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The Sinclair method- anyone with experience?


I'm currently doing a second detox, and findng it harder than expected. Not because of terrible withdrawal, but because for the first day (yesterday) I still kept feeling like I wanted to drink (and that made me feel not just agitated, but quite upset and angry- a stupid feeling of being deprived without drink).

But anyway, today is a bit better.

But I'm really wanting to hear if any of you have done/ are doing the sinclair method and your experiece of it. The idea of it has given me hope that makes me want to cry. That I could be like other people, that it could not always be a life of trying and failing, and trying to keep something overwhelmingly hard at bay- a life of always struggling, just to not feel desperate for something that I know will kill me, and destroy my ability to do a job I love and am good at, and worst of all to destroy my beautiful son. And the sense of a double life, of lying, hiding, feeling like I have a permanant black secret that would make everyone see me differently and jeaporadise my hard fought for career.

The sinclair method sounds so miraclulous that although I have tentative hope, it just sounds too good to be true. I am supposed to be starting next week. I have been reeling over the last week, with hope and then depression. I would love to hear anyone's experiences of their reality whether good or bad. 

Thank you.

Secondslong (because  for so long I feel I have been struggling through every second, knowing that in the length of a second, i can pick up the bottle and take myself back to obvlivion, but that if I dont I feel equally deperate. I have nothing but empathy and sadness for anyone else going through this and I do truly know it is not their fault, but for myself it is harder not to slip in to self blame and self- loathing)

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  • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 secondslong

    Hello secondslong. Yes The Sinclair Method gives hope. There are plenty of people on here who are achieving good results with this. I am sure they will talk to you soon. This is a great site. You have come to the right place

    Kindest Regards

    JulieAnne x

    • Nat666 Nat666 secondslong

      Hi secondslong please don't despair but hold on to that feeling of hope. Remember :Without Hope we are nothing !

      'I have a permanent black secret that would make everyone see me differently' God that so hit a chord with me and that's how I felt/ feel oh too often as do.many others on here I'm sure.Understand now that at least there is an opportunity to turn it around by trying the Sinclair Method.I started this in December taking nalmefene .I had to buy it privately as not yet got it prescribed but I imagine by what you say you are all set with the medication to start.I am 8 weeks in and I have to tell you that it is most certainly working...I didn't need detox before starting as my drinking was stop start binging style . I drank several bottles of wine a week on clusters , binging in the evenings into oblivion.Now with the nalmefene each time I drink I don't feel I want more than a couple of small glasses or even less.I have to admit had a couple of little blips( avoidable ones ) but of course we must remember we are only human and humans aren't perfect. I hope you go ahead Thursday and it works for you.I noticed a difference immediately.I haven't had any counselling but do think it's probably an important part of this method so hope you have some in place..What meds do you have ?

      Take care and have hope ..hope for both you and your beautiful son x

    • secondslong secondslong Nat666

      Thank you so much nat666- and it's so good to hear that it's working for you, I haven't got the meds yet but hoping to get them on Monday- naltrexone.

      Can I ask why you think you had the blips? You don't have to tell me. I know only too well that we are all human, but also think it can be helpful to try to understand what makes things go wrong as well as right.

      Your response helps me to keep hope.

  • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong


    Yes, I have used this method successfully.  I started in October 2013 and it took around 8 months for me to be fully indifferent towards alcohol.

    Many others on here have done so too, and I am sure they will answer in due course. 

    Some useful resources in addition to this website are:

    C3 Foundation Europe - a charity that works to help raise better awareness of this method and can help support you for free

    C3 Foundation - as above but for if you are primary on the American side of the world!

    OptionsSaveLives - a forum operated by C3 where you can read others experience as they are currently using this method.  You don't have to register just to read, but if you wish to join in the forum, then you do need to register, but everything C3 offer is free because we are charity organisations.

    You will need to google these as I cannot put the links on here.

    I operate C3 Foundation Europe, so feel free to read my complete TSM recovery on the 'From The Trustees' page of the C3 Foundation Europe website.  And I can support you if you need any information or support.

    Do you already have your medication ready for Thursday?  If so, if you have got them from a doctor or alcohol recovery service, you should also have been given access to some support from them too.  This will help you ensure compliance and monitor progress.

    • secondslong secondslong JoannaC3Europe

      Thank you joanna,

      I think I have found someone very good to support me. But it's just so hard to believe which is why I really felt I needed to hear from people who have actually done it/ are doing it. I think I'm getting the medication on Monday.

      It's like after so long of thinking I will never be able to do this- that I can have will power but only for so long - and then that adding to just utter hopelessness about the level of my self destructiveness- I can't really believe that something could actually change this for good.

      I do wonder about the issue of compliance though- and whether that somehow also ends up being the same as will power which seems never to be enough.

      I will look at your recommendations.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      Try not to worry about compliance.  Once you start seeing some results, it becomes a very positive experience and that will help you to remain compliant because you want more back of the person you used to be.

      Everything we are told about our drinking has been bad, and negative, and shameful and embarrasing.... and all of the other type of 'bad' stigma.

      But once you begin to see that this method does work well for such a large majority of people (around 80%), and that you are starting to get some small amount of self-worth back as you begin the method, then it all propels you to keep on track with it biggrin

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      The support is usually basic psychosocial support and it usually provided, or arranged, as part of the prerequisite of getting this medication.

      It's pretty much to help you ensure compliance, set some goals and monitor progress.

      Although the scientific side of the method will work regardless of whether support is provided or not (as long as compliance is followed), the additional support can be very useful for a lot of people.

      The conscious control is actually much easier than you can imagine.  Part of the reason that you may drink out of control right now is because your brain is getting an endorphin high from the alcohol.  In turn, that high compulsively makes you want more alcohol to give it the high again.

      When that high is removed by the medictation, it 'short-circuits' that cycle, and allows you to drink without the desperate need to get it down you as fast as you can. 

      If you imagine that you are desperately, desperately craving a coca-cola on a hot summers day, and you feel like you can drink a gallon of it.  Once you have the first drink or two of coca-cola, it satsifies you and you don't feel compelled to drink the whole 2 litre bottle - even though you were so desperate that you thought you could drink tons of the stuff.

