Think I may have Lyme disease, not sure if I'm getting the right treatment?

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Backstory - It started a few days ago, me and some friends were visiting Copenhagen. I sat down on a bench and immediately felt a strange pain on the back of my thigh. I ignored it for a little while but noticed it was getting hot and painful, the skin felt hard even through my jeans. So I went and had a look at it, and I had an enormous "bullseye" rash. I also developed some horrible cold/flu symtpoms that same day.

That night I was shivering and cold, and developed hives on my feet and arms. We tried to call someone but I couldn't see a health professional in Denmark so had to wait til we got back to the UK the next day.

I went to the hospital last night and they told me it was just an allergic reaction, the nurse gave me 1 weeks worth of Flucloxacilline. My cold/flu symtpoms have got much worse, with a strange pressure in my head that is causing my hearing to be strange, like I'm underwater with a constant ringing in my ears. I keep getting sharp pains in my ears as well (from the sinus pressure?)

The rash has gotten a bit bigger, and where it was clear in the middle ring it's now gone a weird yellowy colour.

All these symptoms seem to point to lyme disease, but no one has mentioned it yet. I've got another doctors appointment tomorrow, don't really know what to say. Am I getting too paranoid?

Thank you.

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    Hi if you think in anyway you've been bitten by a tick you need a course of doxycycline antibiotics asap to start killing off the infection. The sooner you start the abx the better as if left it can become chronic and then its extremely difficult to treat.

    Good luck, hope all goes well for you

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    Sarah is giving you the right advice.

    Take a photo of the rash if still there.

    Write down what has happened and tell the doctor all the symptoms.

    Antibiotics taken now and for 3 weeks or more should cure it. 

    If left too long then it is harder to cure.

    A Lyme test if done now will probably show up negative but if done later on may well prove positive.

    I certainly sounds exactly like lyme,


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    Thanks for the replies. I don't remember being bitten by anything, but the bite is on the back of my thigh so I wouldn't have seen it. I've taken a pic of the rash everyday since I got it, will show the doc tomorrow and update. Still feel like I've got a rotten cold sad
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    Hello Nightgrind:

    I do think you are getting too paranoid and is normal, and more if you read about lyme, just give it sometime to what doctor is telling you, if that doesn't work then you do a lyme test or start a treatment with antibiotics and because you are treating it soon, there is a good chance to get rid off it very quick, not like many others that found out many years after that had lyme disease.   So don't get paranoid, relax and you will be ok.


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    So apparently it's very likely I do have Lyme, but from a few weeks ago when I was in the new forest, rather than in Denmark.

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      Hi have you discussed treatment with your GP? You really should be starting it asap. I wouldn't leave it any longer starting doxcyline.

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    So what did the Dr say?

    If it's from a few weeks ago then maybe it will show up in Lyme test. Did they send one off?

    What antibiotic did he give you?


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    They have given me a weeks worth of flucloxacilline and if it still is bad to go back on Monday and get checked out again. I've noticed some pain in the right side of my face today and really horrible toothache. But hopefully on the mend now I have the antibiotics!

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      If it's lyme then you will need much more than a weeks woth of antibiotics.

      Pain on side of face. Toothache. Both these  many Lyme sufferers have 


      Keep going back until you are really well again.

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      But you need doxcyline for Lymes disease? And a longer course than a weeks worth? Think you should go back tomorrow and request that your treatment is changed
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      I did think it was strange and a friend of mine said it seemed too short, but the doctor was adament that I was overly worrying and that a week was enough and that flucloxacilline was fine... I don't know, maybe I should see a different doctor?

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      I definitely would as from what I know, acute Lymes is initially treated with doxcyline for at least 2 weeks or more. The stage you're at the correct treatment is critical, for it not to develop into chronic, debilitating Lymes disease.

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    So they finally changed my treatment to 2 weeks of doxycilline! Phew
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    In Usa they prescribe 400mg twice a day  for recent Lyme and for three weeks .

    Just keep going back to Dr. At least you may open his/ her eyes to something they claim ignorance about.

    You can learn a lot from the various websites about Lyme.

    What to eat etc, Things that help.

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