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Almost 6 weeks post TKR surgery, and all I can do the last 2 days is cry!

I thought this has almost stopped, and bam! back it came!

Mind you my sleep has been lousy too - I rotate in bed like a roasting chicken, then trot (quiet not so tippy toed as I'd like) into the loungeroom, kind of get comfortable on the couch, only to then get up, get a drink, back to bed, back to the lounge, etc. Its a terrible vicious circle. Maybe lack of sleep isn't helping the tears. Starting to feel like a real oldie (I'm 56 feeling more like 96) (my aplogies to anyone who IS 96) ... watching movies doesn't help - people running around, in wonderful countries, dancing and singing all over the place only makes me more miserable! So I watch the news. Well that's a bad move too! Ok so my usual humour does poke through occasionally, but I think you get the message. I'm MISERABLE like this!!!

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    It gets better by the week. By 3 months u will see real progress. U will get more sleep, better appetite, less pain, but still stiff.

    by 12 weeks, u will feel marvelous, and by 16 weeks, you will be great, but still stiff. No pain, mind u.

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      Thanks Allan87044, I don't think its so much the pain or stiffness - that doesn't seem to trouble me too much. I honestly don't understand what could be causing it other than lack of sleep, the miserable cold weather here, and the feeling of 'will I EVER feel like the normal relatively active, gung ho person that I once was type of thoughts. (WAS being before the pain got too bad and subsequent surgery). 

      Can't wait for the next time marker - 3 months - to come on by! I look forward to the 'then' ... smile

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    Very early days for you. How you feel is normal. I am 7 months and now 

    feeling I have my life back again. It's a long road but you will get there. TKR affects you spiritually, mentally and physically. Hang in there. It's worth it. Christine New Zealand

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    Hi Lindy

    Snap, I too are 6 weeks,  58 years young as I like to say and are having the same symptoms as you.

    i have been pushing myself, so I put my symptoms down to that and decided to have a resting, icing, day today.

    ive also been swimming ( breaststroke)every day and yesterday managed 20 lengths, so was quite pleased with myself, until the symptoms hit home with a vengeance, then I knew that I overdone it a bit.

    i was watching the tennis and thought to myself, I wish I could walk as good as them, and then took a reality look at myself and then realised there are a lot more people worse off than me out there, so try and keep positive, the feedback from the people on this forum more advance than us in weeks say it gets better as the time goes on, so hopefully I will be walking like the tennis players in the future, he,he

    Take care, hope today is a better day for you. Gill X


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      Yey! Someone like me! You sound as focussed on moving on from this thing as I am! Although I have read that my favourite swimming stroke (breaststroke) isn't meant to be as good for us yet ...

      As you say, talking to others who are way more advanced than us, and still feeling pain and stiffness which I'm not feeling most of the time (no pain meds anymore), does help a little. I realise how lucky I am, and how well everyone who sees me around walking, keeps reminding me that I'm doing. They all think I'm a freak of nature, I just wish I felt as good as they all keep telling me I am! lol

      Anyway, you keep up the great work, and hopefully we'll both be over this current hurdle quickly.

      Did I say HURDLE? No way! I never have, and never will, do 'running'! Urghhhhh yuk!

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      Hi Lindy

      I asked my doc here( British Bupa Registered doc) was it ok to swim and do the breaststroke and he said yes, and although I have read on this forum that you shouldnt do breast stroke he was adamant it will be fine in moderation,i wil say when i come out it feels good and not so tight.

      I also sort of march in the pool and do some other exercises to help me, i must look a funny sight he he.

      He also advised me to take paracetamol as they do help with the bones, so apart from them i dont take any meds.

      Let us know how you get on in the coming weeks, and of course you can hurdle especially when they make them two inches tall !


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    Hi Lindy

    Where are you in this world of ours x

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      Hi gill, I'm in the southern part of Australia - Victoria - where the current weather feels like minus something. The air is icy cold, the heating just doesn't seem to be able to warm the bones, the sky is gloomy, so not at all condusive to playing in the garden even sad And you?
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      Hi Lindy

      I,m in Riyadh in Saudi Arabi, temp is a blisstering 44 degrees in the shade, so i tend to go out at 5am in the morning for a walk, and then do my lenghs in the pool, and then its indoors all day long, 

      I only asked as I am going back to the UK this week for a two week run around(if only) to see family and friends and thought if you were near to where i was going i would have met up for a chat in person, but Victoria is just off the beaten track.

      I really do hope that today and the rest of the week gets better for you.