      That is what drinking on this method is like.  You find that with just a little bit of conscious control in the beginning so that you don't pound the stuff down you (as you will just get drunk and not be able to make a rational decision) you will hear your brain tell you that it's satisfied.  When it does, then it is up to you to put the drink down.  You can always go back to it later, but the only conscious control you need is to drink the first drink slowly, listen for the satisfied signal, and then act on it.

      Hope that makes sense.

    • secondslong secondslong JoannaC3Europe

      It does make sense- I just think I'm so good at complete out of control and mindlessness when it comes to alcohol! I'm not like that with everything. You are right the idea of a gallon of coke sounds horrible but wine - It's like I'm in a race against time. I'm really looking forward to starting, but worried I'll be one of the 17% or whatever it is that can't do it or doesn't comply. It's not because I don't want to do it - I do so much.

      When you said it took you quite some months to reduce- did you find it hard?

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      It's not hard, it's just that is the amount of time that it takes to competely break down those strengthened pathways in the brain that associated drinking with 'reward'.

      Everyone is different though.  A rare few respond almost immediately, some take 3-4 months, others take 6-10 months and a rare few take over a year.

      There is no way to predict how long it will take.  It will take as long as it takes, but in the meantime at least things will be improving.


    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      It does sound that you would benefit from the additional support, so I hope that has been organised for you too.

      As I say, it's only helping you don't lose your way.  Once you have your foundation of compliance built, it will be plain sailing from that point on as you will start to see improvements and the successes breed success - especially in your self esteem and positiveness when you realise that you CAN and ARE doing it!

    • Nat666 Nat666 secondslong

      Have faith Secondslong ,I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.The medication for me just took that Umphhh right away , the endorphin rush , which keeps us mindless drinkers boozing and boozing

  • ADEfree ADEfree secondslong

    Yes, I started TSM early in 2016 and became indifferent to booze early in July.

    Prior to TSM I was drinking over 80 beers per week (12 oz, 4% ABV). I currently have beer in the refrigerator and really don't pay much attention to it. A 6 pack is lasting me over a month at this point. There's no willpower or strain for me, I largely just don't care about it. I haven't had more than 2 beers in a sitting since late last June. When you get rid of the pro-booze propaganda that the addicted part of your brain spouts out at you, drinking just isn't all that interesting. 

    Doing The Sinclair Method on my own without insurance cost about $500 US out of pocket, for the whole thing (not per month). I was spending over $400 per month for beer before, so it's paid for itself over and over again by now just in monetary terms. Getting your freedom and self-respect back? Priceless.  

    • secondslong secondslong ADEfree

      Thank you Ade. I just can't understand how this isn't being used for everyone. I have heard some possible explanations but It still just doesn't make sense.

      To me what you are describing sounds miraculous - although I wonder if 'getting rid of the propoganda' was actually really hard?

      I feel like if this is all true it needs to be headline news. With all the deaths and health complications and misery caused by alcohol use disorder- if it can really be solved this easily. If it works for me I will want to try to use contacts in the press to publicise it. Probably not worth me personally but maybe others will want to (but let me see if it works for me first!)

    • Nat666 Nat666 ADEfree

      Hi ADEfree what a major achievement and life change for you and your loved ones .A joy to read .

      As you have seen in by my posts I am 8 /9 weeks in to the Sinclair method and doing good with good results. I am curious as to when you reach the stage you are at now ADE how often are you taking the medication.I imagine it's infrequent so do you find the side effects of the meds kick back in.Very curious about this wonderful stage ☺

    • ADEfree ADEfree secondslong

      I'll certainly second you on it needing to be headline news! Handouts at every AA meeting would be a great start!

      Getting rid of the propaganda was as simple as taking the pill an hour before drinking (each and every time). Backing that up with mindful/conscious drinking techniques to keep the number of drinks per day lower makes things go more smoothly. Each month you do that, the propaganda grows more and more faint, while the conscious part of your brain (which isn't nearly so taken with alcohol) get easier and easier to hear. What's the experience like towards the end of the process? No fireworks and unicorns, just a big "Meh" towards alcohol in general. I don't hate it, I don't like it. It simply doesn't move me. 

      It sounds like you'll probably do well with TSM, but whether you simply decide to give up the drink from here on out or use TSM, this is the last alcohol detox you'll have to go through!

    • ADEfree ADEfree Nat666

      I read your post Nat and I'm very glad for your progress. That's fantastic! 

      Since December 28th, I've taken two pills as I've only had two evenings when I've imbibed. Two drinks on one occasion and one drink 10 days later. 

    • Nat666 Nat666 ADEfree

      That's brilliant ADEfree this is how I hope to progress to and feel I will as long as remain compliant and mindful .The side effects of the medication don't kick back in then after such long gaps then ? That's mainly my concern for later .I take nalmefene

  • sharon07214 sharon07214 secondslong

    I look forward to hearing of your progress. I just wrote a long message but lost the internet and it vanished. 😔

    Could you advise me of: Are you in Britain? If so did you manage to get the medication on the NHS? I too would like to try this method but was put off by a young group leader of a group with NRP. I was so upset by her attitude as she dismissed me as 'not being bad enough' because I don't suffer with the shakes or need a drink in the morning etc. I was gutted.

    I was put off for a while but reading your post and replies I think I will try and get some privately.

    Best Wishes for Monday onwards...keep us informed. 

    • secondslong secondslong sharon07214

      Hi sharon,

      Thanks you for your email. I am in the uk. I didn't go through the NHS. I did originally go to my go but they said that any treatment would mean I would have to go to the local alcohol service and the timing just didn't work for me because of work - and also I wasn't sure I would even get this kind of help. I'll pm you to let you know who I contacted. I'm so sorry you were treated badly. As you can see, I don't yet know if this will work for me, but if it does I will mainly feel so happy, but I will also feel quite furious that this is not just more commonly used and known about- I don't mean that for me personally but for all the people and their families out there who this could make a difference to.

      I don't even blame the young leader of your group- that is what they will have been trained to understand and will probably think they are doing the best they can. The problem Is bigger than the individuals who are doing what they think is right, as they probably don't know about this either. Somewhere (if this treatment really works) there is a problem with information sharing, training and protocol of treatment.

