These symptoms ruining my life! Tingling left side of body.

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Hi everyone,

Apologies for the length of this ramble, I'm just feeling very confused alone and fearful. I would like to know if anyone gets these symptoms and how they got diagnosed? Because all Dr's say it's stress/anxiety related.

four years ago I took a legal high and had a terrible experience on it. A couple weeks later I had a full blown migraine with aura (intense pins & needles down one side of my body with numbness - no weakness or anything). So basically since then, I've been getting weird left sided symptoms like buzzing, tingling, tiredness, creepy-crawly feelings, feeling like my mouth on the left side is drooping and drooling - but then when I look in the mirror its not. And it feels like I have slight loss of sensation, very slight. I get this on the left side of my face, neck, left hand and sole of my left foot. I get brain fog, depersonalisation, really bad anxiety and this all makes me quite low. I get periods where I feel very tired and nauseas too. These symptoms come and go, sometimes when they come they last for months, sometimes days. They can wax and wane throughout the day and are usually worse if I have no sleep and in the mornings and evenings (afternoons are usually okay). They can get worse when I'm really stressed and anxious, and worse when I focus on them too. Sometimes they go during the day and I'm only left with a slight buzzing in the left foot.

I've had an MRI and saw a nuerologist to rule out MS (I'm a MAJOR hypochondriac and am TERRIFIED of MS - so part of me thinks my symptoms are psychosomatic or fuctional neurological symptoms that are mirroring MS, as I'm sure they appeared and worsened when I focused on them.) please don't mention MS - unless it's to reassure me that I DON'T have it haha. >.<

I have hypothyroidism too. I've seen around 7 different Dr's and they ALL say it's stress related.

But I've been looking a lot on CFS forums and I've seen a lot of people talking about sensory tingling sensations and some people even mentioning them being one sided.

So basically I would like to know if anyone else experiences these symptoms? If you have heard of these being Anxiety related please let me know! I have a Dr's appointment next week so I'd like to mention this to him!

Huge thankyou to anyone who replies!

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    Since having anxiety I have had head ache achy numbness all on my left side. It seems all left sided and I think it's to do with anxiety.

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    your descriptions almost sounded like you were having a stroke but as you have recovered it must have been a bad high that you took.
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    Good afternoon , since having anxiety , I have pressure in my head off and on , headaches in different parts of my head , and tightness in my neck and shoulders and a lot of tension
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    Are you kidding, dear Heather? We ALL have these symptoms...and more. This is an anxiety forum, and we are all dealing with this. It sounds to me that your doctors do actually know what they are talking about!!!  I am amazed that you have not been put on an anti anxiety med by now.

    If you will scroll down other discussions here on anxiety, you will see your story over and over again...including not believing the doctors. It will help you tremendously to read other's posts.

    My doctor spotted anxiety right away...I believe and trust this man, so when he put me on meds, I agreed. Within days I saw a difference. I became calm enough to stumble on this forum which has helped me so very much.

    I also was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which is another kettle of fish....but am dealing with it. In this case, the meds will take two more weeks to really get me level again...but I can handle two more weeks.

    You will get other responses here from lovely, compassionate people who will help you help yourself....but please do scroll other discussions, it will help. Hugs to you Heather.

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    Yes!! I have had the exact same thing - tingling all down my left hand side for over a year now, but worst in my hand and foot. Started around the same time as me developing pretty bad anxiety and depression. Took me a long time to get doctors to do anything about it as they just said it was due to the anxiety.

    However, I've recently had a load of blood tests which showed I'm vitamin B12 deficient, which apparently could explain it so I'm now on supplements. I'm also booked for an MRI scan (presumably also to rule out MS).

    I'd recommend anyone to get their B12 levels checked if experiencing similar things - B12 deficiency can mimic some of the symptoms of MS, and can also be the underlying cause of anxiety/depression.

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    Dear Heather. Such an old post but wonder how you are doing now ? 
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    I am in the same situation right now. I went to my Dr and he said it's anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 12. But I was always able to control it and it would go away. But after having my second baby the anxiety got bad, tinggling, twitching, tension on my throat and jaw. He checked my thyroid, b12, and all that can be causing the tingling and twitching and came back clear. I noticed if you focus on the pain or tingling it will keep going more. So I suggest to just keep your mind occupied with chores,etc. Go shopping, go out distract your self. Anxiety makes you feel and thibk you have something more serious, then what it actually is.

