The Pixel 1V Erbium Yag Laser for Acne Scars

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Hi All, I am a 25 year old female and always suffered from acne. I have acne scars (large pours and indentations - pit scarring) as a result of this on my cheeks and between my eye brows. I have looked into getting laser removal to help, but have read mixed reviews and as its really expensive for 3 sessions, i wanted to get some feedback and find out peoples experience... if it worked for them? if the scarring returned? if acne returned? Any Advise would be greatful. thanks

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    Hi I emphasise with you because I have the same on my skin since having severe acne as a teenager.   

    You need to ask for a referral to a dermotologist who will tell you the best treatment.  I had 2 dermabrasions when younger (scraping of the top layers of skin) on the NHS which helped enormously but I don't think they do it any more and certainly not on the NHS.  Are you in the UK?   You can get laser treatment on the NHS but only if they consider you to have clinical reasons ie depression because of it and it is very limited.

    I was told by a dermatologist that a one-off laser treatment would improve my appearance by between 30 and 40% but I would have to pay.   There are lots of laser treatments available but depending on how deep the damage is you might need a different form - a derm would tell you and be able to recommend which would suit you.  So my advice is don't waste your money until you know more.   

    I think the sessions one is for lesser damage.   The one off session is quite severe and they go a lot deeper but it might be what you need.   This would explain the mixed reviews.  Make sure the person doing it is fully qualified and ideally a surgeon.  

    I hope this helps.   x

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      Hiya, yes im in the UK - i went to Harley Street and had a consultation at the private clinic, they were bery helpful and talked me through everything - but you know when you go away and research it your self and people have such mixed reviews... i have had 2 sessions of microdermabrasia and i feel like it has made the scarring more noticeable, and i break out really badly for about 4 days after... i think i have come to the end of my teather with it... i have booked a doctors appointment for next week (booked it 2 weeks ago and that was the earliest appointment) so i might wait to be reffered and see what they say - i was on roaccatane years ago and it helped, it just seems that at the minute the scarring has become a really big issue - thank you for your advise... i think it might be best to wait and see the a dermatologist says (when i finally get to see one biggrin thank you
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    Hi it is highly probably that microdermabrasia has made the scarring worse as this will help bring deeper scarring to the surface.  That's why I said it is best to speak to an expert first before undertaking any treatment.    

    Once the scarring is gone it is gone and won't come back unless you have fresh attacks of acne which cause more scars.   Do not pick, mess with or burst any spots you have as they will cause new scars.   That includes blackheads as well.   Acne normally settles down in your 20's and becomes less active so it is probably best not to fork out for treatment until it has.   

    As acne is caused by blocked sebacous  glands keep them as clear as possible to avoid outbreaks.   Roucatine is a strong drug but supposed to be very effective - it can cause depression so watch out for that.   It wasn't available when I was young unfortunately but was a considerable help to my nephew and his skin is clear now.    Good luck with it all and let me know how you get on.   xx 

    Another thing which helps is sunlight which dries the skin up.   

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    thank you for that yeah i bought all the khiels brand stuff so i cleanse and tone in the morning and evening - i am definately just going to wait and see if i get referred to a dermotologist - the roaccatane was actually really helpful, i was on it for 6 months and my skin was amazing after - now i get the odd break out (like now,) and go into meltdown i think lol... my sister pointed out that i had quite a lot of ice cream over the weekend, and since then my skin had gone really bad, i was on a strict diet last year which didnt have alot of dairy and that was the best my skin ever looked, so im going to avoid large amounts od dairy as much as possible - also - i thought i would try a home remedy so... cut a potato in half and rubbed the juice from both halves on my face left it on over night then waslked it off this morning, and do you know the spots that i curently have seem to have gone down a bit, and my skin is feeling a bit tighter (ever so slightly) this may just be me hopefully thinking...but it hasnt made it any worse so i might give this a try for the next few nights and see how i get on smile

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