      I'll pm you now.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe sharon07214

      Hi Sharon,

      If you google C3 Foundation Europe and then when on the website, click 'services' and then 'NHS Information Service', read and then complete the part of the country you live in, I can look up the exact local NHS Guideline for your area.

      This will tell you who your local NHS has designated as the most appropriate provider to prescribe and monitor the medication for this method. 

      Once you have this information and have it printed out to back you up, you can make an appointment to see the relevant physician.  Since this will be your local NHS guideline, no group leader or other such inexperienced person can deny you the right to be assessed for this medication by a properly qualified physician.

      This is a free service that we offer at C3 Foundation as the NHS is an absolute mindfield to try negotiate and one of the most difficult parts of it is actually trying to work out who is the correct person for you to get the appointent with.


    • sharon07214 sharon07214 JoannaC3Europe

      Thank you Joanna. I am in Norfolk and self referred myself to NRP (North Norfolk Recovery Programme). Lovely lady supporter who was new to the Sinclair Method. I was hopeful until the experience with the group (another lady) and then first said lady became cagey. I will do as you suggested above. Thank you.

    • sharon07214 sharon07214 JoannaC3Europe

      Hi, I looked up the list of Health authorities who use/have guidelines for using Sinclair Method etc since 2014. Norfolk does not seem to be listed! Neighbouring Suffolk and Cambridgeshire are listed. Any thoughts? Have I missed something? Cheers

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe sharon07214

      Hi Sharon,

      No you haven't missed anything.  I update the list as I come across local guidelines, and it's probably just that no-one has ever asked me to look up Norfolk before!

      It'll take me a little while to do this for you, but hopefully I can get researching and find the details before I go to bed tonight (tomorrow am at the latest) and then I will email them back to you.


    • secondslong secondslong JoannaC3Europe

      I've just been googling again and seen on sober recovery anything supporting the use of the Sinclair method is banned!

      I am definitely going to try it and am so happy to see all of the posts here- but that kind of response does make it feel a bit scary.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      Don't let that bother you!

      We have the same issues when we try to discuss this treatment on Reddit.

      A lot of forums work on the basis on someone stopping drinking and trying to remain abstinent - no matter how much immediate abstinence fails for their members!

      Moderators of forums haven't done much research into this method and they don't agree that it is sobriety because it involves a gradual reduction in drinking, right down to abstinence if that is what someone wants.

      Basically, they don't want people on their forums who are still drinking!

      That is their problem - your recovery is YOUR recovery and that is what is important.  If they wish to remain ignorant to the clinically-proven, evidence-based medical treatments, then leave them to it and concentrate on getting yourself well.

    • sharon07214 sharon07214 secondslong

      I haven't seen anything re it being banned.....just that different authorities give it different go aheads. I think the point is that for it to be effective is that you do have to drink for it to retrain the brain receptors etc to become less addicted to the alcohol. In time you apparently don't really want the alcohol and can stop after one or two small drinks or something like that. I think it takes about 6 months for this to happen.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe sharon07214

      No it isn't banned (my previous reply got moderated).

      What it is is that uneducated moderators of some forums don't view this method as recovery because it involves a gradual reduction in drinking.

      People may be banned from TALKING about it on certain websites/forums.  That's their choice as owners of those websites and forums, but by banning open discussion just because it doesn't involve attempts at immediate abstinence followed by the almost inevitable relapses, means they are doing a disservice to their members.

      It's a common thing and is mostly caused by a complete lack of understanding about the method.  Without full investigation, it looks like a way for a drinker to continue drinking, so many view that as 'not working towards sobriety'.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe

      And just to make you giggle even more, I've even found the information on the NRP website that clearly states they provide support for reduction in alcohol consumption using nalmefene!!!!

      Not much they can say at your next appointment when you have this printed off, is there?  Present them with their own information that I will email you with later tonight, and politely, but firmly, insist on an appointment with the prescribing physician to be assessed for this medication.


    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe sharon07214

      Sharon, I have emailed you the information you need to check your inbox.

      For anyone wanting to know what I've been able to provide Sharon with, I cannot post the link here, but have attached a screenshot which shows that the Norfolk Recovery Partnership provide support for reduction in alcohol consumption by way of either naltrexone OR nalmefene.


    • secondslong secondslong JoannaC3Europe

      Thanks Joanna,

      Have the naltrexone in my bag- can start tomorrow night- I'm feeling tentatively excited!

      I will concentrate on getting well myself for now. But if I do get well my attention may well then go outwards somewhat!

      You are doing amazing things and I'm grateful.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      You are welcome and thank you.

      Remember that although it's an absolutely fantastic medication, it isn't a magic pill and it takes you working alongside it to get the smoothest results.

      Remember to follow the hints and tips which is the first article in this forum, especially paying attention to how to begin on half a tablet and eating first. Drink plenty of water and remain mindful.

      Please let us know how you are getting along.

    • secondslong secondslong JoannaC3Europe

      So last night was the first night with half a tablet. Honestly I'm amazed. I drank just over half a bottle of wine. Never in my entire life have I not finished a bottle unless I've passed out after drinking several already. I think I could have stopped earlier but carried on a bit bloody mindedly. But really I don't think I believed it could really have that kind of impact on me. I know it's very early days but I am so so happy 😊

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe secondslong

      This is excellent and indicates that this means this method will work for you as long as you remain compliant.

      Do remember that this is a bit like an anti-biotic in that even though a few days with an anti-biotic will make you feel better, you need to complete the entire course for it to kill the infection, otherwise the infection may come back stronger and more difficult to get rid of.

      You have a long-term goal with this treatment, and that is to completely extinguish your cravings for alcohol, period.  This can take some time - months in fact.  So, in the meantime, your responsibility it is to remain compliant no matter what, and to remain mindful the best you can.... even if you are going through a phase of drinking a little more than you wanted to.

