Think I have SVT??

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So let me start off by saying that I have SEVERE anxiety especially about health related stuff. I definitely suffer from a fear of doctors and hypochondria. 

 A few weeks ago I had a headache for a week straight and nothing would touch it so I finally went to urgent care to try and get a prescription.. my heart rate was around 140bpm so they sent me to Emergency room to rule out blood clot. It was ruled out but my heart rate was still high and they gave me Ativan and Benadryl to get it down. Headache went away and I was fine. Then about a week later I had a follow up with Primary DR.. heart rate was 86bpm and he ran some blood tests (the thought of getting tests and waiting for results is a real trigger for me and I made myself so anxious. The next day I had severe chest pain numbness in arm and thumb and swelling near my elbow so my family urged me to go back to the hospital. I didn't want to go because I truly felt it was from having such severe anxiety. But I went and my heart rate was about 150-160bpm. Cardiologist at the ER was concerned so she did an EKG (normal just really fast) .. a Chest CT to rule out blood clots and look at the heart and a chest X-RAY and an ultra sound of the swelling. She gave me Ativan and morphine to calm

Me down. She did not do an echo because all the tests were coming back normal minus super high heart rate. She would leave the room and my heart rate would go down to 110 and the second she walked in (without even saying a word) it was up to 150.. they wanted to do my second EKG when heart rate was below 100.. so it dropped to 90.. and the nurses would come back in to do the EKG and it would be at 120 again. They finally did the second one and it was also normal. ER cardiologist wasn't convinced it was all caused form anxiety despite me telling her how much I suffer from it esp when I'm at the dr getting tests. She urged me to follow up with dr the next day. After meeting with my primary , I was a bit more calm and she said she believe it was anxiety. She prescribed me a beta blocker which I did not take for three days because all weekend my heart rate was in 80s- low 90s. That Monday I started a new job and it triggered another episode - heart around 120bpm sweating couldn't focus dizzy anxious etc. same thing happened on Tues and wed. I also noticed that when I stood up or walked a little bit my heart rate would go from 90-130 bpm in an instant. So I decided to start the beta blocker over a week ago and what a difference ! Heart rate in 70s and feel better. I am just wondering if all the tests that were done would rule out an issue with the heart or if it is SVT or is it really just severe anxiety affecting my heart rate?i will say the way I felt during these episodes did  not present the way anxiety usually does for me . However I have not had intense anxiety in a while (two years prnso )and it al started back up again that first time I had to go to the ER for a headache ! Thank you!!!!!!! Any info would be great !!!

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    Pain will cause the heart rate and blood pressure to go up. 

    When I have SVT ,it makes me anxious because  the heart rate is high and it makes you feel light headed and dizzy and the heart feels so fast , it's scary, so it's a vicious circle. 

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      I know !! It's so uncomfortable !! It's a chicken or the egg kind of thing. Thank you for taking the time to reply smile

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    I think anxiety is an important part of your heart rate difficulties.  With SVT, your rate shouldn't change so quickly and dramatically as medical people come and go.

    My decades of anxiety/panic disorder give me a great deal of empathy for your situation.  Maybe you can discuss cognitive therapy and/or medications (SSRIs) as possible treatments, along with beta blockers.  That approach didn't "cure" me, but greatly improved my quality of life.

    If you do have SVT, ablation could offer you an actual cure for.  It might help you to know that many of us do understand what you're going through.  I'm very glad you're getting some help, hope you'll get some more, and wish the very best for you. 

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      Wow thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story. Okay I also would think anxiety has a major thing to do with it . The cardiologist at the ER was perplexed and was convinced anxiety wouldn't do this to my heart.. I kept saying yeah but you don't know ME and how anxious I get ! I guess I just feel skeptical  that a beta blocker makes me feel better but what is it correcting ? Is it anxiety or something the cardiologist missed ! I don't know but either way anxiety and these episodes of tachachardyia are so uncomfortable ! I am sorry to Hear you also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I hope you are doing well!!! 

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    Thanks for your kind words.  Some years back, I repeatedly read of beta blockers being used by musicians to help them deal with the stress of performing.  Much of that might have been reduced heart heart rates helping calm them, but there may be other benefits.  Googling that might give you some useful info, Pancakr. 

    I hope you and your cardiologist will work well together on many possible treatments. I also hope that getting through SVT episodes without long-term harm will help you with your anxiety. As decades passed without my SVT doing any permanent damage, I experienced less and less panic during and after an episode.

    My first ablation didn't work (a significant emotional setback), and I had my second done 3 weeks ago. No SVT since.  As you'll understand, I very much hope weeks become months, then years.  Please keep us posted with your progress.  Take care. 

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