Things to do before surgery to help after surgery.

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I am having surgery next month. Is there anything that I can do now to help the recovery process later on?

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    Emily I tell you what!

    Next day of operation I walked home, one week later I cycle 10 miles, I walked up today (13 days after) like a baby no wound pain no more paracetamol.

    I don't want to misguide you, everyone is different, Another thing they ONLY removed some bones from back of my skull (for CSF fluid to flow uninterrupted) they have NOT taught my brain membrane and C1/C2. It seems to work I already feel better.

    My humble Tips to you:

    3 weeks before operation I started eating: Almond, eggs, broccoli, blueberry (if you don't like them search for food for tissue damage)

    I have done extra exercises especially cardiovascular, a lot of next exercise (especially isometric). I have been also doing back exercises for a while. Be POSITIVE you are not the only one, million of people having operation.

    Go on Emily

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    Hi, I am so pleased you have the surgery - just keep calm- each person different - I was more inactive prior surgery because I was suffered so bad - could not even walk properly - I take more supplements good for your brain and nerves - drink plenty of water (but lukewarm) - go for full body massage (avoid massage on the neck) - prepare to get front opening bra (just incase your arms numb) I was in the hospital for 6 weeks (suppose to be 1 week) I have got chemical meningitis. But the soonest I woke up from the surgery all the pressures disappear - no more vertigo feeling - no more headache - I could walk easily - I don't take any pain killer anymore - although I still have back pain (now and then) but nothing compare with prior surgery- after surgery don't go back to work that easy - wait at least 10 weeks (that was my surgeon told me) - take it easy even though you feel better - just remember you just have your skull (C1 or C2 cut) ..make sure its all healed..but like the other COMMENT: be positive - there is light at the end of the tunnel - GOD LUCK

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    Hi Emily,  I recommend that you get a good pillow for after decompression. Try not to rush into activities right away. You need lots of rest and you are going to need someone to help you. My preys are with you. Good luck
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    everyone is definitely different, so don’t plan too much on being like anyone else. My advice is to Just take it one day at time.

    I honestly didn’t do much to prepare for surgery. I used hibicleanse shampoo my hair in the days leading up to surgery as per doctors orders. This is a strong antibacterial soap. If your not having the surgery for a couple months I’d suggest trying to develop a routine of eating healthy and try to lose some weight because after surgery you have to take it really easy for 2-3 months (I am about a month post op, and I know for a fact I am not in any condition to be working out or straining myself) and you can easily become more out of shape during those months if u have bad eating habits.

    My brother (bless his heart) stayed with me all three days and nites in the hospital which was incredibly helpful. If u can make arrangements with someone to be there with, do it.

    Be prepared to have a catheter inserted (I was uncounsious when then put it in, but youre awake when they take it out which is uncomfortable but doable. The problem I had was that I had a real hard time urinating after they took it out and my bladder scans were showing that my bladder was really full and they were like 10 min away from cathing me again by this time I would be awake....I literally like had to  hypnotize myself into peeing to avoid it, thank god. I bring it up now because I never went through that before and no one warned me.

    Also, I was on a lot of heavy pain meds and those meds will prevent u from having a bowel movement so be prepared for that. Bearing down will cause lots of pain on your neck and back of head. 

    I was not prepared for how bad my head would hurt for the first day and nite....they may not have had my pain meds in order yet, but I woke up in lots of pain. My wife and brother who is an ER doc made it a point to really urge the doctors to give me a PCA pain pump where I could give myself a shot of pain medicine like morphine when I needed it. I don’t think they were gunna originally give it to me, but I was visibly in pain.

    Also, doctors and nurses will come barging into your room every hour or so it seemed. I literally yelled (more like moaned) at a couple doctors and nurses to whisper because they were so damn loud and it was like giving me a massive headache. I would tell your friend or relative who will be with u to help u out by asking them to bring the volumes of their voices down if they are loud, orbit may drive u nuts. Remember, it’s about you being comfortable because ur the patient.  Don’t hesitate to ask for anything.

    I am a real social person with a great support system and my friends and family all wanted to come to the hospital, and my brother old them not too. I think it was a real good call on his part to tell everyone to not come to the hospital. for the three nites I was in the hospital, I was not in any condition to be social or talk or anything. Plus, it may have helped prevent any infections or germs getting into my room because everyone would have wanted to give me a hug and kiss.

    Day 1 was really really hard for me

    Day 2 and 3 were better but still pretty uncomfortable.

    By day 4, 5,6,7 I was still uncomfortable but soooooooooo much better than that first day.  

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    I had my surgery May 8. I for the last two days I haven’t taken any of the heavier pain meds. I have been rotating between Tylenol and Ibprophen. The ibprophen seems to help the most I think. Stitches were taken out on Thursday. 

    My wife and I have a 6 week old at home and I have been doing very good with keeping up with helping my wife and baby with everything that needs to be done, so that can maybe give u an idea of how I am progressing. 

    As a teacher, I go back to work mid August...that will be the real test and I am praying that I am symptom free by then, but time will tell I guess

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