      But awesome, anyway!  Well done biggrin

    • Nat666 Nat666 secondslong

      That is fantastic to read secondslong, its bizarre isnt it when you realise you can put the bottle down and leave it alone ! Take all Joannas advice because  ,your journey has begun ! x

    • Nat666 Nat666 JulieAnne101

      Hi lovely , I am.waiting for them to contact me for my initial assessment.I get the feeling it might all be a bit long winded.Joanna told me to request to see the prescribing doctor for my second appointment ..not sure how these places work ..How are you feeling , any less stressed ?xx

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 Nat666

      Hi hon.

      My limited experiences of ARC's is that they work very slowly. I made a nuisance of myself in the end 😶 not the best way really. They still haven't answered my complaint. I'm not going to follow it up because it was for Naltrexone or Nalfamene. In the end hubby decided on Campral.

      That seems to be working ok. Will be glad when Febs out of the way.

      He did acknowledge that he could have fibrosis after reading RHGB's and vicks posts on here, but still won't get a scan 😞 nothing more I can do I think. He still taking Campral still sober. So nothing new at the mo. Its good to unwind a bit. Hope TSM still good for you xx

    • Nat666 Nat666 JulieAnne101

      Well I hope you are able to chill out a bit and relax that mind of yours JulieAnne ! At least things are ticking along for you and hubs, I just wish for both your sakes he would agree to the scan but nothing you can you do if he won't ...grrrr Half way through Feb now tho 😊 TSM is good and I can feel it's effectiveness in quite a big way .The ARC thing seems a bit weird as I'm barely drinking but things would be very different without the meds and I don't want to undoe what's done so far .I can see we might have some funny conversations when I finally do get an appointment ...x

  • Kentish Kentish secondslong

    Hello secondslong,

    It's great you found this forum. All the advice & guidance you need you'll find at C3Europe.

    If it helps I'd like to offer my experience so far. Albeit just a month.

    I'm an early 50's professional woman, mum & wife. I used alcohol as a support and became dependent on it drinking a bottle or more every night 7 days a week for at least the last 20 years.

    I started Naltrexone on 23rd Jan using TSM.

    It is a MIRACLE It has completely changed my life already.

    Ok miracles are divine interventions, I know this works on scientific fact so it's not actually a miracle ! .. it just feels like it! ..

    It has nothing to do with willpower, the pill each day curbs my interest. It's a joy and an overwhelming relief to know I can enjoy a glass of wine without the thing completely taking control over me as it has done every night for as long as I can remember my association with it. I thought it was my friend helping me cope I now know it was no friend and I visualise my little pill as my protector from its control..

    I now pour a glass of wine as I cook the evening meal and enjoy the rest of it with my food with no interest in a 2nd yet alone the rest of the bottle. Content for a cup of tea. I could never have imagined that. I saw no escape from being hung-over every single day until I found TSM.

    I was lucky enough to find a very sympathetic (private) GP who prescribed a month's trial. I return to see him on Monday and will be begging for a repeat much longer prescription! At £95 consultation and £34 p/m meds it's not a cheap visit but far less than my wine bill and the price of my health & the relationship with my family & friends I know I was destroying.

    I wish you all the best on your TSM journey if you don't get immediate results dont give up ! It will be more than worth it!

    I had pretty much no side effects from naltrexone it seems kinder than nalmafene in that respect but very bad insomnia waking every 2 hrs & still not a lot better 4 weeks on but I'm hoping & Im told it will pass. I still even with poor sleep feel a trillion times more alive and well than before.

    Please don't blame yourself or hate yourself this is not your fault!!! It is not a weakness. It's alcohol's fault for doing what it's done to you. For creating that desire in your brain. It's not your failing and it can be fixed. Your brain has the capability given time and the correct method to reprogrammed itself back. TSM will be your RESET button smile


    • Kentish Kentish

      PS Joanna and others' advice about 'mindful' drinking is really important. Think about whether you really fancy that 2nd/3rd glass? If you're indifferent, DONT pour it.

    • Nat666 Nat666 Kentish

      Hi Kentish It is really fantastic to hear how that your TSM journey is progressing so well It's judt so fab isn't it.I too see it as a miracle albeit a scientific process lol .I would never have believed that a little pill could just take away my interest in Alcohol after all the years of abuse , binges and heartache . It's great to hear you are easily managing 1 glass of wine a day now .A bottle of wine now lasts me several days and I am

      getting to the point when it I don't really feel like it much or enjoy it so days I drink are becoming less.I will be 3 months in on TSM on 8th March .I am going to keep going with having a drink a couple of times a week for now to keep the process established.

      I am taking nalmefene which is not quite so well tolerated as your Naltrexone and now in the process of trying to get it prescribed on the NHS .The side effects have not been too bad but it does give me bad night sweats which still linger after all this time,very uncomfortable and reminiscent of heavy drinking ! The insomnia I cure with half a sleeping tablet but its all a small price to pay to be feeling alive and hangover free

      Thinking of you on this awesome journey and keep on trucking ! 😋xx

    • secondslong secondslong Kentish

      Kentish thank you so so much for sharing your experience. And I'm so glad it's going so well for you.

      I'm now nearly two weeks in and while not as miraculous as your story yet, it is still really very different to how it used to be. I was drinking more than you so I suppose it might take a bit longer. But I am drinking so much less than I was. I think I still find the mindful drinking hard and even harder to listen to the fact that I might not actually want another drink because it is what I have known for so long. But I have gone from 2-3 bottles per night to more often than not having less than a bottle and last night just a couple of glasses. I also last night went out and didn't make a complete idiot of myself so that is nice and new for me too.

      I would love to keep hearing how people are getting on along the way so please come back!

      Thanks again x

    • Nat666 Nat666 secondslong

      Hi secondslong Really good to hear you are progressing so well too ..The TSM process is obviously working for you and already making huge changes in your life . Good good good ! Keep on going with it and keep sharing.. Fab to know how your doing so keep coming back x 😊😊

    • sharon07214 sharon07214 secondslong

      So great to hear from you and your progress. You seem to be progressing well...even if it is not quite as fast as you would like 😉💕 is progress! I can't wait to start. Having looked into the private route (thank you for the info) I can't quite afford that at the moment, however Joanna has found that in my area it is a possibility to get it on the NHS. The soonest I can get the appropriate appointment for various reasons is this Friday and I can't edit to find out and hopefully start TSM!!! Will keep you updated. Thank you to everyone else too for sharing your stories. I keep reading and rereading them to keep me positive and forward looking. Bless you all. X💕

    • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 Kentish

      I agree that if you find yourself indifferent you shouldn't pour the next.  However, if it nags at you, you should pour it, right?  As I understand it, will power isn't involved here and we shouldn't "white knuckle" trying not to have a drink.  I'm still getting the hang of this and these conversations are helping me hone in on what I should and should not be doing.  Thanks.

