggested same meds as my specialist only 3 Allegra a day plus the Xyzal hers went away and hasn't had them since June! I started mine in June of 2017 and so am almost 100% sure they can from stress! I am to the point where I feel like I'm going mad! One thing I've found is if at home I put a cloth icelack on it right away and that helps stop the itch! Mine start out I feel like a HOT spot Inlook and sure as s**t there's a mark sometimes it looks like a line sometimes a circle size of dime sometimes my entire kneecap! So it starts out hot, then itches and welts and sometimes spreads! I have a whole album of pics they do go away sometimes within a few hours but usually waking up I have none but they start to come out after I've been up a few hours! The dr did do a blood test to see if I'm having an allergy attack to environment or food but he's pretty sure it isn't! He feels confident it's Chronic idiopathic Uticaria meaning have had them more than 6 weeks Idiopathic meaning they don't know where or why they come and Uticaria meaning hives anyhow I get results in 2 weeks and we discuss if we are changing the plan of attack! I can also tell you because this is an auto immune issue no topical anything works! I've tried Cortizon creams steroid creams mixed in Cerave lotion I've tried baking soda baths  neosporin benedryll creams and the dr said those will do nothing! He is right! I've tried a round of steroids and that didn't help either! I'm telling you this is awful and driving me nuts! It was real. Ice to hear someone else is going they the same thing I don't feel so alone! Here is my email if you'd like to connect and then I can give you my cell from there! I'd love to chat directly maybe we can brainstorm and figure this out together!  Hope to hear from you! Oh the dr told my friend they can last sometimes long but usually not he also said you amy get them once and never again so I'm holding out hope because I can't imagine having this last for years it's killing me after 3 months! Hang in there!

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