Things that helped me cope with my ankle break

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I have an earlier post about creating a nest for yourself when you are non weight bearing. That Is for people who are only 1 to 2 weeks past the initial break. This post is about the next 12 months........... Things that I found to be helpful not just with pain but with anxiety depression exercise taking care of my family and taking care of myself.

Compression ankle braces- mine are beige and tight and slip on. They reduce swelling throughout the day which helps with that afternoon/evening pain which can feel like your ankles are made of broken glass.

YOU TUBE guided meditation- for when you cant sleep or that anxiety has you on edge or when you keep reliving your accident over and over in your head. Youtube also has great rainfall sounds, city sounds, cracking fire sounds, just to lull you to sleep.

OLD SCHOOL THANK YOU NOTES- for all the casseroles, meals, visits and well wishes your friends have given you......

Lists, I made lots of lists of things i wanted to do when I got better......I remodeled my house (on paper) REdesigned my landscaping, investigated vacation locations online. ....... I ALSO used humor to cheer myself, I listed the things I THOUGHT were worse then breaking both ankles, I also made a list of things I could tell people when they asked "how did you break BOTH your ankles?" Because when I told them I was just sleepwalking, it wasn't much fun as when I said I was breaking up a biker bar fight........

TEMPORARY HANDICAPPED TAG- It does help when you get back to limited walking, to be able to park close to the shops. Mine was good for 9 months, then I let it expire.

DOGGIE CUDDLES- my dog stayed by my side the entire time i was stuck on a mattress on the floor. She was great for my moral and would just let my cry all over her coat.

POOL UPPER BODY EXERCISE- low impact and very refreshing. But be careful, too much time lying down did something to my ears and made me prone to ear infections!!!!!

Warm/Hot water soaks- I put salt in mine it really helps with end of the day pain and range of motion.

MOVIE DATES with spouse or friends. Arrange to rent a favorite or new movie, or watch a weekly series together. Gives you something to dress for or at least take a shower for.

WORKING HALF DAYS- or desk work instead of on my feet all day, propping my legs up at work for 15-20 min every 2-3 hours.

TAKING MEDS BEFORE YOU GET UP- taking motrin or for me celebrex 30 min to an hour before I really got up seemed to work better for me.

Please add to this list if you are moved to do so,

that is all for now!!!

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    Oh Bless you Winnie, you made me giggle. It has been over 2 years for me since my break and still got problems but you have made them a little better. LOL I would love to take my meds before I get up but am usually snoozing xxxx

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    Great advice! i had a terrible fall and broke one ankle and tore tendons in my other ankle 16 months ago. After surgery. several other procedures and pic line for severe infection, I too cried on my rescue dog. i still have some pain and swelling and have to elevate my ankle several times a day. I lived in a rush for most of my life. Now i am slower and more calm and take time to enjoy things I wouldn't have ever taken time to discover. i discovered more genres of films, music and books and although i still have some tough moments, i did recover.

    We all have to understand that recovery is a process and it has to be worked on and embraced.

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    This is great! Please keep a growing list of recommendations, I know they would help many. My additions:

    • Grip and grab or similar reaching/pickup tools - great for picking up things that drop on the floor or are out of reach.
    • Essential oils - both for diffusing and topical mixed with a carrier oil - lavender, helichrysum, peppermint, frankincense, wintergreen and many others. Note if you have pets, not all of them are safe for around pets (especially wintergreen). I used this topically even when in the cast (on the bottom of the good foot plus Q tip between the toes etc.) and on the incision and topically after I was out of the cast
    • Vitamins/Supplements - Turmeric, Calcium, Collagen, Glucosamine, Bromelain, Fever Few are some that I found that helped. Vit C/D/K and Magneisum as well.
    • Arnica pills and topical analgesic - natural pain and anti-inflammatory and not the side effects of other pain medication. I use the pills instead of ibuprofen
    • Volaren gel - prescription strength anti-inflammatory - if you can get your doctor to give you a prescription, this stuff is wonderful.
    • Bone broth is great for healing bones. Make some from marrow bones and use for a soup base or have a cup a couple times a day.* Youtube - Weightless by Marconi Union song is great for anxiety/stress. Put it on loop. Also this one helped me with pain when it was the worst and the pain meds weren't enough: Pure Tone Binaural Beat Meditation for Severe Pain Relief
    • Do what exercises you can in bed or a chair. Upper body weights, leg lifts, stretches, yoga, etc.
    • Don't be afraid to ask for help and take people up on their offers of help. Give them something to help you with even if small. If anything, you get some company or a visitor to break the monotony and your might give your caregivers a break too
    • Don't get hung up on how you look or dress. This is a rough recovery. Do try and pamper yourself a little. Wear comfy clothes . But do something nice once in a while like paint your nails or go to a salon and have them wash and style your hair.
    • Always make notes of questions to ask the doctor. Get a copy or phone pic of your xrays. each time. Take notes. Ask questions. Don't assume they know everything.
    • Look into massage, a good chiropractor and acupuncture
    • Get in home or PT as soon as possible and do your exercises even when it hurts and your tired.

    I'll probably think of more and have been building my own list of advice. I broke an ankle 20 years ago so knew better this time what to expect and do, but wish I had known all this back then the first time.

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    Yes the extension grabber I forgot about that one. This tool is extremely helpful because yes the extension grabber I forgot about that one. This tool is extremely helpful because she will not be able to get up on your tiptoes to reach things and bending down can be painful as well depending on how stable your ankles are you will not be able to get up on your tiptoes to reach things and bending down can be painful as well depending on how stable your ankles are. You will not be pivoting and reaching for things for a very long time.

    Thanks so much for the additions I think I’ll try a few of these myself !

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