    • ADEfree ADEfree sheryl96253

      You've got it, Sheryl. Keep on testing like that and if you can leave off the next drink without your head nagging you about it, the addicted part of your brain is letting you off-leash and you can enjoy the feeling of your BAC levels dropping for the remainder of the evening. 

  • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 secondslong

    I was prescribed naltexone years ago with instructions to take 50mg per day. It had no effect on my drinking. After reading about the Sinclair method, I started taking the pill one hour before a drink. It's been about three weeks and it seems to have changed my desire and obsession for alcohol. I've read that for some people it takes up to a year, I'm willing to continue even if my progress is slow. I believe this is my miracle.

    • ADEfree ADEfree sheryl96253

      That's wonderful, Sheryl! 

      Having successfully used the treatment myself, you may notice a rebound after an initial drop in your drinking levels. This is perfectly normal, as your brain is responding to less alcohol by upgregulating and reaching out harder for for it's "old drinking buddy". Just stay compliant with taking the Naltrexone an hour before your first drink of the day and your drinking levels will roll back down to a new low level. This up and down continues throughout TSM, but seems to be most pronounced at the beginning. One trick that I used to handle those upticks was to leave my drink out of reach so it was more difficult to auto-sip the drink whenever I got the notion. I eventually moved the drink farther away, even into a different room (while I kept a NA drink close by my side). This gave my brain a little more time to ask "Do I really want another right now?". Adding in little tasks and other diversions may find you forgetting about that drink for an hour or more. I started with just little 15 minute tasks I could knock out quickly and that just grew. 

    • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 ADEfree

      Thank you, those tips are brilliant. The mindful component of this will be difficult for me, but your advice will help a lot! I'm hopeful, but guarded. It's hard to believe that such a seemingly simple program could have such life changing results.

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 sheryl96253

      Hi Sheryl

      Yes it is difficult to take in isn't it? That such a seemingly simple programme has such fantastic results. My Husband is a different person now, we are leading a different life. Hoping new youtube videos will be out soon x

    • gwen45436 gwen45436 JulieAnne101

      Hi there Jules - soo good to hear this on your hubs - lifesaver that's for sure.  You are right - fantastic results and so good for sheryl and others to read.

      Take care  - and don't forget my steak is medium when you next host a dinner party lol smile smile smile xx

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 gwen45436

      Hi Gwennie. Yes we will be having a party near Christmas.

      How are you? You mentioned stomach problems as a reason why you couldn't take Naltrexone, have you tried Omeprezol? I take it because I have a hiatus hernia.

      We went to my Son's wedding yesterday and hubby was able to toast the couple with proper champagne and have a beer later on. What a difference!

      JulieAnne xx

  • kelly71703 kelly71703 secondslong

    Hi secondslong,

    My first day of naltrexone.

    I think I really should be abstinence but at the moment find the thought of it overwhelming so am trying TSM. 

    See my post "first naltrexone"


  • helenwilt helenwilt secondslong

    Hi secondslong,

    I have just signed up and started to read the posts on here and feel very encouraged by what I am reading. I have bounced in and out of AA for the last 6 years and always end up leaving with a bad taste in my mouth. I can't relate to most of the shares I hear, and an constantly be told they are the Yets to happen to me. How are things going for you secondslong? like you I work and would struggle to get time of work if i was expected to go to therapy in order to be prescribe these pills. I live in Cornwall and not quite sure if the medication is available here. Any help would be much appreciated. Ps what a lovely hope filled forum this is.

    Kind Regards Helen x

    • gwen45436 gwen45436 helenwilt

      Hello helen and welcome to the family.

      I am UK also.  This forum has been brilliant for me.  I don't like the idea of AA and have not been.  My doc has never heard of TSM nor Naltrexone and just referred me to Alcohol Recovery which I really do not fancy.  Not comfortable with the idea.  I have tapered from 20 units to 2 on weekdays.

      Someone from here will be able to tell you if the medication is available in Cornwall.

      Stay with us you won't regret it.


    • helenwilt helenwilt gwen45436

      Hi G

      Thank you so much for your reply. This forum has already helped me so much by giving me hope. I'm sure We will find support and the solution to our problem. I just can't believe that something that seems to be helping so many desperate people our GPs are so behind. Mine had never heard of al anon 😯 I was aghast. Doesn't in still a lot of hope in me if this is my only avenue to get these tablets. Keep in touch G

      Lotsies Helen x

    • ADEfree ADEfree helenwilt

      You can find a list of physicians at the CThree Foundation website, under the "Find a Physician" link. That could help you find a private doctor if it comes to that. Under the "Non Verified" section, you'll find links to Online Resources. C3 Europe also provides the required counseling if you do end up getting Selincro through NHS. Check this link under The Sinclair Method for more info, C3Europe also has links under the Services menu for information on local organizations that handle prescribing Selincro, though it seems the link for Cornwall is down as I write this.

      I believe Pharmacy2U will prescribe if you fit within guidelines. In any case, a drinking diary is often required, so start one if you haven't already. A drinking diary/log is also part of TSM and I can't say enough about how useful it is. 

    • helenwilt helenwilt ADEfree

      Thank you ADE for providing all the info above, it's very much appreciated.

      My heads a bit batter at the minute but feeling encouraged by what I have read on this forum,

      Thanks so much Helen,

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 helenwilt

      Hi Helen

      Ade is absolutely correct. The info you need is all on c3 europe. Our local ARC was not very helpful, but we do intend going back there with a drink diary showing the results of TSM. My hubby went on Pharmacy2U got selincro and hasn't looked back. He is so well on TSM. He was a very poorly man.

