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Dear all.

It has been months since I have last been on this site.

The reason for this is, basically I'm healed and feeling good again.

So I have not been on for ages, but then I was thinking, its stories like mine that I needed the most when I was really suffering...

I needed to hear of people that have got through the worst time of suffering and feeling so poorly that you start to think there is no way out.

That was me 8 months ago!!

It all started with a cough.... Weeks of being treated for asthma and chest infection, I also had earache, sore throat and no appetite at all.

I got so poorly I was hospitalized 3 times in 5 weeks. I just kept getting treated for asthma, eventually after weeks of suffering I went for an endoscopy which diagnosed oesophagitis caused by extreme acid reflux.

I was put on 40mg of omeprazole and made the relevant life style changes... That I picked up from the wonderful advice from you lovely people l.

It took months and months for my recovery to take effect, I honestly thought i was doomed with this horrible illness forever, I slipped into a terrible depression (very out of character for me!)

Well I am absolutely fine now, pretty much back to my old self, there are certain things I avoid as I know itll set my reflux off, for me the worst triggers are... Eating too late in the day, over filling myself, fizzy drinks and onions! As long as I avoid these I'm fine 😊

For me it was the omeprazole, you have to trust in it, itsNOT a quick cure, it takes months to be effective. I have now gone down to 20mg a day, my doc thinks I may have to be on this for a few years... But I don't care it has given me life back.

So my final message to you all is this...



I know how terrible you are feeling, I have been there, I know my story wont be the same for everyone out there, but if it can help just one of you then that's good for me.

I'm going to check in here every now and again, as this forum meant so much to me at my worst time, if I can be of any help to anyone then I will gladly do so.

Take care everyone xx

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    So what diet changes did you do? And how did you know you were having a reaction to those foods, was it the lump in the throat or burping? I don't really know when I'm having a reaction... 

    Its great you are  finally cured!

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      Hi reply.

      The diet changes I made were I. Cut out chocolate, alcohol, onion, garlic, tomato, fizzy drinks, oranges, fruit juice, caffeine (it left my diet very boring 😫!!)

      I also make sure the latest I eat is 6pm, sleep with my bed raised, and never overfill myself.

      I know I was having a reaction to foods because it would make me cough within 10mins of eating.

      I never suffered with burping or typical heartburn/indigestion.

      Hope you begin to feel better soon x

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      Did you ever feel symptoms worsen if you didn't take the tablets at the same times each day? I forgot to take mine this Morn and had a horrible day, hurting to eat and talk etc. 
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    Laura - thank you so much for those words of hope. I've suffered so much with acid and irritated hoarse throat since last September. I've been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and throat inflammation and am taking Lansoprazole 30mg twice a day and Gaviscon after meals and before bed. I've been taking this regularly only for the last two weeks or so.  I don't feel any better and feel so depressed and despondent.  So it can take a while for these meds to help this condition then?!  Bless you.  I will try to think positive thoughts if I can but am finding this so difficult at the moment.  Thank you so much. Love and hugs. XX
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      Hi Margot.

      Bless you I was exactly the same, I got so low and depressed and utterly fed up with feeling so awful.

      Yes I believe lansoprazole is a ppi like omeprazole.

      It took at least 8 weeks of being on a high dosage to even begin to feel a benefit, and at least 16weeks before I began to feel like myself again.

      Please stick with it, also it might be worth asking your doc if you could up your dose a little whilst you are still feeling bad, I didn't notice any benefit from ppi until they upped me to 40mg a day.

      I wish you well I really do know how awful you are feeling xx

      Ps, I dont have a hiatus hernia, so your recovery maybe different to mine, my uncle has one and he says the best thing he does for his is to make sure you eat first thing in the morning, he says if he doesn't he feels awful all day.

      Hope some of this advice helps you xx

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      Laura thank you so much for your reply.  I'm on 60mg of Lansoprozole a day, two doses of 30mg. I've been taking it regularly now for about 3 weeks or so but do not feel any different.  I feel really sore and icy in my throat and oesophagus and it's making me feel very scared and despondent. Did it make you feel sore and wretched?!  I feel as if my whole life has been taken over with the awful thing.  I'm really scared that I will develop Barretts although when I had the endoscopy done in November they said small Hiatus Hernia otherwise normal.  Does it take a long time to develop Barretts?!  Also I feel very tired and drained all of the time.  Have been through a lot of stress over the last few years, some of it relationship problems and other that our home of 5 years has thrown at us so many problems that it has put a strain on us.  We now are going to put the house on the market and I feel that this is more stress.  Sorry to go on.  I'm seeing the doctor next week and will ask her if there is any more I can do to help other than all the advice I've read about and am trying to implement.  Sorry to go on.  Many thanks and take care. XXXX
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    Hallo Laura.  Just a question!  I have been taking omeprazole for over 2 years now.  I often thought it didn't/doesn't work!  I have read recently that you shouldn't take it over a long period (whatever that may mean)!  My doctor does't seem to worry about it!!  I have even thought of stopping it altogether.  Have you read any detrimental effects of this drug?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    All the best. C💐

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      My GI was the opposite. After my follow up endoscopy (5 months after the 1st) he said that as my Barretts was negligible I have to come off the PPI , the H2 blockers etc I was taking. Those drugs were very effective in my case (only on them for 5 months) and I could eat almost anything i wanted. Since I stopped my  bad chest pains have returned if i slip and  over eat or eat nuts after a meal. I am a bit loathe to restart (diagnosed with osteoporosis)
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      Hi Shaq!  Don't really understand what Osteoporosis has to do with acid reflux!?!

      BTW, did you ever buy a vibration plate?

      Regards fr C💐

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      Hi Constance.

      Yes I have read everything possible on omeprazole... But if you were to read up on any drug I believe you would feel the same.

      For me the omeprazole has been a saviour!!

      I think you have to outweigh the benefits over the side effects.

      I hope not to be on omeprazole forever, I'm only 34 so it would mean potentially taking it for another 40years!! But my doc is in certainly no rush to take me off yet, I have total faith in my doc so I'm happy to be led by her.

      It seems to me like you have been on omeprazole for a long time now, if you are not getting any benefit from it, I personally would look at changing to a different ppi/ h2 blocker.

      There are lots of different drugs out there you can try.

      For me a great book was called the chronic cough by Jamie koffman, not everyone with our condition agrees with her theory, but it worked really well for me, maybe worth a read (even if coughing isn't one of your symptoms, all her advice is for silent reflux/lpr suffers)

      I wish you well xx

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      Hi Contance, apparently PPIs  affect the body’s absorption of calcium, which in turn could lead to osteoporosis and fractures. Researchers found a link between long-term use of PPIs and hip fractures.

      ​Did not buy a vibration plate ..i havent seen it  in sports shops here (live in the middle east) the meantime ..on my treadmill about 5 mornings a week either jogging or walking with ankle weights and small dumbells ..which i then use to do various upper body exercises...though cant do any twisting or strong abdominal exercises sad  


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    Thanks SO MUCH, Laura!

    It is indeed wonderful to hear that you are feeling so much better and that with specific changes in eating patterns and taking medication, things CAN and WILL get better.

    Thank you for taking the time to spread some sunshine today!😄

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    That's interesting that you experienced a cough when you ate something that irritated your stomach.  That same thing happened to me.  When I would eat a bagel with cinnamon on it, no pain, just this non-stop urge to cough it up as though part of it had gone into my lungs. 

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