Thighs cramps

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i get these cramps in my upper things,sometimes at the same time or one,,the pain is so bad that it is very hard to walk,bend and I cry so badly because of the pain.i know that one I am going to cut them off with a change saw,and believe me when I say that,that pain will not be has bad as the cramps are! This is the best way I can describe this. I have been having this for about 23years and I have tried just about everthing. I know like most of you,you just need answers like me.. Just a little help! Thank you

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    Hi carrie:

    Thanks for this new post.  I am experiencing cramping at times in both my legs, fingers, and left side.  There are times that the cramping is so bad, I shudder.  The pain level goes to an extreme high of 10.  It only lasts for a couple of minutes then subsides but my legs feel so sore and it comes again, mostly at night in bed.  I also get it when sitting on my couch and in a certain position.  It drives me crazy and is a good thing that it only lasts for a short time, else I would be in the ER.  If the cramping was bad there, I would be in the hospital.  I have been to so many specialists such as rhemetologists, neurologists and pain specialists.  I have peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia vascular problems on both my legs.  I was told that I have nerve damage and it will continue unless something can stop it.  When I try to walk now, I have so much pain in my back.  My sedmentation rate is very high, well above normal.  It is a straight line climbing.  This is causing damage to my muscles.  My doctor wants me to go on Methotextrate but I can't take it orally as it made me sick.  I will have to get it in injections.  This med is used in cancer patients too.  If that doesn't bring down the inflammation, then I would go on Humira, Embrel or IV Remicade.  I don't look forward to any of them  There are risks involved but the cure would be better than the bite.  I hope it's not too late.  My GP cannot prescribe it as only a rheumetoligist can.  I have an appoint with that type of doctor.  I have been having these problems for quite sometime but within the last few months, the pain is getting worse and my body feels like it clamped between a vice.  I think my doctor want me to get a walker.  He also said that he prescribe a wheelchair but as long as I can walk some, I don't feel I need it as of yet.  Because of all this agonizing pain, causing more depression, extreme tiredness, broken up sleep and not having the ambition to do anything other than typing on my computer is what keeps me going.  So, I cannot offer you any other advice as I suffer with it as well.  Why don't you search it out and check out some of the doctors which can help you.  It is not like a run around the block but it takes time and can be long as a year or more.  It has taken me several  years going to doctor after doctor and each provides me with a different diagnosis.  I learned one thing in this forum and that is there are many people who understand and want to help which likewise you can help as well plus the fact you become your own advocate following others, like i said earlier, doing research and read a lot of information of what your condition is.  You also have the tools to question your doctor in more of a professional manner.  I hope this helps.  I hope your pain or cramping will subside and just feel better.

    my best to you.


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      Hi Miss Carrie:  I am just being facicious here so don't mind me saying that.  You called me Miss Mel.  First thing I am not a Miss or Mrs.  How about Mr Mel or just plain Mel.  biggrin  You see, I put on a smiley face because no matter how bad we feel, there is alway to smile.  I learned that just being here with many people who go out of their way like I do to make others feel better.  It may not take away our real pain but this little thing can help with our feeling and motivation.  Make sense I hope?  Wecome to this nice place and hope y ou stay active.  I spend about 2 hours here reading and if something I feel I need to comment on, I will  do it.  One note of interest is Sigatoka mentioned something about taking Quinine water.  Isn't quinine also used for Malaria?  Does quinine taste bitter?  Is it safe if you take many other meds?  These are some of the questions I have to ponder over with.  I gu ess I can ask my doctor and look it up.  So meawhile take care and hope you cramps get better, 


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    Hi carrie

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing cramps.  I suffer with leg and feet cramps now and then. My GP prescribed a course of quinine tablets for a couple of months which helped enormously.

    My dentist recommended drinking a small 150ml of Indian tonicwater which has a certain amount of quinine - 1 can a day if the cramps a bad.  I checked this with my GP who confirmed that it was okay to take this but he recommended one can every other day and it does work.

    I have also been told that it would be a good idea to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

    Hope this works for you if you would like to try it.

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    I completely understand the agony of thigh cramp. The pain is so bad it brings tears to your eyes and a terrible feeling of nausea. The worst it is impossible to stand or walk. The only thing I have found that helps is when in a lying position is to get a piece of material - a towel for example, put it round your ankles and lift the leg in the air.

    Good luck to all us thigh cramp sufferers.

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    Hi Carrie haven't been on this site for a while so only just seen your post I also suffer severe cramping in thighs as you said it's the worst cramp ever no one understands if they haven't had it . I read somewhere if the thigh cramps start press on the spot as hard as you can I find it does help but you really have to press hard hope it helps x


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