      Let us know how you get on. Good luck


      JulieAnne x

    • helenwilt helenwilt JulieAnne101

      Thank you for your message, it is giving the much needed hope I have been seeking for so long. How wonderful to hear about how well your husband is doing , what I relief it must be to you both that he has found a much needed solution. I can't believe I have never heard of this treatment befor. My husband died of this disease at Christmas and no one offered him this choice of treatment. I do wonder if i can afford to buy them myself. Can anybody tell me how much a month's supply would be and do you have to take the pills for the rest of your life . Many thanks Helen x

    • ADEfree ADEfree helenwilt

      Naltrexone or Selincro (per TSM) are indeed for life, but they are only to be taken on drinking days, not on dry days. So if you, for instance, drink 3 times a year, you will take 3 pills a year. 

    • ADEfree ADEfree helenwilt

      That might pick up a bit once you start on TSM, as typically one would meet craving "head on" by taking the medication, waiting at least an hour to 90 minutes (depending on whether you're using Naltrexone or Selincro), then slowly having a drink. How many you drink per day is optional, but more than one isn't needed in order to advance a notch with TSM, so better to bear down on the quantity per night as you are able rather than trying to deny the craving.

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 helenwilt

      Hi Helen

      So very sorry to hear you lost your Husband to this dreadful disease. I don't know how much longer my husband would have lived if not for TSM. He has had many problems gradually getting worse over the years.

      So glad this treatment is giving you hope. Very unfortunate that our gps do not seem to want to know about this method, we were referred straight to an ARC; useless. So entrenched in abstinence, AA or the highway.

      You may have a more informed gp where you are, so armed with C3europes printout, you may get Selincro.

      I can private message you if you want the name of the Pharmacy my Husband uses. Also, we found Claudia Christians Ted ex London conference on YouTube really helpful and Joannas YouTube videos. We also bought Roy Eskapas The Cure For Alcholism really useful too.

      Hope this helps

      JulieAnne x

    • helenwilt helenwilt JulieAnne101

      Thank you JulieAnne, still greiving badly for my husband, who struggled with AA like so many but there just didn't seem like any other options being offered to both of us. If you could PM me the pharmacy your husband uses that would be very much appreciated. How is your husband doing, AA would have you believe without a spiritual program life is a white knuckle dry drunk ride, has this been your husband's experience using this method. I hope your don't mind me asking but I am desperate to find a Better solution that works for more rather than a few. Blessing to you Helen xx

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 helenwilt

      Hi Helen

      I believe he had quite a good group and still speaks to a couple of them. They have heard of TSM and are quite supportive of him using this method. He did manage to stay alcohol free for 2 years with the group's help, but then when he picked up again after that he was very poorly with seizures, blackouts etc.

      I stumbled upon this forum in desperation as there was nothing that was working. This forum saved my husband and our lives together. The people on here are great. Joanna, one of the counsellors on C3europe is fantastic and has given my Husband so much helpful advice and support. She often comes on this site with helpful advice.

      I will pm you later today. I am just off to work on a 12 hour shift 😞 hey ho got to earn the dosh.

      I wish we had found TSM sooner, it would have saved us a lot of heartache. I don't know about you, but I feel badly let down by the medical profession.

      Kindest Regards

      JulieAnne x

  • Langwa Langwa secondslong

    Hello everyone, my name is Jon and I'm a 38 year old alcohol abuser. Today was the start of my naltrexone adventure. I've done the rehabs, inpatient/outpatient AA and on and on. I'm sure you all understand always ended with failure. So i got to the point of really asking when the F**k do you really get sick and tired of doing this s**t over and over? Well this is the first time I considered a medication because no matter what, I was gonna do everything my way and control my drinking. And surprise....just can't control it so abstinence is the route I'm ready to accept. I've known this for a while but now I feel its time.

    Ok so I'm a little thrown back about this Sinclair approach. I've managed to stay alcohol free 29 days now. It's been a long time since I had a break like this. And I don't want to cycle back into bingeing like every time for the last 20 years. I'm not trying naltrexone to control my drinking, I'm trying naltrexone to help me STOP drinking! I'm letting everyone close to me know that this is my decision.

    So this is my problem, I don't want to drink right now. "Sinclair" states i have to with the meds. Why does it sound like it has to be that way or no way? I don't care if results are proven the the two must be combined to coincide. I can't attempt that way. Because I know damn well I would stop taking the naltrexone for a few days to get my drink on. Thus starting the never-ending cycle all over again.

    So i know I'm brand new to this forum and the medicine but I do not like how the Sinclair method was pushed so much. I'm not going to be told I should drink knowing that I should've stopped drinking long ago. I thank whomever for this medication. I have something now I had lost for so long and never thought I would have again. Hope.

    • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 Langwa

      Abstinence for so many people is hard or impossible.  The Sinclair Method is scientifically proven to help block the pleasure receptors in the brain from enjoying alcohol. It seems absolutely counter intuitive, but as you read and understand the science, you begin to realize that it is a completely different solution to our problem.  When you look at all the failed alcohol rehab experiences of celebrities and others, it seems likely that you would look outside the box at something different.  I've read the success stories and the failed attempts.  After many years of alcohol impacting my marriage, I decided to try this.  It seems to be having a different effect than anything else I've tried.  I've come out of the shadows with my husband as far as how much I drink.  And, I don't drink in secret anymore.  We're on this path to recovery together and I feel like it just might be the last time I have a problem with alcohol.  I know I'm early on my path, but I believe this is my saving grace. Three drinks and being coherent vs many more and being an ugly shrew.  I'll take it for now and pray it gets me there. 

    • ADEfree ADEfree Langwa

      It's mainly because the studies show that in the long run taking Naltrexone every day for abstinence doesn't work much better (in some studies it works worse) than placebo. That being said, just as some do fine with AA, some do fine with taking Naltrexone while remaining abstinent. 

      The Sinclair Method is more for people that are currently drinking and can't manage to quit or stay quit, so instead of getting sobriety up front, they work on slow reduction and get it after a number of months (wanting to drink less and less along the way). TSM also has a success rate of 78%, so people find that attractive too. 

      So what you're doing isn't The Sinclair Method, but if for some reason Naltrexone doesn't stop you from drinking, it would be easy enough to switch to taking the Naltrexone an hour before your first drink of the day and not take it on days you don't drink (so your endorphins can rebound in response to healthy activities like exercise).