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    Hello, I know exactly how you feel. Anxiety can cause many different symptoms. If you've had an MRI and have seen several doctors, then you are okay. I personally have been struggling with anxiety for the past month and a half and I have been worried about whether or not I'm dying. I have visited an urgent care doctor, an E.R physician, a primary care doctor, a neurologist, and a chiropractor. All of these doctors I have visited have all told me the same thing which is "You're okay" and "You're not dying". It's been hard for me to fully comprehend that these symptoms really do stem from anxiety. I've had may different symptoms and these symptoms aren't constant. I'm very young by the way. I'm currently in my last year of high-school and I have recently started a job. When I'm at my job, for the most part, I feel perfectly fine. When I hang out with my friends, family, or my boyfriend, for the most part, I feel okay. However, I have physical symptoms that aren't necessarily painful, but they really do bother me. Honestly, your symptoms can be caused from a number of things, things that aren't serious though. Doctors are very intelligent people and they go through tons of schooling to work in the medical field as the position they are in. You are perfectly okay and you have MRI results to prove it. I would suggest seeking therapy, as therapy can help a-lot. Try to distract yourself from these feelings of anxiety. Trust me, I know what you're going through. Sometimes it can be hard to believe your doctors when they tell you that nothing is wrong with you. Because you feel the physical symptoms to prove something could be wrong with you. Just be assured that you're okay. You just have to be strong and tell yourself that nothing is wrong. I hope this reply was some help to you and I hope you start to feel better soon.

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    I hope I can help you though I am not a good English speaker;

    first time I had tingling sensation on my left side of face, it didn't go away until I boiled water and let the water vapours rich my face ofcourse from a distance(using a kettel)

    however I got the same tingling sensation a week after, but this time not only in my face but in my hand and leg as well. even I was feeling it sometime in right side of my body. and it is right when I was thinking of it it was worse.

    the day after I remembered that last week  the water vapours let the tingling sensation go. so agained I tried it and it worked out.

    So everytime I was getting this pins on my face and legs..I was doing the same but I was feeling lightheadedness afterwards. 

    Anyhow I decided to visit emergency, I thought it might be a clot;

    In the hospital they told me it is not any emergent case, they send me to an Internal specialist,

    thanks God he started by checking my ears!

    he told me it is all due to your earwax!

    you have to visit ENT!

    The ENT specialist gave me a drop and washed my ears two days after!

    All those tingling sensations which I was thinking is due to MS or a blood clot is gone after the ear wax was removed.

    I am thankful to GOD that I didnt visit a neuro specialist at that time!


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    Hello heather2905. How you’ve been? I’m experiencing the same symptoms and my doctor told me the same thing, anxiety, however the symptoms gets worse every single day and the back of my neck also hurts amd a little chest pain too. Anyway, the doctor told me to see a psychologist, I haven’t gone yet but I will as soon as I get the appointment. I currently am going to an acupuncturist and it does help. 

    Are you taking any medication for your anxiety? Did it help? I’m also afraid of this symptoms and I get a little paranoid whenever I feel this symptoms. 

    I hope you feel better. 

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    Yes!!! I am constantly checking the mirror thinking that I am "stroking out"!!! My Mom had a stroke almost 2 years ago and I take care of her and I am scared of ending up like her. I have had these symptoms for years and have always had this fear but after my Mom had her stroke my health anxiety kicked into high gear about it. I went to the ER recently because I was having numbness and tingling in my lips and around my mouth, my tongue felt like it was swelling and I felt like I couldn't swallow and I was basically going to choke on my own tongue. I have woken up with blurred vision in one eye a few random times as well as getting that feeling that my face is drooping or tight and I feel like I'm drooling. I also feel like I'm talking funny and forget what I'm trying to say. I have had several CT scans on my head and they were all normal, no signs of stroke. They just keep telling me it is all from anxiety. I also have a ton of other symptoms, mainly the classic heart attack symptoms and digestive issues, pretty much everything you will find listed under anxiety and panic attacks. I am currently having issues with my left upper thigh/groin area. I feel like I have a blood clot or like someone is twisting the veins inside my leg and that goes along with pain in the "veins" in the side of my neck, All of which I have been to the emergency room for more than once just to be told it is probably anxiety. I have a questionable thyroid, hypo, but have never been to a specialist and the regular doctors never investigated more than to do the normal testing which would come back abnormal and then send me for a repeat which would come back normal so they would say I was ok. I don't have insurance anymore and cannot afford to see a doctor out of pocket so I haven't been seen by a doctor outside of the emergency room is like 2 or 3 years now,which means no meds, no therapy, no further investigation. I will say that when I was under the care of my last doctor and on a combination of medication and in counseling I felt the best I'd ever felt. She was a doctor that made me feel like she actually cared, she listened and started running every test on the planet to try and figure out if there was anything else medical causing the anxiety symptoms. I found out I MIGHT have pernicious anemia, I was getting iron infusions and b12 injections but the last thing she did when I lost my insurance was order more testing, she wasn't sure if that was exactly the right diagnosis or not. She was sending me to a specialist for the thyroid, never got there either. She ruled out a lot of things, and was treating me for a few things too. She had me on one medication that was used for fibro/wide spread pain as well as sleep issues along with my anxiety medications. I really felt like a semi functional human. My best advice is to get treatment for the anxiety and your thyroid issues, at the very least you might get some relief from the symptoms that are coming from those things. Best of luck!!!

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