      Take care, keep us posted how you are getting on x

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      Thanks Gill, at least the heat can warm your bones, although 44 is probably even a little hot for me! It'd be more like a roasting I'd say. 

      Thanks for the thought too, that would have been nice, but hmmmm Australia is a bit far from the UK or S.A.

      Enjoy your trip and I'm sure we'll talk again.


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    Poor Lindyblue xx

    I remember all too well the mess of tears, I thought I was cracking up! I hated everything, tv, films, reading - wherever I looked there were people showing off with knees that worked properly!

    My sense of humour, although a little strange at times, has seen me through some really tough times, and I was horrified when it packed its bags and buggered off! It has since returned with its tail between its legs, but I'm hoping it's back for good!

    You're right, lack of sleep does make things seen much, much worse (if that's possible!) Are you taking a nap in the day? If not, give it a go. I know 6 weeks seems like a long time, but it's still early days.....So long as you get some rest, don't worry too much about the timing. You can work on your sleep pattern later on. I'm 17 weeks post TKR and thought I'd got mine nailed at last . - wrong! By 6.30 am today id had 2 cups of tea, hung out the laundry, done the ironing and prepared today's dinner! So guess who'll be napping later on today 😴

    I'm 48, but I swear there are days I've felt double that age!

    Don't be surprised at the mixed up emotions, it's a major trauma that your body is trying to recover from, and you'll find as one problem/complaint/difficulty fades, something else will pop up. All perfectly normal, my sweet. Try keeping a bit of a diary, you'll be surprised when you look back, and you'll see in black and whitethat you're making progress.

    Be kind to yourself, and keep chatting on here. There's always Direct messages as well if you want to chat privately xx

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      Thank you Terri, it seems the more I talk, the more I hear about EVERYONE having teary periods. Its amazing how routine it seems. I expected pain, tiredness and stiffness, but never ever did I expect to be a bawling mess! That came totally unexpected.

      I can't wait to be at the point you're at, and feel so sorry for those following behind us.

      This is one mean and nasty road to travel.

      Thanks for your comments, I'm sure we'll talk again smile

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      You've just made my day! Absolutely EVERYTHING you said........I've been through!. I'm nearly 15 weeks post op for patellafemoral arthroplasty - new knee cap and metal trochlea  (not seen anyone else on this forum whose had this done, so because of that I explain what it is!).

      You do begin to wonder if you'll ever return to your normal self and it is frightening. When I first joined this forum I wondered whether I'd get any benefit from it - all I can say is, with complete honesty, it has saved me! On days when I've felt really low, I've logged on here and someone, somewhere is also going through the same.

      Thank you - not only to yourself but to every other like minded person out there! 

      We will get there....... some sooner/later than others.......but we eventually get there!! 

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      Hi Lindyblue,

      I understand. I am 17 weeks post op bilateral TKR's and 57 years old. I had no idea it would be like it was especially at 6 weeks were you are at. It's all about expectations I think. I thought I am in good shape...I can do won't be as hard fore. Boy was I wrong! By 6 weeks crying was a daily think. I got down to 101 pounds ( I'm 5'4"). I thought I would never be normal physically or emotionally. It was bad. I felt guilty also for what I was doing to my husbands life too...( he was very supportive and stl is). The sleep was horrible! Better now but not all better though yet. Well now 17 weeks, things are not yet where I want them. But I'm back to work part time. I've gaine 10 pounds and I'm much stronger. I'm not in that deep depression. I have learned that depression after surgery is very common. Who knew!! I'm physically still stiff and have airless more pain in one knee, but I am living my life while I am recovering now.

      You wi get through it. The weeks will pass. You will see improvements and your depression will lift. This forum has really helped me realize that I will get through it. My friends and family have been great, but so happy to communicate with others that have and are going through it. Take care and keep your sense if humor!

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    Lindy it does get better...I am 18weeks po...75...and at week 6 I felt over 100...the crying jag is part of the recovery, I can still get a little weepy now, in fact read a book the other day and tears were rolling down my face, not a thing that has happened before.  We take our health for granted and when something like major surgery inpacts in our life ( not something we ever envisaged) it does take time torecover from this.  Never worry to contact us on here. Talking, even with your fingers on the computer is a really good therapy and we have all been through the same op though with different results.

    Pamper yourself a bit if possible.  You will get over it.  Take care, HazelX

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      Thanks Hazel.

      You're at 18 weeks - I can't wait to be there too!

      I just realised that I'm now off all my meds, including the patch which I took off a couple of days ago. Can't help but wonder if that's something that could be causing this too - a withdrawal symptom. Hmmmm. Food for thought.

      Cheers from the freezing cold south of Australia!

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