      But while Naltrexone is helping you stay dry, ride with it and enjoy not being ruled by the bottle. Some just approach it from a different angle is all, just like Acamprosate works better for some than Naltrexone or Selincro. 

    • sharon07214 sharon07214 Langwa

      Hi John, You sound angry..please don't be. In my area Naltrezone is prescribed as a daily tablet mainly for abstinence from alcohol. That is the only way you can be prescribed it. Personally I wanted to try The Sinclair Method as I was hoping to be able to drink at times socially. It has worked well for me taking the medication via this method. My intake has dramatically reduced but more importantly my continual desire for alcohol has gone. That said most people at The Recovery centre are prescribed and taking Naltrexone daily like you. They too, like you, want to abstain and drink no more. This works for them and I am sure it will work for you too if this is your chosen long as you take the tablet daily as prescribed. I don't think anyone on here is deliberately trying to say The Sinclair Method is the only method...I think the discussion is about the varied options and many of us have asked for TSM to be explained etc. Well done you! You have embarked on your recovery journey and I am sure you will continue to abstain as you sound determined now once you made YOUR personal decision. All the very best o you! X

    • JulieAnne101 JulieAnne101 Langwa

      Hi Langwa

      I can see where you are coming from. 29 days is a great achievement, by all means continue with this, its clearly working for you. My Husband was dry for 2 years, but unfortunately a bit of a crisis set him off again.

      What I am trying to say in my clumsy way is that TSM is there should you need it.

      My Husband started TSM in March. After years of being hospitalized, frankly close to death, he hasn't looked back. TSM gives hope, when all else has failed.

      Kindest Regards

      JulieAnne x

  • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 secondslong

    This thread is difficult to enjoy.  Entering into my sixth week, probably, I knew I needed to take a pill in case I would want a drink this evening, but the "want" was in my head, not in my body.  The thought of having a drink almost made me sick to my stomach, but I took the Naltrexone anyway, knowing that I would probably override my stomach.  Three vodka tonics after dinner proved to serve no great service or pleasure, but I had them anyway.  That's the program, right? I believe the science is working.  I do not obsess about when I can have a drink later in the day.  The fact that I have to wait an hour after I take the pill causes me to go about my life without it, but knowing that I can have it.  So weird!  I like it!  I believe it is working for me and that down the line, this won't be a problem for me.  Thank you, Lord!  Everything I hoped for and prayed for, for so many years seams to be coming to fruition.  I pray all on this site can benefit as I believe I am.  My journey is not finished, but I am well on my way.  Blessings to all!

    • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 gwen45436

      So after six weeks on TSM, I'm out to dinner with a friend and I'm quite conscious of what time I will leave the restaurant and what time I'll get home to be able to have a drink. (I won't drink and drive, not even one).  So I time my Naltrexone and honestly, the minute I got home, I opened a bottle and poured a glass of wine.  I changed my clothes, texted my sister, finally sat down and saw my wine.  It had been at least ten minutes and that, for me, was a first!  As I drank the bottle across three hours, I noticed that if I set my glass just out of view, I would drink it more slowly.  I am becoming more conscious of my drinking.  I notice that I will drink anything in front of me, quickly.  If I put alcohol just outside of my peripheral view, I don't want or need it as much.  I believe the Naltrexone helps to give me that control.  Cheers to manageable social drinking!  Blessings to all of us on this journey!

    • gwen45436 gwen45436 sheryl96253

      Great - hope you enjoyed your time out with friend smile

      I too do that with my glass of wine, instead of putting it next to me, I put it in a cupboard, then forget it, then take a sip and put it back.  It lasts me ages.

      It is all about tricking the brain for me, tiny sips make it go so much further and last longer - and I feel great each morning. 

      Good luck for all on our journey and keep smiling smile..............G.

    • sheryl96253 sheryl96253 gwen45436

      Gwen, that is so smart, I need to put my glass farther away and maybe out of sight.  I don't remember your story and how long you've been working the program.  Is it TSM?  Every post I see about this program gives me more hope for my happier future.  And, it seems so many do not have access to the medication.  I don't take the hours it would take to figure out each individual, maybe I should, but the gist of my story revolves around Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method.  I guardedly say that it seems to be changing my habits.  Yay!

    • ADEfree ADEfree sheryl96253

      I'll second that, Sheryl. I'd open my beer and take a sip, then put it back in the fridge and get up to some small task before I took another sip. I'd forget about that beer for longer and longer, it's a good technique! 

      Also, switch to a NA drink when you're watching the tube or talking on the phone. Those are two times when many tend to drink at a faster rate. 

    • gwen45436 gwen45436 sheryl96253

      Hi Sheryl - yes put the glass in a lil ole hiding place lol.  My cupboard is under the TV and I get to forget it if something is on which I like.  I can usually quite happily down my first glass of wine "in one", then move to the next and so on until I have quaffed 2 bottles. 

      I have been tapering down now for several months; from 20 units a night to 2 units Monday to Friday.  I tapered very slowly and have had no ill effects - apart from lack of sleep.  I have a bottle on Saturday and Sunday in order to get some zzzzz's.  Tonight, however, I am going for the 2 units again and tomorrow I will do the same.  That will be 14 units in a week.  I am surprisingly chipper on only a couple of hours of sleep each night - maybe because I eat really healthy.  But it is sooo nice to wake and not get the "AA's" that to me is the Alcohol Anxieties due to me being ashamed and it gives me a jolt in my stomach and makes my anxiety go on a bender!!

      I am not on medication - my doc had never heard of TSM nor the meds and was not interested when I explained it and she said she did not like the sound of it!!  Thanks doc for nothing.

      So after being on this forum and listening to all the wise words, I knew that I could obtain the meds privately if need be.  I also know that it is my back up if I fail.

      I am also pretty stubborn if told that I won't be able to do something- I will go all out to prove that wrong - and almost always win.  So that is  my plan here, so far I am winning.  That is not to say I have not cheated here and there with blips; yes I may get a brilliant night's sleep and feel like a young sprightly spring chicken - no laughing please - but then I am angry that I have put my poor liver and internal organs through this rubbish hell again.  That is what  makes me get back on to my little weeny bottle pronto.

