This is the most embarrassing thing I've ever had to ask but I really need help

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I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but I've literally just signed up and I'm really scared right now and I need help

I'm a 17 year old girl, I have crippling anxiety (I can barely leave my house) and I never want to be rude or speak ill of professionals but quite frankly, my GP is awful and I don't trust him but he's the only one around for miles so I can't change. But my problem is,

for the past day or so I felt really uncomfortable sitting down and today in the shower I felt a small lump that feels like a spot on the entrance of my anus and I'm really, really worried. I can't bring myself to look because I have issues with looking at myself in general and I'm far too scared to talk to my mum about it. I've been crying and having really bad anxiety all day about it and I don't know what to do. I googled it and the answered ranged from nothing serious to life threatening and I'm just so scared right now and I don't know what to do? I know it's vague and I'm sorry but I've tried everything I feel comfortable doing and I just need to know if it's worth even worrying about, and if it is, what the right thing to do would be? Sorry. Thank you.

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    Hey claire, 

    Sorry you have to go through so much anxiety all the time. That must really be difficult to handle. 

    Based off of your description, I would guess and say that you have a hemmroid. All a hemmroid is is an enlarged vain in your butt. I would recommend sitz baths and nice diet rich in fiber. Look up hemmroids online to see other suggestions.

    Hope this helps!



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    Hey Claire, dont be scared hunni, its only a haemorrhoid. It usually pops back in or u need to push it back in. If in pain, have a warm bath with salt. Then ice cube on the hemorrhoid will bring the swelling down. Tell mum, dont be embarassed. You dont have to show her, but ask her to get you cream( proctosedyl) is really good,it numbs the pain. Also, if you get comfortable enough see your GP to make sure there isnt  a blood cot.
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    Hi Claire, i'm no doctor but i'm guessing it's haemorrhoids more commonly known as piles. Get some anusol cream from the chemist and apply morning and night and after a bowel movement but if this doesn't calm down with in a few days you will need to see your GP unfortunately. Doesn't mean it's life threatening though so don't worry. Piles are common. You can get them from straining to go to the toilet or constipation. Good luck and don't believe everything you read online. Often it's not the case!
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    I'm inclined to agree with the other respondents but if after using  a rec cream, it does not go away or gets more painful, there is a possibility it could be an anal abscess. This in itself can be dealt with easily but do not delay if the doctor prescribes antibiotics  and they are not effective, it needs to be drained to avoid an emergency situation. My husband is now recovering  from such and could have avoided a lot of discomfort by going to the gap sooner, please go, the gap will be understanding as they deal with such problems regularly!
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    Hi Claire!!!

    I have been through this. I feel sorry for you. Follow this please!

    Do not sleep after lunch breakfast or dinner atleast two hours.

    Apply GTN cream on ur anus. carefully wash your hands after it.

    Take two tablets (one after breakfast, one after lunch) of FOLIC ACID.

    To cure pain immediately, sit in hot water for few minutes.

    Best of luck.



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    Hi Claire,

    ​I have and still have the occasional set backs but i was told by my Doctor and Consultant it was an ANAL FISSURE but yours may not be.

    ​I totally understand the severe pain and agony that you are going through, please

    please please promise me that you will tell your Mom as she will listen and understand and give you all the support that you need.

    ​After you have had  a long chat with your Mom please both of you go and see your Doctor again.

    ​Please reply to me if you have read my feed backs on here, if not i will tell you about me and how you can soften the pain it can be controlled.

    ​Clive ( Birmingham )  UK


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