      It is 4pm here and hubs is watching his usual Saturday footie - he has just cracked open a can before I cook.  He asked me if I wanted one or a glass of wine - usually I would say - yes please - but I am sticking to my 2 units and I have bought some chocolate buttons (I know very grown up) for me to nibble on after my wine - coz wine after choccy tastes yuk lol lol.

      Bit long winded this one guys - but just wanted Sheryl to know how I am managing this.

      All the best to all of you and to those we have not heard of for a while, thinking of you all.


    • nikhil09353 nikhil09353 ADEfree

      Hi... I live in india....35yrs age..I have read the book “cure of alcoholism”

      I am in third week of TSM.

      First week I had 44drinks

      Second week I had 45drinks

      Yesterday the start of third week I have 12drinks.

      Feels like cravings are almost the same and drank like almost the same as before starting TSM ..May be a bit more.

      I Wonder if this is normal?

      A bit anxious and doubtful at the moment.

      However I am surely going to stick with the pill for six month. Didn’t found any problem with compliance. Not much side effects from Naltrexone.

      Had Anybody reading this post and success with TSM gone through the same two weeks of excessive drinking.

      I Will keep sharing my experience.


      I am missing seconds long

      Would like to here from sharon07214

      As Sharon started TSM Journey while on this blog.


    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe nikhil09353


      Yes this is quite normal.

      Remember that the treatment is a partnership between the naltrexone and you.

      Be mindful when you drink and when you get the signal that maybe you have had enough, interrupt the drinking.  Put the drink down and do something else for a short time.  If you then want a drink again later, you can do so, of course.  But you are basically looking to answer the craving with the naltrexone, followed by a drink an hour later..... and then questioning whether you really have a need to continue drinking or not.

      This is a process than can take some time, often between 4 and 12 months.  It can't be hurried, so just remain compliant to taking the pill an hour before each drinking session, and start looking at ways to begin chipping away at your old drinking habits.

    • nikhil09353 nikhil09353 JoannaC3Europe

      Hi Joanna

      Its six weeks I am on TSM

      1st week -44 drinks - 0 AF Day

      2nd- 44 drinks - 1 AF DAY

      3rd-36 drinks - 2 AF DAY

      4th - 34 drinks - 2 AF Days

      5th - 41 drinks - 1AF Day

      6th - 46drinks - 0 AF Day

      Wondering If i am a very slow responder or TSM not working at all!!

      Although only change I notice is I am drinking slowly than before TSM Days.

      As I read TSM works on 78% only.

      Please can you tell me is there any reason for why TSM don’t work on rest 22% alcoholics?

      I have never missed taking naltrexone 1hr before drinking alcohol.

      Wondering if I am one among those 22%.

      Very Tough time.

    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe nikhil09353


      TSM is a process that can take months to work, so at 6 weeks in you are still very new to the process. The fact that you are drinking slower is a good sign.  Do remember that this treatment is a partnership between you and the naltrexone, meaning that as well as ensuring you are compliant (which is great that you are) you also should look to start learning to notice when you get that satisfied and then acting on it by putting the drink down, or alternating with soft drinks etc etc - basically you are looking to use the naltrexone and start to interrupt the habitual part of your drinking.

      In terms of the 22%, around half of those didn't always comply to taking the tablet and waiting the time on every single drinking occassion, or they had to stop the naltrexone due to side effects for example.  It is thought the percentage of people that this treatment doesn't medically work for is around the 10% mark.

      So, remain compliant, actively work towards interrupting your drinking as early as you can and you will find that the chances or this working for you is really 88-90%.

    • ADEfree ADEfree nikhil09353

      nikhil, I'll echo what Joanna wrote. It's a bit early and not everyone responds to TSM the same way, some indeed do take longer. 6 weeks isn't long enough to tell you whether it's working or not.

      Using habit-breaking techniques can help considerably:

      1. Don't keep your drink close to you. Keep a non-alcoholic drink close to you, but keep your (wine, beer, etc.) in a different room so it's more difficult to sip automatically. In other words, try pushing back against the habit. 

      2. Note that some get an immediate reduction in their drinking and some do not. It can take a couple of months before drinking levels begin to drop and even then, it's natural for your drinking levels to go up and down week by week. 

      3. Someone recently posted that waiting 2 hours after taking the pill worked better for those that didn't seem to be doing as well with TSM, so you might try that too. Also, wait until you actually crave a drink to take the pill rather than simply taking it at a set time every drinking day. 



  • colleen71006 colleen71006 secondslong

    I am new here.  I am trying the Sinclair Method for a week now, and I am drinking half as much but wanting more and more each day.  At first I thought, I got this, easy peasy.  Now I'm like No way, not working, I need more.  Advice and encouragement appreciated!


    • JoannaC3Europe JoannaC3Europe colleen71006


      It IS working.  Your body has just got used to the initial affects of the medication and so returning back to what is normal for you.  This is often referred to as the honeymoon period.  The fact that you noticed a difference is a really, really good indicator that it will work for you.

      All you have to do now is take the pill at the first sign of a craving or urge to drink, wait the hour (if naltrexone) or 2 hours (if nalmefene) and then take the drink you wanted.  Drink mindfully, and try interrupt your drinking when you get the signal that you are feeling satisfied.  Don't drink too quickly, don't slam them back, but instead try take your time over the first drink or two and then test to see how it feels to put the drink down and do something else.  You can always go back to the drink later if you wish.

      Think of this like the many tablets out there that are very good at helping people lose weight - someone who takes the tablet and starts to change their usual habitual eating, learning how to cook properly etc will see a change over some months.  The person who takes the tablet but doesn't work with it and keeps eating junk food every day will see little (or no) progress and then decide at some point that the pill doesn't work.

      This isn't a quick fix, and takes some effort from you, so please do not panic.  Just stick with the protocol, work towards changing the way you drink and you will eventually find that the naltrexone is helping you make the change.

      If you haven't read the book that explains this method (how and why it works) please google the C3 Foundation Europe page, hit the 'contact' button and I will send you a free PDF copy of it.


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